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  1. I have you covered. I’ll swap my C for your A
  2. I can't wait to relive the game where davidhaus and I crushed each other's dreams....AND I finished a salty 17th reigniting my hatred of modified wins... There aren't many games where you can be 5-1-1 and place below 5-2s. FFG please get rid of modified wins!! MOV is already a crucial tie breaker so why double punish me! Why?????!
  3. For the record Phoenix had 3 Stores submit for a regional and even though we get great attendance including 50 person Store Champs, we were NOT awarded a Regional. And the Top 8 of New Mexico had 4 Phoenix Players, 1 Tucson, 1 New Mexico, 1 Canada, and 1 more non-New Mexico in Leighton..not sure what his home City is, but he flew in. Further 9th was New Mexico, 10th was Tucson, and 11th was Phoenix. Arizona didn't get a Regional, but we traveled well. Hopefully FFG pays more attention to attendance and population of players. The next Regional AZ players will show up to in force is San Diego, which is already sold out and capped at 130 players I believe.
  4. dantop83

    Wave 8 PSA

    So why would 3 Jumpmasters be "Good" let alone "dominant"? The only list I've seen mentioned in this thread is "3x Contracted Scout with Deadeye, R4 Agromech, Chimps, EM and Plasma/Proton Torps," Assuming Proton Torps that list is 102 Points... Wild Space Fringer is very comparable if not almost identical to the Contracted Scout in principal and 3 of them never sees play. So why?
  5. On a side note to all this I do not see Fantasy Flight as having any exhibitor space at the New York Toy Fair this weekend. Maybe they will do an announcement through a side session, but according to the website they have no booth presence.
  6. Dash is just really fun to fly and whenever I would fly casual games Dash would just dominate with his ability to turn and roll in circles. The dial and that large base barrel roll are just too good. Dash's ability to be versatile makes him hard to pass on. The biggest reasons I stuck with Dash and continue to try and tweak around him at Tourneys especially is because he is an awesome "comeback" pilot. Dash will often be left by himself and can still sweep the board. I have had many come from behind wins thanks to his ability to crazy arc dodge and with Mangler instead of HLC I can hug at range 1 and abuse a ton of lower PS opponents. TLT Ys or HWKs which wreck Ten Numb are easily picked on in the end game by Dash. I do continue to try different builds involving Ten Numb, but I haven't practiced enough to fly something random in a bigger tourney. I am currently trying to get a Biggs build, but I don't know if I'll ever be sold on it over Dash. So as of now, if I am flying Rebels with competitive intentions it will be Dash based first for the time being. In terms of results for store champs, since they are still the same or similar "competitive levels" as Regionals/Nationals for the most part, I think you are good taking the full top cuts as long as attendance reaches a certain level. Some store champs get greater attendance than some regionals so I would not discount their value. I don't think random tourneys should be calculated though since people are usually much more willing to "test" new squads at these events.
  7. In terms of events I think it's always good to get the Nationals (Although the US one is a little restrictive since you have to attend GenCon) and Regional events. Store Champs are good depending on attendance. There will be some tiny store champs, but the one we just had for example had 45ish people. I think that is worth factoring. Meanwhile my Ten Numb choice is not too long of a story. Basically I was having great results with Dash with Mangler and Predator and Chewbacca crew BEFORE the second core set and the half point large base rules came out. I played Chewie so I could burn him to prevent the Crits that make my secondary weapon fall off or that take away my EPT and Pilot Ability which cripple Dash. I was pairing Dash with two Blue Squadron BWings. The only thing that I would struggle against was Soontir and Whisper. So naturally I tried to find an equalizer against my worst match-up, which ended up being Ten Numb for me. I decided to sup him up with C3PO and Sensor jammer for the obvious survivability boost and everything was going well. Once the second core released and the half point rule came in, I switch to R2-D2 crew since there were no longer crits that cripple Dash to make Chewie worth it AND I started going with Hull Upgrade (Even over Shield Upgrade so I can R2 sooner and get more mileage from him) to balance the math on the half points rule. Making Dash an 11 total AND having R2 regen a shield once I am at 5 of 11 damage helps keep Dash worth his full MOV. Of course once Worlds came around the prevalence of Soontir/Vader/Palp Shuttle was at an all-time high and my worst match up which was 4 TLTs, but I was still able to squeak out close wins against in testing so it led me to put my faith in Ten Numb. I knew a great TIE Swarm player was my other worst nightmare and of course I had to play one of the best, AND I only faced one Imp Aces list all day, BUT I figured the gamble of Ten Numb would be worth it. The other upside is that people don’t quite know how to deal with him since he is an uncommon play, plus Ten Numb is very good against “Random Stuff” thus I beat a Jake and Fat Han list and a Xizor Z Swarm list thanks to Ten Numb being a 10 PS jerk. Like I said earlier, for now Ten has to take a break…stupid TIE fighters…once the new wave hits we’ll see if I go back to Ten Numb. I am sure one of those Ghost crew might go nice with him. J
  8. Xwing is heavily match-up reliant and that can lead to some wonky results from time to time. I do disagree with the statement that things are "broken" enough to be viable. There is a clear Tier of cost vs value and that is hovering around what the OP is defining. With my ten Numb, IF I would have played Soontir and other ace builds every round, I would have coasted through Worlds and that is why I played Ten Numb. BUT measuring the viability of a ship on a small results window is sort of flawed logic since ten Numb isn't really Top or even middle tier. He is over-costed in comparison to other ships, BUT I played him as a hard counter. It's all about the metagame and how it shifts with what is popular. Fat Han dominated making up a large portion of the "meta" and allowing it to be a "viable" ship, BUT now Han Solo is no longer "viable" since TLTs wreck him and the large base rule takes away his MOV stacking. A squad with Han can still win a major tourney however IF it gets the right match-ups. He isn't ideal, but to dismiss him is also wrong. He just goes from a meta "staple" to a "fringe play". Han is still "Point effective" though. Nothing else has changed in regards to what he gives you for his cost. There are just too many counters to him in the meta for him to do well in a major tourney. Meanwhile I would associated someone who plays 3 TIE defenders and wins a tourney as playing "rogue" in the meta since the defenders are "overcosted". According to the logic you presented IF the Defenders made top table at 2 major events they might be "viable", which isn't necessarily true in a sense. Every ship has a use and every ship has great/good/bad/terrible match-ups. With the right opponents and with the right players anything can win. BUT obviously Ten Numb for example has weaknesses that are very prevalent. The risk is high with him, but his upside in match-ups is huge. Good read either way though.
  9. This is Like my Dash and Ten Numb making the news! I am such a proud papa! I brought the list for the exact reason you stated...that I would basically auto-win vs aces and have solid match-ups against the field. My 2 losses were to dual TLT Ys with Corran which perfectly predicted my "surprise" Dash movement and smoked him with a green dice fail double tapping and against the Dallas Parker TIE swarm, which given no time limit I would beat, but hunting down injured TIEs in 75 minutes proved too difficult as ten Numb melted way too quickly. For what it's worth I have switched to 2 TLT Ys myself since Ten Numb is just too vulnerable to TLTs and not great against Swarms which I figured would show up more in the meta with all the new TIEs. :/ Meanwhile I haven't had too many issues with facing Poe. I just focus fire on him and make sure he is in arc. Autothrusters isn't exactly a game breaker with 2 agility ships. Still love that Ten Numb though!
  10. Why wouldn't you try Carnor Jax who will stop Poe from getting his precious Focus? Yorr is cute, but may not be in range of the Interceptors to be able to grab their stress. You really have to slow roll the shuttle. OGP with HLC baby!
  11. I can't see how the Heaver list is bad against the Palp Aces. You cut off half the board and funnel Soontir into you. The squad is all board control and if Soontir gets stressed or blocked it's dead. And Vader is nothing compared to soontir. Left to himself it becomes quite a rout quickly. I am curious to actually play this or see this match-up now...
  12. There is no auto win netlist...and you don't need to know everything to understand if a card or combination is good or not. Yes in a vacuum it's hard to tell if something is over costed, but the OP said he owns basically everything, so at some point it's common sense just reading the cards. Plus the squad builders make it very easy to compare what cards do in order of their costs making things even more obvious. You can build the squad that won the world championship this year and go 0-10 very easily. Nothing about it is easy to fly or do well with. Neither are the Aces with Palp or even BroBots. 3 K-wings with Tacticians is awesome, but that's only after you have mastered how they move and how to get into range 2 and how to know when to use SLAM. Using a squad is just as important as building it. Fat Turrets and TLTs are still the closest you get to "training wheels" where you will do well against most opponents without having to line up shots or worry about too many match-ups just murdering you. BUT even then Fat Han will melt fast if you fly him poorly, and Super Dash will die in one turn if you let him get blocked.. Soontir Fel is obviously good, but he will die like a chump if you can't fly well or don't understand why or when to turtle...that is all practice. There is nothing wrong with trying "non-meta" lists, but you should justify what you are flying and yes sometimes it is better to see what people "win with" if you struggle with squad building. Try out "A+ squads" and learn what the community and "competitive" players are using and why. Then squad build backwards to your hearts content. And it's worth repeating again that truly playing casually should mean you don't really count your wins and losses. If being .500 means something to you, then you NEED to actually think about the meta and care about what squad you are putting down, and not just play Kyle Katarn because he was your favorite character ever! (Not that you are doing that, but example etc) I would never advise against using a proven list if you are new, but make sure to understand why a list is good. 4 Bs for example is obvious, where as Heaver's Championship list takes much more thought process and can be flown wrong. maybe start with a list that has less upgrades and once you've mastered flying concepts then practice with more effects and more costly ships, BUT the OP said his flying is good already so in that case, I think it's time to roll out something more saucy. On a side note it also helps to get crushed by great players using their great squads so you can learn what works and why first hand. There's nothing like getting smoked by what feels like an untouchable Soontir or Whisper, feeling helpless against a Fat Han you can't ever hope to damage, or getting cut to shreds in one turn by a TIE Swarm. No they aren't unfair, but they are mathematically efficient synergistic squads flown expertly and perfected by someone who has flown very little else and has played against almost everything out there.
  13. You mentioned card games teaching you maximizing abilities and going for combos, but then your squad was counter to that logic. The squad build is just as important as flying. Anti-synergistic squads flown perfect will still be crushed majority of the time, which is what you are describing. Yes you can play casually, but here is tip number 1: The game is NOT balanced. The "Metagame" has the best "Balance" it has ever had, but that does NOT mean you can just throw your squad together. There are ships and upgrades that are mathematically over-costed based on comparisons to the other cards in the game. On top of that IF you play an upgrade or ship and that is NOT synergistic to your squad you are squandering the actual value of your ship or upgrade. Example would be Ethan is NOT worth his point IF you are not maximizing his ability. Thus you wasted the points it took to field him. (On top of E-Wings being slightly over-costed to begin with) So your 100 point squad is really the output of a 60 point squad or less for example...You might win some games, but the opponent would have to be playing an equally un-synergistic squad or lots of luck might sway things.. Here's your card game comparison: The comparison to Magic the Gathering (Hopefully a card game you know..) would be having a bunch of 5-6 mana awesome creatures and a bunch of spells that draw cards and pump up creatures...You might lose the game before you get to a turn where you can get a creature out, and your cards that help you draw don't help since you can't cast the creatures you are drawing yet, and your pump spells don't do anything until you've got a creature down. BUT you are awesome in combat and have good instincts on what the opponent might be doing and you don't make dumb play mistakes. Of course your deck is terrible so you might lose 8 of 10 games. You win the 2 where you opponent didn't do much and you finally dropped some creatures.. And the deck wasn't terrible because it was casual and not some net deck, but rather because it made no sense the way it was built. In my opinion XWing is 50% Flying and Positioning Overall, 40% Squad Build and Match-Ups, and 10% Luck. I am not advising against casual, but you have to realize that playing truly casual means you do NOT care about winning. IF you want to win you need to fly a squad with some synergy and yes possibly think about the Meta and what your opponents might play. If your squad gets hopelessly killed by Soontir Fel or Whisper then you should prolly do something about that or get ready to have fun losing. Aside from actual squad building, a few tips that I live by and helped me early on especially: 1. Focus on the damage output of your squad overall.: Realize that you can field 4 Bs and a Z which throw 14 Dice total, or a TIE Swarm which shoots 14 dice with 7 TIEs, Bro Bots with 2 ships shoots 8, but they usually get re-rolls and target locks to maximize their damage output every turn. 6 is the lowest offense I have been successful with, but it was with highly durable ships and dealing crits. Your 100 point squad only shot 7-8 dice which is very fringe and on teh low end. You had some things to maximize, but not anywhere near as consistent as BroBots or 4 TLT ships for example, which is in your damage total wheel house for comparison's sake. 2. Focus on a juicy target and prioritize properly: This was already said, but is huge. Splitting your damage or going after the wrong target makes a massive difference. 3. Don't pay for green dice: Ships with lots of green dice can be very fickle. Increasing the percentage that the match-up, your squad build, and that luck will play. Tanky ships where you pay for hull and shield instead of green dice, are more forgiving and actually mitigate some of the luck factor and can give you time to turn the tables. There's a lot more I can get into, but you look to be recieveing lots of feedback as it is.. Good hunting!
  14. My Ten Numb wing-mate made me Ace-Proof and Han and Decimators melt just fine. Like I said, unless you are a rock star with actually landing 4 hits with HLC it doesn't pay off. Most people say the same thing you did. HLC is better automatically, but I am just throwing it out there as to my experiences with Mangler instead. Besides everything I pointed out, I have won so many games due to dealing crits, where the extra damage that "might" have happened would not have won me the game. I have been using the build for a while now and it's fairly proven. The biggest difference is that you NEED to use your good flying to get out of range one with HLC, while I can use my good flying to hug non turreted ships, TLT non KWings, and Donut Hole Dash in a Dash Mirror. I wish my MOV would have been stronger so I could have made Top 16...then Grumpy Dash could have been up there in lights!
  15. Every time I used Super Dash or even played against him, I was underwhelmed. I eventually went toa different Dash build that has been a huge success. So not to change the subject on making typical Super Dash work, but I just figured I should share my preferred and less common Dash build with you in case you want to take it for a spin. Trademarked “Grumpy Dash” I played this Dash in my 6-2 World's list with a wing-mate of Ten Numb. I will justify the build further down, but here are the upgrades: Grumpy Dash Outrider Title Predator Mangler Cannon R2-D2 Hull Upgrade My sales pitch/justifications are this: Mangler Cannon over HLC: Take away weakness 1: The Donut Hole. People take advantage of the Donut hole and know how to play against it. Creates a much more consistent threat to ALL of your possible targets. HLC only matters if you actually roll 4 hits AND the Crit of Mangler could be a direct hit (Or better or worse of course) Predator over PTL: Take away weakness 2: Predictable Green Moves. Being able to fully use the crazy dial of the YT2400 is a huge difference in how you can humiliate opposing ships and make Dash basically dominate positionally. (AND with Mangler Range 1 behind a non-turret is a happy place) Modification of your shot at all times gives you a huge percentage to get 3 hits every time and allows you to use your action to Barrel roll or focus every turn based on board positioning. Grumpy Dash doesn’t care about getting stressed or blocked as much. Getting extra stress or getting blocked will decimate a Super Dash, while the build I propose overall will be much more resilient to these common tactics. Shot modification, healing, and being able to shoot at range 1 all attribute to this. R2-D2 and Hull Upgrade: Help with weakness 3: Half Point Large Base Rule. The Hull upgrade brings you to 11 total meaning that once shield are stripped you are NOT yet worth half, THEN R2-D2 can heal a shield and hopefully stay in that sweet spot. Even with one damage card on you can heal a shield with R2 and still be at 6 of 11 total health left to NOT give up half your points. Call this a math edge. The other obvious benefit is R2-D2 actually keeping Dash alive in general. Healing 2 shields with R2-D2 is worth his cost, any more and his value becomes immense. The downside of a nasty crit is of course there, but Dash doesn’t care about most crits. Anywho, that’s Grumpy Dash. His biggest weakness/argument against him is that he isn’t throwing 4 dice. If you are anything like me, then you don’t often get all 4 hits off HLC either, PLUS I end up having to boost AND barrel roll with Super Dash so with just a focus I am lucky to land even 3 hits. Also Lone Wolf gets brought up all the time, and trough testing it never paid off for me. I often will roll and NOT have a focus and then I can’t re-roll the eyes like I can with Predator. There are also lots of low PS ships bopping around and Predator helps to ensure I get the max 3 damage on with 2 re-rolls instead of the single Lone Wolf die. The biggest argument is the defense lone wolf provides, but I feel it’s more important to focus on positioning and consistent offense. Especially before my wing-mate dies. I like to make the best positional move at all times and that is often within range 2 of my wing-mate. So sorry for this sidetrack, but this is the Dash build I have come to after many Dash games, so maybe give old Grumpy Dash a spin and see how you like him. Ten Numb as the wing-mate is of course optional. J
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