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  1. Also, my 4 year old likes to play a game where she and one of us grownups are on a boat, so in honor of the Krayts, I got her to tell my wife "I'm the Captain Now."
  2. Yeah, my wife was home with a 2 year old that had been cranky all week, and a 4 year old. Most car places are closed on Sunday, and I had visions of riding all the way to St. Louis on the doughnut spare and a prayer, because no GD way I was waiting until Monday for a fix, leaving my wife in purgatory for two more days, and possibly missing the eclipse on Monday.
  3. I'm not sure either. It really depends on the dial.
  4. The 180 maneuver would be great, but with SLAM, in not convinced it couldn't hang without it.
  5. I forgot to do 2 things as well: 1.) Forgot to not roll crits when going over asteroids. 4 intentional movements over asteroids in the tournament, 5 total damage from asteroids. One was a crit into Direct Hit, one was just a damage, one was crit onto Major Explosion that rolled a hit, one was safe. 2.) Forgot what my opponent's upgrades were. Over, and over again. Seriously, not my day.
  6. I've got a good feeling about the Gunboat. The Reload action seems like it will allow solid ordnance use with minimal investment. The SLAM action gives you a huge amount of pre-positioning and disengagement options. Cannons are good for control, and the AGI 2/7HP defensive profile is pretty tough. It all comes down to points, but it seems like a flexible ship.
  7. I don't have data, but I'd guess that's largely accurate. That's how it works with anything else.
  8. I think there's a combination of stuff that happens. If you have a few good players in group, they get a lot of practice against good players whose opinions they trust. This lets them test weird stuff against known quality (not "I took this to a kit tournament and won")n so weird ideas get tested against known good lists and known good players, and the good stuff is either weeded out or in some way filters through to the groups mainline lists. There is then a threefold enhancement of a group of good players. You get more reps against good players, you get better list testing, and you get list testing against good players. That's where you get Dengaroo and Paratanni, incredibly powerful lists that were not present when their cards first hit.
  9. The Falcon can just run away and shoot, and if it gets caught in the corners once or twice and bombed, it's not a big deal because of 13 hit points.
  10. I feel pretty confident they've got some home-baked version of Linux. It's way better than anything on the market, but only if it's constantly monitored and adjusted by someone who knows what they're doing.
  11. Why does Han need PS11 to counter Nym? Seems like Predator Han just doing 3-4 hits each turn is a fine counter.
  12. I'd say if you still want to play a game that feels like you're playing classic X-wing, Imperials are the best faction for that. That still boils down to style, essentially. Other than that, they have far and away the best PS9 ships. So if you want to own the PS race, Vader and Quickdraw are top notch pilots at PS11. That's the strongest Imperial niche right now.
  13. I did, but they either lied to me or effed up, and long story short, the timing was such that I would have had to bail on elimination rounds even if I hadn't played bad on Friday and taken myself out of the running. So fun times. I got boned by the universe and myself, and like any team game, I can now just blame the other guy.