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  1. Is it short for Zackary?
  2. If I ever meet a Zach Matthews, how do I know it's THE Zach Matthews?
  3. Perhaps that's for the best. A modest prevalence of U-boats does keep TLTs down a little.
  4. I'd say that the it was clear that some thought had gone into the special. Despite the fact that it took a good hour or so to get past the "meta changes in other games" section (I think it would have been useful to explain that was your point from the beginning), the preparation that went into the x-wing part was evident, at least to me. What was interesting, to me, was how different that part felt from regular x-wing podcasts. I'd say the standard format is "a handful of guys hanging out talking about x-wing", and each has their own take based on their experiences, which may or may not be useful. You get banter and a few nuggets of information, and the quality of each is dependent on the quality of the podcast members and if they're having a good day. I don't think there's much in the way of preparation of most podcasts beyond establishing talking points, although I have no experience with this sort of thing. I would say the very special episode was more similar to Dee's "art of x-wing" sections, where there is actual prepared content that is has (presumably) been thought about and discussed beforehand. That makes sections like this have a higher than average signal-to-noise ratio, because the filler and standard off-the-cuff answers that even good player-podcasters often give. The "other games discussion" could really have been 5-10 minutes and been just fine, though. I'm certainly prone to the rambling intro when I write, so I understand where this comes from.
  5. I feel like it's worse than Crack Shot. It is defensive, not offensive, so it's different, but having a bunch of Black Squadron Pilots who won't die isn't actually getting you that far. I do think it should apply to bombers, though, because it takes guts to fly an unshielded shoebox. This is a totally different course, but what about: "For every damage card you you are assigned, you may re-roll one attack and one defense die each attack." I'm trying to encapsulate the whole spirit of the slogan. The "we can handle anything" tenacity. Alternatively: "you may re-roll one die on attack or defense, two if you have a damage card assigned to you". Both would have the no shields limitation.
  6. Corran Horn has had his death predicted 2-3 times since I've started playing X-wing, which was roughly when he came out. He almost won worlds last year. I doubt he's seen his last dance.
  7. It's possible that your audience is quiet because they are embarrassed to admit listening to you. It's funny, because your podcast content quality is dispersed more like a dumbell curve than a bell curve. Most podcasts have a lot of middle ground, some nonsense, and some quality insights. You guys have a lot at the nonsense end, but also a lot at the quality insight end, with comparatively little in between. That's my take at least.
  8. I agree. I guess I'm not being all that clear. My point I'll trying to make is that it's a very strong ship with no upgrades at all for 25 points, but with Mindlink, for example (if supporting other Mindlinks), it's worth more than one point more on the table.
  9. We all know that's not true in practice, though, because so many options are undercosted for what they bring, so having the slot is worth something on a ship.
  10. I disagree, at least in part. I think if you had a stock Contracted Scout with zero upgrade options, with that dial, and that stat line, it would occasionally show up in competitive events as a the best blocker in the game. Add in any single upgrade option that it has currently, and you open up more great builds.
  11. Singapore is "ludicrous".
  12. On the plus side, they look so freaking good on the tabletop.
  13. I had Rexler Brath with Predator, x7, and mk2 Engines, and standard Omega Leader. It came to 99 points. With currently available cards I'd look at Expertise instead of Predator on Rexler, and I might c9nsider one of the TIE Striker aces instead of OL if you're not having results that you like, although PL is still great. I haven't experimented with a modern, more sustainable, Quickdraw yet, I think my version is the best "burn the candle at both ends" version, because Mk2 Engines and Pattern Analyzer lets you use Rage a lot, and manage the stress very effectively without constantly burning shields. You can move into combat range with a green move, Rage, then lose one of the stress through the green move thanks to PA, and have modified attacks if they the other side damages you. The following turn, you can move into close range, clear stress on a green move, Rage and Baffle for a close range activation phase attack (having one stress left after the end) on top of your regular attack. The next turn you take a green move, clear your remaining stress, and get a regular action, stress free, or if you still have great targets, keep Raging. PA just helps you have Rage in the most important turns of the games and it's useful all game long even when not raging.
  14. I'm of the opinion that there are a lot of good ways to run Quickdraw. I took her to regionals with Rage, Pattern Analyzer, Baffles, and Mk2 Engines, and being able to drop 6-8 modified dice onto someone is terrific. I'd go up agaisnt full on party-Bossks, and you can always tell that on the approach they're very confident, happy to go head to head, and then after one round of fire from my squad (with Quickdraw contributing about half the damage) Bossk has 3-4 hp left and is easily finished off next turn.
  15. You're pretty much on the right track. My view is this: Activating before a high PS ace and firing before they activate is nice. The issue is that they will then move away, so you're not really focusing fire all that well. That can be fine because one good shot at a low HP ace with no tokens is still really good. If you're firing at stuff that has already moved, it is still in your arc for your normal shot, so it doesn't matter so much of it has tokens. You get two quality attacks on a target, and that takes stuff out quick.