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  1. "Fel-boats" two of these plus 34 point Soontir Fel. It probably kills a uboat on the first turn, and its firepower doesn't decrease a lot from there. It also has a great endgame threat. Replace Fel with Quickdraw or Vader to taste.
  2. I like it. I'm not sure of detailed loadout, but I think it's going to be good.
  3. I've never flown K-wings, and even then, they care turreted bombers, but I think there might be some similarity to the Gunboats and Engine Upgrade shuttles (Upsilon or Lambda). You can't turn around in one move, you have strong guns, and you're fast. I've run the Upsilon a bit, and there are a few tactics that I think translate to the Gunboats pretty well. 1.) If you put it on a flank, you never really have to turn around. You just do one-speed moves while you hammer away with an HLC or something. As someone who cut their X-wing teeth on HLC Defenders, I'm so looking forward to gett8ng a good HLC carrier back. 2.) If they head toward the Gunboat, the SLAM is pretty good for speeding past someone and disengaging, then turning around with SLAM when you're out if combat. So you'll need to have something balancing out the Gunboat(s) in your list that can take advantage of the attention they draw, or draw the attention away from them.
  4. You know, it might be an interesting choice on the Delta if you want a cheap blocker that's more offensive than an x7. 32 points for the Defender statline with fully modified attacks on a PS1 blocker. That actually kind of seems okay. The equivalent would be Predator Glaive x7 at 35. Obviously it's not worth it unless points are really tight, or the blocking aspect is an important component of functionality, but it's probably the Linked Battery Defender I dislike least.
  5. I agree. As someone who has played against Miranda with Flechette Cannons, I've found that stress on a K-wing is almost as good as a Ion. It's so much easier to get it in arc next turn if it's stressed. It turns the action bomb from the first choice of offense to something you carefully use when the situation is right and the stress won't screw you next turn.
  6. Maarek in a Defender with two Rho squadron veterans backing him up is "party like it's 1994". I'm not sure of the best build yet, but it's out there.
  7. Having spent a good portion of my X-wing time of the last few months playing an Engine Upgrade Upsilon, I think 3+ point cannons are not going to suck. The Upsilon can make gun runs on a flank and not worry about turning around, or it can boost away from the fight faster than an opposing ship can pursue, then turn around at its convenience. That seems to be the exact same tactics Ion/Mangler/HLC equipped Gunboats would use. If you're going the linked battery route, I think it's also worth noting that drawing into R1 of something with focus/reroll primaries does not suck.
  8. I definitely agree, but the change does mean if aces gain some shred of traction, there's not a proven meta power ship waiting in the wings to crush them back down again.
  9. When the ship is running in the low 20s, one damage is not bad at all.
  10. What about a Nu, Assault Configuration, Flechette Cannon, Linked Batteries, Ion Pulse Missile, and Long Range Scanners for 26? You get all manner of control and you make use of the title.
  11. I agree, it's generally a good bit worse than the alternatives.
  12. I was thinking on this a little and the best I could manage was something with Expertise or A Score To Settle. You get fully nodded attacks and so your Focus can be for defense or repositioning. Maarek Stele, ASTS, Linked Batteries = 37 Arguably better than Flechette, depending on opposition. Engine Upgrade fits with this sort of build pretty well if the overall PS and offense drops a bit. Closing to R1 and dropping a fully modded 4 dice shot is good, but dying is not. VI Rexler Brath might be interesting. He'd be 40 points with Batteries and VI. PS10 is good in this meta, and it would make up for an otherwise anemic offence on an x7 version. He could still pack a missile if there was something really useful, but that's probably making him too expensive.
  13. It's not the biggest problem she presents, but it is pretty powerful against PS9+ that relies on maneuver. She's still probably the best ship in the game, but her expansive set of competencies is narrowed a bit by this.
  14. Or Jam, but yeah, definitely.
  15. I did, but must have misread it. Makes much more sense now.