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  1. Passing off responsibility seems pretty Kraytish.
  2. Maybe flank from a board edge. Make it take suboptimal moves to launch at you, and get it pointed places you were never going to be anyway.
  3. I think you need to approach from many directions your Rebel Aces (wedge, really) have it the hardest because of a lack of repositioning. I think an open asteroid field might actually be preferrable. Asteroids don't stop bombs and reveal bombing, but they do get in the way of moves you might want to take to get out of the boom.
  4. This is kind of how I assumed the bullseye arc would be from a practical perspective. It kind of acts as a blocker by denying defensive actions one way or another.
  5. You carefully and thoroughly wash your hands after every game.
  6. We should all consider doping out stuff with polonium 210. If someone ganks it, joke's on them!
  7. Hah! Nice to make the connection.
  8. I haven't had a chance to try a list with these yet, but I am definitely interested. Even just FCS+Autothrusters for 30 points gives you a pretty stout ship with a solid defensive profile, a terrific dial, and good offense, with room to customize if the list allows.
  9. I really like this idea. You just make a 4-lane freeway of bullseye arcs.
  10. Both. You can reposition and/or Target Lock and still have some decent modification.
  11. For what the SF does, that 1 straight can be amazing. Generally though, yeah, it leaves something to be desired.
  12. Wow, optics has been great in my testing. I initially thought it would fall in the "nice to have" category, but it has rapidly escalated.
  13. You can do it once, then you're stressed and you can't do it again. Slowly backing away with BR+hard 1 over and over is pretty hilarious. I guess you could just not use PTL, but that makes me feel sad.
  14. My experiments so far have been with the joustier, arguably more wholesome Lone Wolf version (because someone should), and even then, Advanced Sensors granted an enormous number of options every turn. I will say that the option to do short candy canes in back to back turns followed by red maneuvers is a real advantage over PTL, but there might be something better than Lone Wolf as the EPT.
  15. I know my own play has not been anything to write home about. There was a lot of "wtf, dial something in and figure it out later".