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  1. I've run that squad maybe half a dozen times. I'd categorize it as "fine" in my hands, but not a lot better. You have the issue that one of your 3 ships can get tracked down and killed pretty easily and two of your ships are pretty much just throwing single modded 3 dice shots. It's got good initiative, but not much in the way of bid.
  2. It took me like 5 minutes to figure out what the joke was.
  3. To extend the football analogy, sometimes continuing to try and score is also the right choice. How often have you seen a team get a lead and stop scoring, and then the other team takes mildly risky plays and makes up the difference to win. The same thing can happen in X-wing. Like so many things in the game, it's extremely context specific.
  4. What's worse, Expertise Force or Boost/Roll after going over a rock Force?
  5. I dont mind offensive mods as much because even baseline stuff gets double mods (or just max hits) fairly often. You want to make people hurt when you effectively carry out your plans. High defensive mods just say "lol, no".
  6. Every time I win using Kylo I wonder if I'm good, if my squad was good, or if it's just Kylo.
  7. Having run both SFs and FOs, all I can say is the extra FO feels a lot different. On paper, I agree with you, the SF seems a lot better. On the table, it's different, and I dont really have a good explanation for you.
  8. Generally you want to move slowly on turns you're trying to get shots in. This makes it more likely to put your target into the wider range 2 and 3 bands, which are harder to get out of than the range 1 band. You can also aim to block their moves, preventing them from repositioning. You have to predict where they'll want to go, but that will come with experience. Finally, take Locks with ships that aren't in especially vulnerable positions. If the arc of a ship that has locked gets dodged, it can save that lock for later turns, making subsequent shots better. If you'll potentially engage multiple aces in a turn, the probably dont take locks, though. The flexibility of the Focus makes all potential targets nervous instead of just the locked one. I have a slowly updated blog that discusses a lot of this stuff, not directly, but at least tangentially: https://starfightermafia.blogspot.com/?m=1
  9. I love hanging Scorch just a little back so he's a bad target, but still hits hard and still has a follow up shot next turn.
  10. Let's say you're taking 3 SFs, downgrading to FOs is 18 points, which is most of the way to another ship. That 4th filler ship definitely matters, if it works in the squad.
  11. https://starfightermafia.blogspot.com/2019/08/article-13-ships-i-like-1-tiefo.html?m=1 Filler article of questionable worth.
  12. https://starfightermafia.blogspot.com/2019/08/article-13-ships-i-like-1-tiefo.html?m=1 Lucky article 13.
  13. I was thinking of the same movie, different scene regarding this whole event. "This is not 'Nam, there are rules."
  14. If multiple zero point upgrades for the same ship and slot exist someday, judges can change how they handle it. "Someday things might get more complicated" is not a very compelling argument in my opinion.
  15. The problem, for me, is that you need deltas if you want a good 3rd ship. The Onyx can get more offense, but then your 3rd ship is a bit weaker. I guess what I don't like is that it just wins by not dying. It can do damage, for sure, but that's not really how you're trying to win the game if you're smart.
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