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  1. How do Krayts win anybody back? They started as low production value dumpster fire that accidentally produced interesting ideas, then added T'TJ'J, bought a microphone, and now have a little bit of on-purpose content on top of the accidental bits. How is their current form not better than anything that has,come before it? Are you pining for the days of the near-death road trip of static-filled rants?
  2. I've done basically the exact same thing when playing against Fenn. I almost don't even think it's worth it to try and bid with Imperials, because a Scum list can really make a huge bid if it wants to. Just learn to play going first.
  3. Not in my experience.
  4. I'll echo what others have said. Defenders have toughness (x7) or offense and control (D, at a significant premium). They are fast, but can have predictable optimized moves. SFs have terrific offense thanks to FCS, and their PS is great and comes pretty cheap, and they really don't need specific EPTs, giving you a lot of flexibility. They get beat up a lot easier, but the price is nice. They're movement follows an opposite pattern of Defenders. Instead of fast and sort of predictable, they're slow and shifty. They're hard to predict because they can attack from a lot of angles. Both ships can punch hard after the main engagment, Defender because it's K-turn is white (or green), and SF because FCS keeps offense going, or it just attacks from the rear arc.
  5. I'm sure his apprentice must have been Darth Capitalist, the Crony. Taking on the guise of the Free, but using the power of others to subvert his competition, ruining Darth Market's good name and destroying his power.
  6. Cruise Missile suggests 2-3 more than 1-2. Not spending the TL would make it pretty brutal for the Havoc titled Scurrg. With R4B11 you can spend a Target Lock to force the target to re-roll defense dice. It would also be great with Deadeye. You Focus and move fast, fire the missile, get re-rolls, and you have the Focus to spend for further modification.
  7. Accompanied by his army of Invisible Hands, he challenged the old establishment with Efficiency and Variety.
  8. I would like this 1000 times if I could.
  9. I'd give you T65s with an extra shield and Barrel Roll if we got to kill Biggs.
  10. Sure, there are a lot of other possibilities, I'm just listing off the premiere Imperials at the moment. Hell, I'm actually most excited for in on the TIE/D. This sounds weird, but that ship is a little weak for the points at long range, and a good long range missile that gave bonuses for speed would be perfect for them.
  11. Unless it's cheap with a high dice cap, then it gets, interesting. But otherwise, yeah.
  12. Could be a subtle Imperial buff if it's good. They have a good assortment of fast ships with Missile slots. The while pile of bomb/Biggs/TLT shenanigans get a lot less crummy if Backdraft/Quickdraw/Vader/Inquisitor can slam 5 hits into something on the first exchange. Not that anybody asked for more alpha strike in the game, but apparently FFG thinks we want more bombs, Biggs, and TLTs, so who knows.
  13. I'll give another endorsement to 186th. It drops a little less often than the ones you've listed, but it's got a pretty high signal to noise ratio.
  14. I've tried to say this in a lot of places, so I'll continue here. One low HP ace vulnerable to K-wings does not make a list vulnerable to K-wings. You pair him with some SFs, who really handle K-wings okay, and you end up with a list perfectly capable of having a competitive game against K-wings.
  15. I actually think no. While Inaldra a is cheaper than Kaato Leachos, it's only by 2 points, and it's not like Scum is hurting for points in most lists. Inaldra is no Manaroo, she can go down quick and leave Dengar sans actions for a few turns. That's not to say the list isn't very strong, it is, but I don't think the Kaato version was somehow fundamentally worse than Inaldra in a major way.