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  1. Was this example about Dodge actually addressed somewhere or is this just a personal opinion. My real question would be why are dice not removed 1 at a time just like resolving dice? I think that everyone is correct, but I would like to understand why.
  2. If I play Defensive Positions against an opponent running Tie Pilot and he has the Tie Pilot with +2 ranged and several other 2 ranged dice out, does Defensive Positions remove them all since I am removing the Tie Pilot die at the same time?
  3. Why do we assume that C3PO triggers before Zuckuss triggers? If the only support for this is the Juke/C3PO FAQ, is it possible that Juke was ruled an exception? I think that we have to play C3PO as the rules are written until we are told otherwise. You add results at step 5ii which occurs after Zuckuss triggers. Zuckuss can make you reroll the actual green dice but not the evade that C3PO adds because that die is not on the table at the time Zuckuss triggers.
  4. Wild West Arlington is saying 2/7/16 at 1pm. $15 entry fee.
  5. It is a casual get together game. 4 guys playing. Each week the winning team gets split into the Admirals for the next conflict. They spearhead the squad and strategy.
  6. Team Epic. 400 Pts. Here is the List: Howlrunner: 18 pts Acadamy Pilot x 11: 132 pts Epsilon Squad. Pilot x 12: 180 pts Alpha Squad Pilot x 3: 54 pts Scimitar Squad Pilot: 16 pts Total: 400 pts 28 ships This is the most ships I could fit. We are playing this the 1st week of January. I am going to start setting up now!!!
  7. So I know the Epic rules say that you may only run 12 small based ships of the same type in an Epic game. Are Tie Fighters and Tie FO Fighters different ship types? Can I run 12 of each or are they both Tie Fighters so I can only run 12 of them total? 24 Tie Fighters seems pretty fun for an Epic Game.
  8. I have looked all over their website and I cannot find any reference to the tournament tomorrow. Does anyone e know the start time? Entry fee?
  9. You could move then drop your mine. Then next turn Adv Sensors and drop another mine on top of the first.
  10. I agree that his ability happens before "Dealing Damage" but I feel like DTF would trigger after the "Compare Results" phase. DTF text says "If the defender is hit by an attack (Step 6), you may suffer 1 of the uncancelled "hollow explosion symbols" instead of the target. I would assume this happens before the deal damage step which means I would have to resolve my effect first since I have initiative.
  11. If Bossk attacks me and has 1 crit that is uncancelled and I have initiative, can I choose to Draw Their Fire before he converts the crit with his ability?
  12. Interesting situation at a Regional tournament this weekend. I was playing against a Chiraneau/Fel list. Chirpy had Rebel Captive on him. One of my Z-95's shoots at Chirpy and neither one of us remembers the Rebel Captive. Next turn I program a K-Turn and when I reveal it, my opponent says that my ship is stressed for Rebel Captive and that I must give him my dial and let him set my maneuver. I argue that he forgot to mention the Rebel Captive when it happened and it is now too late. My opponent argues that Rebel Captive is not a card that must be "remembered" in order to activate. He argues that it just happens and it is my responsibility to keep track of the fact that my ship is now stressed. We call over the TO (he was not very well versed in the rules) and he decides that we should just roll for it. Luckily, the roll went my direction and I was allowed to keep my K-Turn. What do you guys think of this? Does the player with Rebel Captive have to "remember" and point out that a ship is stressed? Whose responsibility is it to track stress?
  13. Can Soontir receive a focus token from multiple stress? Once he performs his pilot ability once, can he do it again? Does this fall under the "once per turn" rule? For example: Soontir moves, boosts, PTL, evade, receive a focus B-Wing with Tactician shoots at Soontir and gives him another stress. Does he get another focus token? thanks in advance.
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