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  1. They do Dreamlands in every one of their Arkham games, so this is a safe bet. Hastur would be cool, not sure how they would do fighting the Old Ones but I trust it will be epic and hard Investigators with the options you wanted are coming out next month in the Dunwitch expansion. All of them are mono color, except they can use up to 5 cards from any classes up to level 2. Possibly related to creatures, though I feel that they have so many right now they can do that might not happen. They did that with LOTR. The ease of the system makes it so they don't need to always have new stuff, they can have missions use older card packs so this will also happen
  2. Anyone know the chaos token size? Looking for the right size to get plastic coin capsules?
  3. I was watching a ebay listing for this pack. Sold for over 100$ when it ended in the US. I bet that person feels dumb they paid that much for it now. FFG is sure getting me this year, ordered playmat last week, then missing expansions for battlelore from holiday sale yesterday, and now today this.
  4. But how many times has this happened? Over and over and over. Warhammer quest - Now gone but such a high demand stores hardly got any and you only needed 1! Not a LCG but again they understand supply/demand Netrunner - sold out instantly, jus like arkham with a longer period till restocks came. Stores were shorted. Star Wars - Had good stock BUT again sold out. Not only because its star wars, but a lcg as well. LOTR - I cant speak to, I got into it a good 2 years after it came out so was easily obtainable Warhammer Invasion - Sold out instantly. Hard to get copies and took another to get them in stock. Warhammer 40k conquest - Same as above. I guarantee, 100% that when L5R comes out, its going to be the same, the exact same. They have the data, they have the understanding of how popular it is. and when some day they LCG 7th Sea when they acquire it (we all know they will) it will be the same. Im not grabbing pitch forks here and saying burn FFG. I love the company, but I don't think people making excuses for something that's happened time and time again is the way to do it. If your just accepting it is "how its always been" then it wont ever change. The election was wrong because of the battering of lables in the public eye. Speak your mind out loud and get lynched. That booth is the only place where you could actually say how you feel without judgment. But that has nothing to do with this topic, so your comparison doesn't hold to true there. "Never ascribe to malice that which can be adequately explained by incompetence." I just don't agree its their incompetence. They are a successful company, with lots of smart people. They have obviously proven they understand economics and how to tweak it to their advantage on supply/demand.
  5. Well crap. I missed he got the new version for LCGs and ordered it on amazon...the old one. Soooo hoping I have a old LCG box to store this in now...
  6. This isn't directed solely at you, but I think its time people stop saying "they underestimated the demand". Its a old excuse I could see them saying a few years ago, but this is not their first LCG, nor will it be close to their last. They have a TON of data and they know the numbers for their products well, hence why they are one of the top game companies in the world. Its all a marketing game. You create such a high demand, people who focus just on the product they cant get. Every company fights for a piece of the game pie, and this is one tactic that works every time. On a different note, their webstore has it for sale since yesterday and FLGS around me are getting in lots of restocks today. So it will be around again this week.
  7. I ordered the sleeves holder from Broken token, along with the "short" token holder that fits inside that box PLUS a pack of extra dividers. My friend is crazy for broken token, so ive gotten to see how well made it is. The token box will hold all needed tokens and then some. This core box "should" be good enough to hold core decks/missions plus the first cycle. Like LOTR I plan to get the large case they sell. The artist box with dividers. That deck box is more of something youd want for a completive card game OR if your buddy is brining all the missions etc for Arkham, then it works as you just need a deck. (But at that point id buy a cheap 3 dollar deck box and not that big one)
  8. With it being available now again on their web store, is this a good notion to assume FLGS should get it this week also? Possibly today/Tomorrow? Not that I assume anyone here might really know for certainty, just possible past experiences of them getting it in, sending to distributors, then putting it back on the web store to sell to public a day or so before FLGS might have it. Either way im sure my late afternoon will be full of making the round of calls to FLGS
  9. Realistically, youd want 4 cores if you plan to have more then 2 decks around. Or are lazy and don't want to build /swap cards around. As it stands right now, with 2 cores you cant even have all 5 starter decks built. Youd need 3 cores to do that. A 4th core gives you 2 playsets, (4 of every card). Which might be favorable if you want to really optimize your decks and have 5 decks at once to pick from. Fairly tricky of FFG, as on the surface it looks like 2 core if you want options, when really it doesent give you much options.
  10. I mean this in the nicest way, but did you read the "how to play" and the keyword rulebook at all? All of these questions are very clearly anwsered in the books. Look up the viper ability in the keyword book, it will tell you when the posion can be removed.
  11. None of those heroes have a sphere. Sounds pretty useless to me I should have made a note on that. Was tossing around ideas as the focus of them is to all be used by one player for a deck but not tri sphere it. Working on details of the bonus they get for all being used by 1 player in the war in the north campaign. Will be updated in a bit When not used they will just get a single sphere. Eradin will be Lore Farin Tatics Andriel Spirit
  12. Great news! I have started to play the quests and it is really worth getting a set printed. Cant wait for expansions to come out for it!
  13. Orophims art, where did it come from or how was it found? Really want it
  14. Some cards for the War in the North questline I am working on. Amazing stuff so far guys! Elronds songs was beautiful and orph was amazing art also.
  15. I got my whole set from Artscow. Total was 79 bucks shipped. For 3 of everything and how good the card quality was, it was a steal. I hear printerstuido is even cheaper but I haven't checked it out yet. The cards feel and look super close to FFGs. I haven't gotten to play against any of the missions yet, but I plan to soon. The only minor flaw was that they cut off around the boarders a bit, nothing that makes anything unplayable, but it can be seen on some. I did sent printerstuido a set of 24 custom heroes I have worked on. Really doing it to see how well they turn out. Only came to 13 shipped. I could have filled out the other slots as I paid for 54 cards but used just 24. Said they wont come in around 9 days though. Will update as I get them Being inspired by the first age, I have started some second age stuff. I know 1 of the missions is the siege of baradur and the last alliance , trying to pick the other two to really capture key points in the second age.
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