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  1. Dr. Quinn ... ... your calculations made my entire weekend
  2. So basically you are saying, that the rules are balanced on taking the right talents and taking a lot of circumstances into account, that may or may not benefit certain builds? That would be ok with me, if I could see the balance in this. I will take some time and build 6 characters, one starting (13.000xp) and one endgame (50.000xp) character for each class (devastor, assault marine and apothecary), each with the focus on killing hordes, despite roleplay, single target usabillity or whatever. I would have loved to skip this, but as far as I can see there is not much we did wrong, only some minor mistakes that don't solve the problem of misbalancing. Perhaps this is a perception error, and we have build our chars wrong. I will report my calculations when they are done. So far, thanks for your replies
  3. Hey folks, first hand, thank you for your replies. Lets talk some details: @Ryutaru: Thank you for adding some details, guess I forgot to explain some things. @herichimo: As Ryu mentioned, the +20 is calculated by +10 against Xenos and various hatred talents. Some of your calculations are very good, could you tell where you got this from? Are we blind, or did we translate something wrong? English is not our first language As far as i understood, and asuming you are completly right, i get the following forumulas: Ranged Damage: Max. 6 Hits per Heavy Bolter x2 through Blast(2), adding 1 for Explosive, multiplied by 2 for Storm of Iron, for a total of 26. ((6x2)+1)x2 = 26 Melee Damage: 5 Attacks +5 Powerfieldbonus + Additional Hits through DoS, multiplied by 2 for whirlwind of death, for a total of (10+DoS)x2. Assuming WS70 + 20 against Xenos (as mentioned above), and rolls between 0-100), thats 20 to 60 Damage. If this is correct, Melee does a lot more damage to hordes, than ranged. @Kamikazzijoe: He took the other Talent, so no +d5 for him on this. You are right, we could add that to the formula, but that doesn't make a difference, does it?
  4. Hey fellow battlebrothers, I have a short question. I know there are threats about this, but as far as I've read, they have a different focus. Well, to make this short: Our tier 3 devastor does 28 magnitudedamage, our assault about 80. Is this right, or are we misinterpreting the rules? A bit longer: As far as we understand the rules, the maximum amount of damage a devastor marine can achieve is (((6 (Max. Hits Heavy Bolter) +1 Explosive Damage) x2 (Metal Storm Rounds)) x2 Storm of Iron ) = 28 The Assault Marine on the other hand: 1 Attack with Mainhand 1 Attack with Offhand 1 Attack with Swift Attack 1 Attack with Lightning Attack 1 Attack instead of Reaction Horde Magnitude Bonus +60 Weapon Skill 70 +20 against Xenos for a total of 150. With an avarage dice throw of 50, that's 10 DoS, resulting in 1+5 magnitudedamage. If we add Whirlwind of Death, thats 12 magnitudedamage per Hit, for an avarage total of 60 magnitudedamage, to a maximum of 80. Where is our mistake, what are we doing wrong? Please help, our GM is attacking us with complete swarmfleets to get us down ... at least thats what it feels like. There must be something wrong. Greetings, Tirnithil Edith: Fixed some errors in the formula
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