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  1. Nup, i am not doing anything wrong, had checked the rules plenty of times, double checked, triple checked, checked common beginner mistakes, FAQ, playthroughts and the like. It's getting tiresome to be honest, the only reason i posted that was to see if somebody else had been in my place and found ways to make it more interesting, so let's say i had been very lucky thus far and just discuss which expansions add more difficulty to the game, please. If i do a report by play i will do in a different thread, to not derail this one (my fault to be honest).
  2. I might do a report when i get a chance to play again and attempt to do a report. Since i was playing Mark (i did one with Diana, but i just roflstomped with her, i was really lucky with the spells and events early, and she snowballed into godlike in no time), i couldn't reliabily close gates, so i decided to ignore them except if they were in the way (or maybe losing one movement or that kind of thing, specially for the blue gates), otherwise i would lose too much time without doing the misteries, which is what will make you win. The second game i had a solved mistery shuffled back, but if you tunnel vision the objectives, since you are only one player, they are very easy to do (normally just 1 clue, 2 clues tops). There is one mistery that can be quite annoying because you will have to do expeditions, but are doable. So if you are playing solo, you are pretty much tunneling to complete the misteries, and taking detours to close gates isn't that neccessary. Probably it is the same for more players, but i had only played 4 games with 3 players, and we were learning rather and testing stuff out rather than having a good plan and execution.
  3. Read the next response. No, i am not doing that wrong. What i am saying is that at the end of the day, azathoth only manages to get his ability tick off a few times because it doesn't "improve" (or it haven't improved in my games, which actually confused me and made me double and triple check if i was doing it right), not that i only move the doom tracker with that lol. And no it doesn't bother me, well, only a little because i already answered that, and i already said i have forsaken lore in the OP. Anyways thank you for the your time. Whenever i have the time to play with only tentacles i will come back here sobbing (hopefully).
  4. Will definitly check it out. Busy right now playing too much arkham horror LCG (****, why didn't i discover this c'thulu crack earlier?)
  5. Yes i am. I mean that Azathoth special ability with the omen, most of the time will only have 1 eldritch token, and therefore, it will only advance the doom tracker once per 4 turns at best by his ability, not that it won't move at all...
  6. I had double checked and triple checked everything and gone online to see common mistakes, haven't found anything to say i am doing anything wrong. I was actually kind of annoyed at how slow Azathoth had been in my games, and i spent an hour browsing through internet to see if i mistaken his ability and no, it's just 1 most of the time (i don't want to spoiler myself checking on the actual cards). I might had been on a lucky streak, i can give you that. But anyways, i am more interested into opinions on how to make the harder and ideas which could improve it than rather talk than my subjective own experiencie, know, i brought it up first, mostly if someone felt or had the same experience as me could bring up ways he/she did to improve it I am guessing the game the gets easier with more expansion because added mechanics or investigators that are better than the core game ? So not using them should be fine. What else?! I had seen the data Runko mentions, that's why i picked Mark for my first game alone. Cheers.
  7. First, this is not a bragging post or something, i just legitimately want to improve my game experience. I played a few games with a few friends before deciding to purchase it. We ended up playing with mix normal/hard mythos, but we were just crushing the game. I had checked up the rules to see if i had been making mistakes, and nope. I bought it and started my first game with only one investigator because people say it's the hardest, i picked up Mark Harrigan, and i crushed Azathoth (7 turns left). Then i had been playing a few more games with the Forsaken Lore and random investigators, but the game is still too easy, i am never pushed into the situations everyone says they get into, and i feel safe most of the game. I am going to try out with only with the hard mythos to see if that improves (i expect it to do). But besides that, how do you tinker the game to raise difficulty ? What expansions, big or small, are the best at hardening the game ? Cheers, and thank you in advance
  8. For something to be inconsistent, it must not be able to be consistent. But let's not argue semantics. A person can criticize something as inconsistent rather than not up to his tastes as a way to uplift his opinion as factual and objective, rather than subjective. If i state that i like the movie and you don't, we are both giving subjective opinions. If you say the movie is inconsistent because X, and X can be objectively challenged and i explain why X is not Z, and then you acknowledge it but still say that the movie is inconsistent, it's understandable that i find it unlikely. Specially if it's something that only required you to pay some attention. And i am not challenging people's opinion on wether they found it good or bad, i am challenging the inconsistencies they find as a product of them not liking the movie rather than being truthfully an inconsistent script, and i am pointing out that i had read plenty of times this kind of assertions as a mask to veil a pure subjective opinion. About the character development, i disagree and i could explain later why if you are interested, but atleast we are now showcasing it as a taste or how we "read" the movie rather than objective inconsistency in the script or the edition proccess. Well, except when you call it lazy writing, because reasons. Storytelling will always require an open mind from the viewer to have a positive somewhat naive read rather than a negativistic realist one. Most of your complaints can be explained or justified in this vein, but that's largely irrelevant, if you didn't like those parts it's fine, what it's not fine is to call them inconsistent because they weren't how you expected them to be,(specially what you are talking about Tarkin, i can go on about how i understood Jyn's development, or the one most people tend to think as a flat character, the pilot Bodhi). And if i challenged you to show up more inconsistencies, because if you missed how they got into the shuttle in the first place, and instead of checking it out later on you jumped into the conclussion that it was bad editing, it is understandable to question if you gave it an honest look. No offense intended, but rather an honest look from an outsider's perspective.
  9. Yep, it is a pretty well executed movie within the framework given to the director. About the hostility, well even though i don't find that hostile, in my excuse i had read plenty of "inconsistencies" like the one you wrote before, so i am kinda bitter about its criticism since i have yet to read something consistent and not just a matter of taste veiled as something else. @iamfanboy Completely agree, happy to see i am not alone in this world ;p
  10. The argument for ANH as a good/bad movie is mostly irrelevant, because it is done with whatever time lenses the writer/speaker prefers to use. ANH was a good product of its time and it was for a decent chunk of time. For nowadays standards it can be seen as an average movie, but that's like saying Doom (1993) is not a good game because the gameplay and/or graphics don't hold nowaday standards.
  11. Be my guest. I am sure they will be terribly well thought and not nitpicking at all.
  12. The U-wing was destroyed on Eadu, they had to steal an imperial ship which they used to get into scariff later on, that's why they don't seem to be on a U-wing, because they are not. There is absolutely no inconsistency there.
  13. Sorry, but i failt to understand, what's the purpose of this?
  14. These trailers had been done before the post-production phase is over. In fact, it's very common for such non-ill intentioned mistakes to happen for the first released trailers/teasers, and sometimes completely on purpose to confuse the viewers and make the teaser less spoily (something i sorely miss nowadays) or to play bait and switch. Those scenes were probably very good for marketing purposes, but didn't fit into the narrative that well. If i am not mistaken about the combat scenes on the ground, that's when Cassian and Jyn had to run accross the beach after getting the data which Gareth felt was too hard to fit into the story. And i can't argue with the result. I am not saying that Disney does not have input on the Final release, but rather questioning where they had been mistaken with Star Wars. I haven't really looked into TFA edits (i enjoyed it, but for me it is a rather average movie, if it wasn't about star wars i would probably forget about it, but one thing i am sure, JJ Abrams is more to blame about that than anybody else), but for rogue one they actually allowed the ending to be as it was, when they had an alternative more "positive" ending readily avaible for them.
  15. Yeah i guess it's that. But well, the movie is 133 minutes, and the last battle takes almost 45 minutes of the film already.
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