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  1. Hi! I have managed to find most of the expansions for this game, but some of them remain elusive. Are there anyone here who would like to part with their copies of these expansions?
  2. Yeah, I know. I have been meaning to do this for ages, but work and two small children have a tendency to eat up my time. I will try to find some time soon.
  3. There is no doubt that Davith is among the worst heroes in the game, unfortunately. Jarrod is a much better designed hero in my opinion and does most of the things Davith do better. I think ManateeX sums it up very well.
  4. I have started writing the update after several requests, I am just a little strapped for time, unfortunately. I would probably rate Shyla S, Vinto A, Onar B. I will explain in depth soon(tm).
  5. I agree. You can of course play any hero you want, and the core box heroes are too strong. I just don't think an increase from 11 to 15 damage is anything special. It is going to be fairly difficult to discuss anything if we want to put a lot of arbitrary restrictions on how we are to discuss them. With the advent of the New bacta equipment in tier1 and the Hutt deck, do you still see subversive tactics as the strongest deck? I am not sure I do.
  6. I find her whip a very valuable tool for setting up cleaves as well. She isn't the strongest at multi target dmg, but she is pretty good.
  7. But how much did you really need Loku there when Fenn manages a staggering 11dmg on his own? I am assuming 3dmg for the red die.
  8. I am not quite sure what you mean. Noone expects the game to be perfect, but most people who play this game will undoubdtedly play to win, as that is the objective of the game. One should expect calling other people competitive d-bags to get an answer, at the very least.
  9. Agreed. You really shouldn't be put off by people playing to win in a competitive game.
  10. Onar is arguably the worst "tank" in the game, at least before he gets his armour. He takes a lot of damage with each attack, and he has a really hard time healing that damage.
  11. Yeah, I didn't mean to diminish your point. I agree that you point out Loku's weaknesses in a very accurate way. I think my main problem with the arguments for Loku is that some of them seem good, like the fact that recon token is +1dmg for every attack or that Combat Spotter lets you shoot through this big screen of enemies. In practice, few units take more than 1, and certainly not more than 2 shots to get rid off, although I guess if someone deploys an AT-ST the Recon Token could prove more valuable, but then you are playing a different game than I. The same with the screen; if you aren't a very good player and spend actions in an inefficient manner, I could see why these screens would appear, but with good damage dealing heroes, there often aren't that many Imperials on the board. Use Loku if you want to, I just disagree with the fact that he is a useful hero and I think I have stated why. He doesn't scale well at all, in addition to not having any damage boosters. He can give Mak an extra attack through the crate trick you were talking about, but it will never be as effective as Gideon giving him two. He can shoot something, but it will never be as effective as a good hero doing it. You often don't have that much money, so a good weapon on a bad hero is not a good way to play the game.
  12. I am honestly baffled that you are dismissing Union's argument so easily simply due to him being passionate. As he said, his hero sheet abilities are weaker than other heroes, 2 strain could be a masterstroke, quick draw or close quarters, dealing much more damage. +2 accuracy is solid until wounded, where a short ranged gun will suddenly be too short ranged. Compared to Lone Wolf, respite or Garkhaan's focus ability for example, this falls shorty every time. Loku has the worst tests in the game, sporting a single blue for both might and tech. Loku has no damage boosters, no blast, no pierce, no cleave and no way of making extra attacks. Yes, Loku will do dmg with a pulse cannon, but so will Gideon.
  13. How often do you see this massive screen of Imperial units that prevents everyone from seeing the big, bad guy? I have tried giving Loku a better weapon and he does indeed do damage, entirely because of the weapon. So does Gideon if you give him a proper weapon. Loku has no skills apart from his starting skill that gives extra damage. Yes, his crate skill is good and Mon Cala is good, the rest I see as mediocre at best.
  14. I would argue that Loku is at best barely useful in any given scenario, certainly not brutal. Yes, I realise that he can make the blocking tactic difficult, but this is a tactic that doesn't work against the top tier heroes anyway as they will simply kill the blocking units instead.
  15. SoN introduced a lot of new elements that were really interesting to play with. The mission design was better, the story was more engaging, the monsters were intriguing and some of the cards and tokens really changed how the game played. Often the overlord would reveal one of three tokens about midway that changed how the mission played, making for great replayability. In addition to all this, there were a great amount of new tiles and the campaign mainly used those.
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