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  1. Don't think "The Rebel Alliance Academy"... is something people would talk about in open conversation..... Biggs, Wedge, Hobbie even Han... Whole host of pilots went to and dropped out of the Imperial Academy...
  2. It could probably stand a 2 point cost reduction with the ability as is. I think the nerf was spot on. Does Biggs need more work... yes.
  3. Must be some mistake, I make that 12 lists from a faction which everyone says isn't upto snuff on the current meta...
  4. Well. I did pause for rage and salt, thanks for that. Did you actually read and consider what I wrote? Or are you simply in the "dismiss anything other than Burn the card and the model, pretend it never happened camp, then the T-65 will be great again" camp?
  5. My apologies, I bow to your superior internet geek status. 3 years.
  6. Biggs' ability was inspired by his heroics in the Trench and the fight above the first DeathStar (we all know that). His ability is thematic and actually fairly balanced (pause for rage and salt). I should point out that whilst I've played against Mr Darklighter, I've never flown him as that style of formation flying doesn't suit my play style (best described as erratic....). Rather than nerfing Biggs into the floor, he's been partially mitigated by the TL change. Why not look at maintaining the thematic appearance. When Biggs is in the ****, Luke and Wedge don't start magically pulling incoming fire off of him. Whilst the wording of my change a should be left to those that know how best to avoid the rules lawyering resulting from any change to the english language, there has to be a way to prevent others from taking the damage aimed at Biggs. Biggs is after all trying to be hit, abilities such as selflessness and draw their fire shouldn't be applicable to him as that's what he is trying to do. Biggs is taking the hits so you don't have to.... Abilities which grant Biggs an extra bonus, such as Lowrhikks ability should still function, it provides Biggs with one additional evade and strips the reinforce from the wookie. There are all manner of "fluffy" options to allow this, such as "shield projectors". But abilities which redirect all the damage from Biggs or even Crits (DTF) shouldn't work on him. R4-D6 should work, he can take it and I believe that was his 'mech in Episode 4. He's still taking the damage, he's gaining stress to take it, limiting the formation next round.
  7. But assault missiles already do that... they aren't as points efficient, neither do they keep their TL (hence power creep). But assault missiles have existed as a counter to formations since... wave 2? (Tie Bomber)
  8. But they do work differently, because they are worded different. Why do they have to be the same? They've both existed since wave 3, has everyone "got it wrong" (in your opinion) for 4 years?
  9. I'm aware of it, thanks for being a patronizing member of the community. I'd also say opinionated, but see the conversation above...
  10. We're assuming it provides a re-roll..
  11. It's therefore also worthless on the B-Wing and the "Heavy" Syck. They also only have one cannon slot. For the record, I don't think it's limited either. Text is in the wrong place for that..
  12. Tie D Defenders.... specifically flying at formations. Arc Caster, plus splash, plus range one primary at same target. Put that on any of the nameds..
  13. How many Scum and Rebel small base ships can equip cannons? Imperials will have 2, other factions have 1 a piece. The Imps have one with a white K turn and the ability to pop a primary attack off of a cheap cannon attack. Who's got the most potential benefit again?
  14. Maybe it's the way I read your original post, or maybe I misinterpreted your tone in your post. The way I read your post, "math-wing" players (whoever they are) are an abundant min-max group of players. Whilst there are most certainly players like that in every game system, looking to pull a statistical win from their force before it even hits the table. Are they influenced by this particular ships ability? Probably, they may well look at it and work out how to fly a 4 ship around in a tight group of 2 by 2, putting those non-modified shots on whomever they can. I think that's a somewhat fatalistic attitude to take. Side by side, facing across to your opponent assuming he has 4 of said ships and you have.. anything you fancy. He can unload 1 unmodifiable attack in an area roughly 5% of the available board. With all 4 ships next to each other that is. Each ship covers an area, range 1 - 3, of approx 1.4% of the total board area. (My range ruler from the Core Set II is 301mm long, not 300mm for whatever reason...) Maths aside, I fancy my chances at limiting my opponents options for "bulls-eyeing" me... mathematically are they really that viable? Corner case effective, absolutely. The Inquisitor or Vader (et al) are sad if they have no mods, as is Soontir and even good old Biggs (although everyone else can tank the hits for him....).
  15. I've been playing wargames wrong for the last 29 years then...
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