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  1. You should have atleast 1of every expansion pack that way you have all the upgrade cards.then plan out your fleets from there.
  2. Kind of hard to post pics for me because all I have is face book. But anyway after beta testing it I like how my dixe tower roles but I have mixed feelings about it for a tourney.
  3. i build my own dice tower from foam core it turned out rather well but im sure i can tweek it a bit and make it more mine.
  4. so i have came to the conclusion i am going to build one of my own there are plans online for one made from foam board and the mechanics to them are rather simple.
  5. in my personal experience i recomend doing for your friend what the owner of my local game store did for me. We played a very vanilla game meaning no upgrades or special pilots. I faced off against two tie fighters with one x-wing straight from the core set. there is a very good tutorial or overview if you will on you tube from fantasy flight on the game. once your friend has established how to fly a very basic game like i did with steroids on the table then start playing with upgrades and all the fun stuff.
  6. So lets get this party started if just these two ships faced off against each other who would be the better or would they be equals?
  7. well oneway i would have to agree with you that at tournaments it would make things that much more fair. and i honestly dont trust the dice app there are too many people that can hack it and alter the odds so i dont think it should be used.
  8. http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/984204/mini-card-storage this may help as well for a solution to your issue
  9. It looks like this. You drop the dice in the top. It makes it less likely that the dice will fall off the table and prevents the occasional off roll (like when you roll the dice and they just land and don't roll). I dislike them, its like eating pizza with a fork and knife. I've been thinking about a dice tower, but when I considered the amount of dice modifying involved, I discounted the idea as it looked like it would be a pain to modify when you've got to pluck them out of the little tray at the bottom. BUT... this little tower is just the business. Simple design, and it spills onto the table so you can still modify as needed. Brilliant. I might just build one now. there are many different variations as i have seen online that dont require modification and they roll all types of dice.
  10. switch8383

    4 B-wing?

    it may fair rather well but if you can put a up grade card on that indreases your agility it would make it better
  11. hmmm it seems to me the towers are winning more and more unless you are rollinng a single die
  12. I am digging the replies so far every one has a valid argument towards there preferences.
  13. i say player b is cheating if it was declared as cloaked even in a tournament when are all human and forget to place tokens i have ven done it my self on focusing my ships. which the group i play with we try to give some leeway to each other for human error.
  14. my question is what day next week
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