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  1. There is a statement from FFG saying they will have rebellion era ships. ie no prequel ships unless they also exist in rebellion era I dont have link but if you search you wiill find.
  2. I was thinking there should have been medium based ships. Ships like out rider punisher k wing agressor should have been medium based. Size is in between a large and small base .
  3. I have every upgrade so only time i proxy is if i need 4 acuracy correctors and only have 3 and i just put it it between the 2 pilots and if the opponent needs to proxy i will just get the card out to borrow or for reference.
  4. Lately something when i select certain upgrades or ships the menu will come down and it is able to highlight the one i select but will not select the chosen upgrade or ship. Some will select no problem others will not.
  5. Me personally I like having multiple sets of dice for any game where multiple people are rolling it just saves time and hassel . Imperial assault i have one set for imperials and one for rebel. I even have an extrA set of d6s in my star wars risk where only the person who turn it is rolls its just easier that person has theres at ready and doesn't have to ask u for them/find them and handing them over without that makes things smoother.
  6. 1 time this occurs and there are a lot of people saying the sky is falling but it doesnt seem the norm to ID most people want to play the game not just draw especially the small tourneys with no cut. So far in my experience the xwing community is good and would not duplicate roanake people did, they come to play games have fun and play casual. Instead of being negative promote playing instead of ID
  7. Ok thats how i played it just wanted to make sure thanks
  8. By chance the empire revealed my rebel base by putting leader there with mission and gaining loyalty but did not have troops set up to take it. I used rapid mobilization to move base from my understanding none of the units you have on rebel base space get moved to new base? The imperials attack the system the base anyway , so do the units from the rebel base space get put on the system where the rebel base used to be ?
  9. Dragoonsonic

    ship tokens

    Would it matter if you had proxied token in new dial for tounies? All it does is label dial
  10. I have fun auto dmg list i use it on The u-boat that dies and comes back.r5 p8 Gonk anti pursuit lasers feed back array ion torpedo then 4 z95s with feedback array troll list really
  11. I judged by how well i did on tourney's this year like it got 2nd on 20 something winter kit tourney then i got 2 top 4s at store championships because i wanted to know that i could at least compete and not just get smashed. Mainly because the store is not close about 2 hour drive and getting hotel room.
  12. Thanks for feed back yeah i can print and proxy main cards. Keep those decks together for other people playing . I kind of thought it would take to much away from game wasnt sure though.
  13. I have a group of friends i play the campaign with but occasionally play skirmish but im the only one with the stuff and i have every for the game that has been released so far. I want to try setting up 4 player skirmish from hoth set but getting together 4 command decks that are fair would be difficullt it is easier for 2 player i just use practice skirmish template and change some of them if needed. Would it still be fun to play 4 player skirmish with out command cards or even 2 player skirmish? Has anyone tried it before?
  14. The game is designed around 100 point games and it is more challenging to find lists that are good with in a hundred points and as pointed out going over is ok for casual but might mess you up if you decide to do tourneys later. For as long as i have been playing nobody has had 120 150 lists every one has had 100 point lists .
  15. There are times that the speed works against large ships especially ships that only have front arc and using cannon where shooting at range is advantagous. Boost for some large ships make them too good like decimator but for shuttle and bossk boost only makes them more usable.
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