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  1. Why is this not an option in editing? You will probably say that folks would abuse it but that makes no sense to me why someone would mess with their own post like that. I think it would be good for simple wording changes like changing the word "Group" to "Players"
  2. I hit on a couple of cards tonight as well. With cards like Valar Morghulis when it says "kill all characters in play" does that mean every single character or just your opponent's characters? Some cards like Condemned by the Realm (another plot card) say that you are to choose an opponent who then must choose and kill a character they do not control. Does this mean that the opponent can pick any character in play, even one of yours? This card would be nonsense in a two player game if this true. Lastly we have a neutral card called Maester Aemon who displays no challenge icons at all but does display a strength number. His text reads that you may kneel him to save a Night Watch character from being killed. Since this can be accomplished without the use of the strength (which it is not implied at all that it should be used for this action) what is the strength used for? My thoughts were leaning towards a wildcard that could lend 2 STR to any challenge?
  3. Looking for players in the Waco area. We currently play with the Core Set as we have just started playing the game. Will be adding the "Lords Of Winter" and "Queen Of Dragons" expansions soon. I do have an OCTGN account as well. Give a shout if interested.
  4. Big thumbs up!! Just got my tokens today and they are awesome. Dracula was professional in every detail of this trade. I definitely recommend his services to anyone interested in AGoT tokens.
  5. Very cool, I appreciate the discussion. You make good and valid arguments for game form. It makes perfect sense that one would try to build balance into their deck taking into consideration both offense and defense as well as neutral or passive behaviors that enhance the decks abilities. Thanks for helping me to see this from the proper perspective.
  6. I guess that makes sense, on the surface, but without much experience in the game it seems a bit odd. In the event that you attack me and I am able to defend but choose not to is not really the scenario I am shooting at. If you win because I choose not to kneel my cards is one thing, you winning with a bonus for making that military attack against me in the event that I do not have any characters with a military icon is another thing altogether as I never got the option to defend the attack. In the case of a power attack this is not fair in my opinion. Your response assumes that I am able to defend your challenge which is not what my original objection is aimed at. In either case the ability to initiate an undefendable attack exists if a player chooses to play that way. It has not arose in our games as a problem and I agree that ten years seems to say that it is not a problem. I will have to monitor this more as I get more play time with the game.
  7. Me again, I must protest the explanation for "Unopposed Challenges" on page 15 of the rulebook. The rulebook states that an attacker claims 1 bonus power from the power pool if the defender has an STR of 0 or no defending characters. In a post above Istaril answers one of my concerns about this same issue saying that an attacker can attack anyone at anytime with any kind of attack regardless of the defender's ability to defend the attack at all. I have to say that this could be extremely abused if what I am reading is correct. If an attacker can make a power challenge against a defender who has no character that can defend a power attack nor any other card that nullifies the attack then quite honestly all one has to do is commit challenges against opponents who can not defend against the attack on every single round and the game will be over in a minimum of 7.5 rounds making all other mechanics of the game pointless unless we are solely depending on every players decency and honesty, and being that this is based on the Houses of Westeros that in itself seems absurd. Just saying that it seems to me that there would have to be some sort of solid buffer to prevent this from happening besides player honesty and/or the cards falling just the right way to get effects on the board to prevent it or simply relying on everyone to place power defenders when they may want to play a different hand; for example - only being able to challenge other players who have characters with that challenge icon (besides, in a world like Westeros I doubt any of the major Houses would be completely defenseless against any sort of threat) OR giving the attacker some lesser award instead of more power which is more incentive to seek out this type of attack. The only way this rule makes sense for me is that the attack can be initiated against any opponent who can defend that type of attack but simply chooses not to.
  8. Looking for players in Waco area. We currently play with the Core Set as we have just begun playing. Will be adding the "Lords of Winter" and "Queen of Dragons" expansions soon. I do have an OCTGN account as well. Give a shout if interested.
  9. Thanks for the link Bomb and the heads up on You Tube Sloth. I have scanned the document and plan to print it off for my rulebook but I still have some precise questions that arose from our groups latest game. We had a group of four this time using the entire Core Set which was cool. Some items that we could not interpret accurately follow: What does attaching a card to your House Card accomplish? EX - King Robert's Chambers B94 When a card says "choose and return a character you control to its owners hand" I assume that means take a card from your play pile and put it in your hand deck. EX - Xaro Xoan Daxos T116 If a defender has no power points on its house does the attacker then take one power from the bank after winning a power challenge? In the event that a plot card or event card (or any other card for that matter) is played in which a certain amount of strength is reduced and it does not specify as being against an opponent I assume that this would clearly be against an opponent as I would not voluntarily play a card that would reduce my own strength?? EX - Forever Burning T147 under Any Phase As I have read it an attacker can only attack someone who can defend that type of challenge and the defender is required to defend with at least one character. So what is an Undefended Challenge and how does that take place? Thanks for all your help.
  10. Thanks to both of you for these helpful explanations. I overlooked the Expert Rules when we did our first play. I had done a read through but once we had cards on the table we were consumed with learning the flow of play and the immediate issues arising in each phase. Never looked past Keywords during play so missed some key information. Thanks again.
  11. We have just played our first attempt at Game of Thrones LCG and we have a couple of questions. 1- I understand in the cards text when it says "Any Phase" or "Challenge" but what does it mean when a card has "Resolve" at the beginning of the text? 2- When kneeling Influence in play am I correct in thinking that the card used for Influence must be placed in the discard pile at the end of the round? 3- We placed our cards during "Set Up" and it appears by the description that we are only allowed to place characters and locations at this point. We then are told to draw cards again until we have seven in our hand. We are only drawing new cards to replace the ones we laid down during "Set Up" right? 4- When playing cards during the "Marshalling" phase we are assuming that no more cards can be played to the active table during the "Challenge" phase unless a card says it can be played during any phase. 5- When challenging only the cards in play (laid face up) can be used right? No cards can be considered for that round out of the cards you hold in your hand? That's all the really newb questions I have at the moment. My bad, one more question, Arya Stark is able to steal "Stealth" from another player and render them unable to defend a challenge for that round. She also gains the "Stealth" stolen for that round. She would appear to be a defensive card played in advance to bolster an upcoming challenge that you may be ready to initiate or simply as protection against a possible heavy attack from an opponent. Can someone detail how a card like this is actually used.
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