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  1. Make sure you take the time to introduce yourself to your opponent and shake their hand. I've played a few very nervous newbies who I think were so worked up that they forgot the social aspect of the game. Enjoy your time. Jacob
  2. I'm a big Dash Render fan from the extended universe stuff. I have always thought that I would want to fly a YT2400 if I was in the Star Wars universe. I think I fly it pretty well. Jacob
  3. This is so dumb, and happens to be the most often said thing. Seriously you guys, stop saying this. It's not true. Heroes of the Rebellion is a 'Heroes' box, not a veterans box. Nobody at FFG has said their equivalent, that Rebels is not getting a box that has the title "Rebel Veterans" because they already got HotR. Just cause you think it is, doesn't make it so. Jacob
  4. Maybe that's the announcement saved for Star Wars Celebration... Jacob
  5. jkokura

    Your thoughts

    Is there a reason you can't get both? Because both are good. If you can find someone who prefers Imperials who might be able to sell you their Biggs X-wing stuff from their core, that might be a good idea. Or find a friend who doesn't have the original core and split the box with them. Jacob
  6. Does anyone else think there's a chance that at Star Wars Celbration, about 2 weeks from now, there might be an announcement of some sort? When wave 10 got announced, they only revealed 3 ships, and then out came 2 more ships with the release of Rogue One. Rogue One get's released on DVD shortly here, so there could be another big announcement of some more ships for wave 11, or perhaps an 11.5 with an aces/vets/heroes box of some kind. Anyone else think it's possible/hoping for it? Jacob
  7. For me it's my knees. I kinda wrecked em tree planting during college. Advil helps, and taking glucosemene, but I'm not sure if that helps with back pain. Jacob
  8. It's not just your opinion, I just think that the newer dials better reflect the mechanics of the game currently. Older dials don't necessarily meet the current expected design parameters as well. But I think it's also a false connection to simply compare the number of greens. 4 greens for the UPS and the FS31is not the whole story. How many reds? What kind of maneuvers are possible? I'd rather have the Firespray dial than the UPS dial personally. Jacob
  9. I guess it might be two different ways to look at it. Your premise seems to be that the early game was the right way, and the current game is broken or changed in someway. I think I'm looking at it is that the current form has developed better, more fully, and early choices in design are popping up as issues. 3 straights on the X-Wing should be green. The early ties should have had more green banks. Although I agree with one point, it's hard to understand 'fluff' wise about how transports and frieghters have all this green, and some other ships have none. The thing I'm thinking in regards to this is that 'gameplay' trumps 'fluff' sometimes. Seems like some of those examples above, if those moves were not green, would likely push those ships to the more 'unusable' end of the scale. Having large base ships with the greens they do render them more useable. Just my thoughts. Jacob
  10. Lol. We all get proved wrong if we post on the internet at all. No worries. At least you recognize it and admit it. Well done. Jacob
  11. Or, is it a correction of past design choices which didn't balance early ships well agains stress, or stressful maneuvers. I think the question still stands. Is it actually power creep, which is yet to be defined really clearly in this case, or is it a matter of improved understanding of how to properly design a ship around the dial? I would say that, given your own ignoring of the imperial faction, you're missing that the designers introduced a title that wholesale gives Ties access to green banks. Which ships does this particularly help? Not really the newer ones, but certainly the earliest ones. I would say that rather than power creep, I would say the designers are doing a better job on the current ships, and that the early ships that you're pointing out to have issues aren't properly designed given the current game parameters. That's just my response to the question. Jacob
  12. Is it power creep, or just adding more green? What's the definition of power creep? Not all change in development is power creep. Jacob
  13. Lol. You do realize that the start of this is that someone else said "HOTR was the Rebel Vets release," and I asked for a citation. This whole time, I thought that was the discussion we were having. "Like" an aces box is not the same as an Aces box. Does it look similar? Yes. Is it categorized similarly? Absolutely. Is the title on the boxes on store shelves different? Yes. Is there potential for more releases using similar words? Yes. I agree, I'm done arguing. I don't know why you entered this discussion. I don't think you've been understanding my request at all. I asked for a citation on when the designers said that the HOTR was the Rebel Vets release. An 'Aces type' box it is, but is a Heroes release, not a Vets release. Hopefully this is clearer now? Jacob PS. I never said Most Wanted was an Aces box, I merely asked a rhetorical question. I made the suggestion that, given a different viewpoint, it to could be considered an 'Aces type' release. I don't think it is, but it could be. Really, I think sales people have more to do with the branding and catagorizing than the developers.
  14. I'm not ignoring your statements, I'm saying something different. How many times do I have to say what I have already said and you'll hear me? Aces boxes - there's two of them. One is Rebel, one is Imperial. Heroes box - there's one of them, it's Rebel. Veterans box - there's one of them and it's imperial. There's still the potential for a Rebel Vets, an Imperial Heroes, and a Scum Heroes and Vets box. All of them have unique names. Until the developers say, "There's no Vets box for Rebs, because Heroes filled that spot," I don't think it's unreasonable to think that there's the potential for the release. Similarly, until they say, "there's no Heroes (Villains?) box for the Imperials," there's no reason to think that the potential is not there. Is that clear? Jacob
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