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  1. Could you tell me where you found the resources to match the CRB format and layout? I want to write some house rules myself and I'd like to use the same format.
  2. What are the new career skills and talents?
  3. Actually it has encumbrance (*edit: i meant cumbersome) 3. While you may not be attacking with it, you are holding it in one hand as you shoot your pistol with the other hand. It may not be a two weapon setup, but it does feel like there should be some kind of restriction on the pistol while using a shield.
  4. The colonist handbook has a riot shield as new melee weapon. Let's say I want to hold a blaster pistol in one hand and the riot shield in the other. I would only be attacking with the blaster, the shield merely bolsters my defense rating. Would I still need to apply the two weapon penalty to any attacks made with the blaster?
  5. I say don't bother with medic, that's just more of the same. I assume you started with rank 4 in intellect, rank 3 in something else and rank 2 for the rest. Focus on the skills that use the rank 3 characteristic, and pick a specialization around that.
  6. You could wait for the colonist source book to come out in order to see what the "entrepreneur" specialization has in it, otherwise you won't get much better than a trader for now.
  7. Explorer career, trader specialization. That seems to have what your friend is looking for. He should aim to get 4 for both presence and cunning, so he should pick a species that would allow him to achieve that.
  8. The CRB says you can "aim a shot or line up a hit", yet the GM in our last session said (to the agreement of the other 2 players at the table) that aiming a brawl and melee attack makes no sense since you can't "aim" a punch or kick in real life. They argued that an aim maneuver represented the PC taking a few seconds to steady himself and aim his gun, and that in a brawl you don't have that kind of time to line up your punch or weapon swing. I retorted by saying "lining up a hit" isn't exactly the same as aiming a gun. You aren't cocking your fist back and then holding it there a couple seconds while you line up its trajectory. You're faking out the opponent in order to expose a soft spot, or swinging the axe specifically at the opponents head instead of just a wild slash across their body. They didn't really buy it. What do you guys think?
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