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  1. Swapped out my XXXa list today for this weird, but oddly effective, list I called "Vennie and the Jets" (hopefully someone old like me gets the joke lol) with Vennie as a gunship and three blue recruit A-Wings blocking for him (her?). Flew against another Resistance list of 4 X-wings (Nien and 3 generics) and decimated it. Then we switched lists and he had Poe and Rey's Falcon against my Obi-Wan and 3 ARC-170 list (poor Poe and Rey didn't know what hit them, at the cost of a single ARC). I JUST got the Resistance Transport the day before the new rules update...I guess I will have to take some responsibility for that, thinking I could get in on the "Big Deal" and pals lists. This one's on me guys lol. Sorry. 😛
  2. did a wonderful and efficient trade with CoffeeMinion...many thanks!!!
  3. one I had to ask on hearing it used often was "proc"...that was a new one for me lol. I inferred the meaning, but wasn't sure of the background, which I guess is a programming term, or so I was told. nice list overall
  4. I was hoping to play you after that first game, but you left and then they left and I was left with Nick...that didn't end well lol
  5. I wonder how many dedicated Resistance players there are vs 'flash in the pan" ones since Finn is powerful right now, but is sure to get nerfed in the next adjustment?
  6. the only game my Resistance list lost was to a FO list that was almost it's dark-side opposite, and I only lost the match by 4 points. I think against each other they are a good match; they have decent ships and pilots, some good upgrades, and the tech slot stuff that they share between them.
  7. thanks for the replies. I know a lot "depends" but I was mostly looking for your own personal preference, not conditional builds and whatnot. Any ship can be run any number of ways, so the question is: How do you like to fly your ships?
  8. Wondering where people are at with upgrades? Do you like using a lot of them to trick out your ships? Do you like a few just for some flavor or some added capability? Or is "upgrades...who needs 'em?" more your style? I really like that the game supports all three play styles and any of those can work and be both fun and competitive. Me, I like a few upgrades, but if there's too many with too many triggers to keep track of, I tend to lose track of it all and will miss some triggers, often at bad times; so either one ship with some upgrades or a handful spread across the list but I'm not opposed to running naked ships either, since some have plenty of power on their own without a lot of added bells and whistles.
  9. Plenty to like with those new LEGO sets. The turbolaser set should be around $20, so should the A-Wing, the Y-Wing will probably be around $60 like the last version (give or take a little bit) but looks fun. The set with Rey and BB-8 and the troopers might not be too badly priced, too and worth getting. Some good stuff coming out...and hopefully that translates into some good stuff for X-Wing too
  10. Poe had Heroic, Black One, R2 Astromech and S-foils, the two other X-Wings had BB Astromech and S-foils and the A-Wing was naked. Love those little BB droids
  11. Ran my Poe, 2 Blue 70s and a Blue A-Wing again yesterday, this time at a local tournament. Went 2 - 1, finished second place, only loss was to a Kylo and three generic TIEs list (kinda the dark side mirror of my own list lol) because I couldn't get anything to stick on Kylo. I even got Poe a range 1, 4-dice shot, with focus and target lock, hit with 3 of the 4 dice and he nattied the evades. Every time I fired at Kylo he would roll natties on evade. Lost by 4 points...oh well...I will get him next time. That was the first time I've faced Kylo and that player, but know that i know his tricks, Kylo's luck will run out 😛 Both wins were tablings...a Ric/Sinker/2 Torrent list and a Luke/corran/Gavin list (although to be fair, the E-Wing player flew Gavin off the edge of the board by mistake but I got the other two ships)
  12. Depending on the cost, TIE Fighters might finally get the target lock they've long wished to have Snap Shot could be fun
  13. I put together a Poe, 2 Blue T-70s, and a Blue A-Wing list and flew it this week 3 wins, no losses. It was an interesting kind of list to fly with one "ace" and three initiative 1s. Probably the most fun part was only having to remember one pilot ability and only a couple little "tricks" to the list, but they hit pretty good and usually tried to keep everyone working relatively together to eliminate targets.
  14. Looking at it, if I had to play a 300 point game with at least one ship that''s 90+ points and still have 200 points of a "normal" list, then I would bring the big beastie out to play. As it is, with only 200 points to work with, I'm not putting half of it into something that isn't going to pull its weight and just get burned down off the board since it has all the maneuverability of the Death Star
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