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  1. I can neither confirm nor deny any sound effects resembling the aforementioned "pew pew" or explosions...
  2. hope everyone is having fun with their gunboats...mine is sitting on top of my desktop monitor and i admire it every day and in my mind i create really cool battles with it and relive fun memories of days a long time ago in a galaxy far away...
  3. The only answer to the question is: Gunboat!
  4. Looks like a fun ship to play...any good builds out there that are fun to play?
  5. There was a way to skip along the trench and get some speed burst while avoiding most of the towers and guns. I remember it took some finesse but when you got near the end you popped up, fired right into the target and then kicked it all to engines to get away.
  6. it's a possibility that the terms "gunboat", "assault gunboat", "missile boat", etc. were considered too generic to be registered with trademarks or that some other entity owns that title. It's not an unusual situation, especially as a Transformers fan where many that had simple names in the past now come out with the "Autobot" or "Decepticon" in front of the name in order to make it trademarkable, such as "Autobot Tracks" or "Autobot Gears" X-Wing Minis game also has a tradition of marketing ship expansions by their specific class name, NOT their common nicknames. Most people couldn't tell you what a "Jumpmaster 5000" is, but they have heard of Punishing One; same with the YT-series ships and the other bounty hunter ships. This is a case where they are marketing it by its official name, not the nickname, which is consistent. throwing a fit over the fact they do not call it by its nickname is ridiculous.
  7. Thank you FFG! Thank you Lucasfilm! Thank you Disney! Thank you fellow Gunboat forum supporters! I promised back on March 17 that I would purchase no more X-Wing products until I could purchase a Gunboat...well...it appears that later this year I will be able to happily make that purchase! I am excited beyond words...I think my wife thought I was going insane for a few minutes laughing and giggling so much lol. I have wanted a good-quality model of the gunboat since the X-Wing game first came out in early 1993...yes...I played it back then...on 5 1/4" floppy discs...and I loved every second of it. I was intrigued by the Star Wing in the game and was glad it was a playable ship in the Tie Fighter game that followed (I think that one I got the 3 1/2" disc version lol). Ever since, I have been a fan of the Star Wing gunboats and they should be a natural for the X-Wing miniatures game. It took many years and constant crusading to finally get FFG to make them...and I am excited to end my embargo and open that pack to hold my gunboat model. Truly it will be a day long remembered...
  8. I imagine an Episode 8 wave will be late fall/early winter...are we still hoping for the possibility of a gunboat this year or have we slipped now to 2018?
  9. I've decided...no gunboat = no $$$ spent on this game. I don't play very often anyway, so I really don't care what's out there for competitive play in the expansions I'm not buying. I want my gunboat and nothing less. Take note FFG...no more $$$ from me. (yeah...I know...they won't care lol). What do we want? Gunboat! When do we want it? Wave 12!!!!
  10. Still hopeful that someday they will give us the Gunboat we all love and want. I honestly haven't been excited about anything new for the game in a while...but a Gunboat release...that'll get me back into the game for sure. C'mon FFG...
  11. I'm excited to see TIE Defenders well represented. Don't want to sound like a jerk, but kinda glad there will be a new person as champion this year. It's good to spread it around
  12. It would be awesome to see the Gunboat in Armada, X-Wing, and ideally, both. I wouldn't mind if they added it to Armada first...seems like it could do some good work there.
  13. Best looking ship has to be the TIE Defender...until the Assault Gunboat comes along.
  14. ARC-170 was my favorite of the prequel designs, so I'm glad to see it included in the game. Disappointed still no gunboat, as it would have made a good counterpart to the 170 but for the Imperials. Oh well...maybe wave 10...
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