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  1. Yeah! Like the destruction of a command deck causing a vessel to careen into a space station! Man, who the hell ever thought that one up? Actually, the destruction of the Executor IS a massive letdown. Nothing new about that.
  2. The Tie Punisher looks so big it should be on a large base. But I understand, we don't WANT it on a large base. Anyway, that's probably as big as smale-base ships can get. It seems to me to be right at the limit, pershaps slightly over...
  3. ...You...You DO realize that is the same thing, right? Yes, sorry for the confusion; I guess I should've gone with the same name in both sentences.
  4. This. A million times this. I know it's not an FFG-original design, but seriously, guys, it's just ugly. It looks like it was knocked together too quickly by a lazy video game designer who realized he was supposed to have a new model done by Friday, and it's Friday morning and he hasn't even started one. Seems a bit harsh, I fail to see how the Punisher looks like a more rushed design than the original bomber. Besides, designers of warmachines can seldomly put aesthetics at the top of their priority list. Nebulon B's or Correllian gunships aren't pleasing to the eye either, but it merely underlines the functionality that the designers wanted them to express.
  5. I dunno, I would honestly have expected the engine nozzles on an SSD to look bigger. Exactly how can we be sure we're looking at the sorry remains of yet another crashed Exexutor-class?
  6. Oh no. Oh no no no. Yes.
  7. One thing that hasn't changed for the named Phantoms is the PS bid; if anything, it has become even more crucial, so never leave home without your VI. Next, you might want to put something on your Phantoms that punish people for targeting them (now that you won't be able to dodge as many arcs as before). So, herd up some rebel captives. Were I a Phantom driver (and I'm not), I would probably go down another route, and start looking into fielding cheaper stygium-phantoms. I wouldn't worry about PS bids, in stead I would seek to find the points to field other ships alongside my cheaper Phantoms that my opponent would have a hard time ignoring, in that way drawing fire away from my Phantoms.
  8. Urrgok

    Scum Boba needs....?

    Okay then, how about this list: Fett + VI + proton bomb + inertia dampeners Guri + advanced proton tops Cartel spacer + hvy. Scyk + flechette cannon Again, not expecting to face swarms.
  9. Urrgok

    Scum Boba needs....?

    Lovin' all the replies, thanks. What would you pair him with? I should say that people tend to favour expensive, hi-ps ships (Falcon, Phantoms....yeah) over swarms in our little gaming group. That in itself makes Fett perhaps the less-than-optimal choice, but hey - it,s Fett! Speaking of which, has anyone ever seen a point in the title upgrade?
  10. Urrgok

    Points For FF

    Will they also replace poorly painted ships?
  11. Anything? What do you see as mandatory upgrades for our favourite bountyhunter? What lists do you build around him?
  12. I think this podcast describes the problems with the Phantom pretty well: http://teamcovenant.com/scumandvillainy/2015/03/19/scum-and-villainy-podcast-interview-series-major-juggler/ Last 10-15 minutes. Basically, it sounds as if the gaming community simply needs to accept that the Phantom is just as overpowered as the Advanced is underpowered. The designers bungled it. Too bad. Hopefully we'll get a fix, although I do fear they're less likely to nerf what needs nerfing than upping ships in need.
  13. One wonders how it would reshape the landscape if Phantoms were reduced to attack value 3.
  14. Took down a Whisper+VI - Echo+VI - shuttle+hvy laser cannon list tonight with 3 x Royal Guard Interceptors+PtL and a Vader Shuttle. That is all.
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