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  1. But let's face it, we were starting to run out of Empire/Rebellion only ships from the Empire era. Would you all have rather that FFG just stop making new ships? I felt the same way about the pre-quel ships. THe movies werent the best, and I by far prefer the OT, but there were some cool ships in the later films. C'mon. That's a cool ship!
  2. I just recently picked up a Y-Wing, and was underwhelmed, and I am sure it's because I am not using it right. Give me your thoughts on the Y-Wing, especially it's strengths and synergy with other ships. As always, thanks for your insight to the game. This is a great forum, and I appreciate the time you spend answering my posts. O
  3. 6:30 at Anthem games on Earlich Road and West Village! Hope to see you there! We will be there until around 10:30 or 11.
  4. Dave, I think this is perfect for what I was after. It allows flexibility for when players come and go, allows them a choice about what they want to play, and creates variety. May I use this? The only thing I would add is a result slip so that only the shop owner or myself can keep tally of the points of players. I would allow them to fill in maps themselves. Permission to steal?
  5. Good advice so far. My goal is to attract players to the store. Parravon, I like that idea. I just need to get 8 bodies in the shop. There's already a tourney at another shop once a week, but I really believe that our shop is better. Now, I just need to find a reason to draw people through the door.
  6. My LGS has given me permission to do something more organized with one night a week for X-wing. They have "X-Wing night" and different people show up each week and we have a good time. But I would like to do something more with it. Any ideas how I can do that? How would I go about running a free tournament each week? What about a campaign? I am off to google that after I hit post, but I wanted ideas from the folks who play the most... Also, if you have something like this at your LGS, what's your favorite part? How can I make this awesome?
  7. http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/File:Nera-dantels.png
  8. These ended to be said again. And I added one.For what it's worth, I use Han plus upgrades that fit my style along with Etahn A'Baht and upgrades. Tailor to your style. I like fewer ships. It keeps my idiot self from running into my own ships.
  9. Here's the list I ran last night. It worked great if I could keep myself off the asteroids! Etahn A'baht (32) Fire-Control System (2) R5-D8 (3) Ten Numb (31) Advanced Sensors (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Total: 99 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Any tweaks you can see? I might take this to the next tournament at my LGS.
  10. First of all, how the heck do you pronounce Etahn's name? But my real question is this... Etahn changes a hit to a crit if he has firing solution. And Ten Numb can't have one of his crits can't be cancelled. So, does that mean thwt Etahn's crit can't be cancelled when Ten shoots? I think I am doing this right, and this is awesome!!! Am I right?
  11. That's what I love about the game. Unlike some games (MtG comes to mind) where some builds are just better than others, there's a solid skill factor and a luck factor built into the game. When I started (as if I have been playing that long), I would use a build once, then change it to move onto another build. Which was fun and fine, but I wasn't learning to use my assets. I built a list that had cards that I wanted to master (PtL, Marksmanship) and stuck with that build even if I lost (which I did), so that I could train myself. This is where I am as a player now. I am trying to improve my piloting and stop running my ships into themselves, and trying to maximize my style of play. A bit part of that is figuring out what my style of play is. For me, I want certainty in the dice. That's why I like Etahn so much. And Marksmanship. Push the Limit is a great card, but doesn't fit as well with my style of play. As I learn what I lean towards, I am trying to find new ways to implement this style, and also ways to expand my style "tool box" to include more tricks. Someday, I will use PtL to its full potential. That's probably just too much information that you didn't need at all. But you're thinking right along with where I am now.
  12. We feel for you, brother. We have all been there.
  13. Well done overall. It would be good if you could post the builds on the screen, even if really small.
  14. Start with the Falcon and anything else. It's such an iconic ship, and with the 360 turret, easy and forgiving to fly. Who doesn't love the Falcon? Wait. You guys aren't allowed to answer that...
  15. Leaving out the asteroids is very useful at first. There's enough to worry about without them when you're starting. I sort of "ambassador" at my LGS, loaning out ships and teaching new folks. We usually run the Quick start runs, then we move to a build of some sort, then add the asteroids. With new folks, I try to be predictable in my movements so they can start to understand movement, and if they seem serious about the game, I will explain why I did what I did. Mostly, I let them lead how deep they want to go in regards to giving advice or complexity of build. My key point in this ramble, I guess is... 1.) Quick start 2.) Built Squad 3.) Asteroids I hope any of this was useful.
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