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  1. I have had a ton of fun with XXXXZ with IA and R2s or 5 kihraxz fighters.
  2. Hello fellow GMs as my yearlong game is going to a close I am starting to put together the next camping for my daring group of PCs to go on and I have some cool ideas but need your help! Most of the games I have run in my time have been grand sweeping adventures with epic conflicts and a lot hanging in the balance. But this time around I am taking things on a smaller scale. I will be running a game around a basic home stead and the area and world around it. I was vary inspired by Rebels season 1 on all the adventure you can have in 1 local area. Now I am sure at some point the party will get a ship and take to the stars but I want the home planet to be where the bulk of the story takes place. I also hope to keep the conflict on a smaller scale, fighting local crime bosses, corrupt politicos and rival farmers. We just got out of a year of running away for the hand of the empire so a small scale will be refreshing for me and the PCs. One thing I also hope to use to freshen up the game is a lot of random tables and encounters. It will keep me and the PCs on their toes so no one know what will come next. My goal is to have the narrative come naturally and not a breadcrumb trial the PCs fallow. I plan to use weighted random tables of multiple dice like 2d6. For example ween a new adventure seed needs planting we can roll some dice and something happens at the farm. Roll 2d6 to see what happens at the Farm. 2:Rebels intervention 3: Natural disaster 4: Local Crime lord intervention 5: Farm hand NPC has personal crisis 6: Broken Farm equipment 7: Nothing happens 8: Local wildlife causes trouble 9: Rival farmer causes trouble 10: Off world merchant visits 11: Local politics interfere with life 12: Impearl intervention With the weighted table I have some control on how likely something might happen but not a ton, and I will also be able to be prepped with an outline of what each event might look like and adapted it to where the story is. The issue with a camping model like this is I will need a LOT of tables. So the first thing I ask you fine folks for is the best random tables you have. For everything!!! So I come to setting I have decided to use a world of my own design, or I should say our design. Roxolani is a small world in wild space, discover with Palpatine's push into the unknown sectors the planet has only ben settled for about 15 years. It is a blue green world but is a host to many distinct land and ocean features. A many different commercial and political groups have established collies that are just now turning into major cities. While it is technically an imperial world there is little presence, only a lone Lancer-class frigate, The Javelin Storm serving as a floating capital. Each major port also will have a small imperial outpost. I want to leave a lot of details blank for 2 reasons 1 for me and the PCs to be flexible. And 2 so you guys can help me fill in the blanksThe issue with making a world is that it is a big place and needs lots of stuff to fill it. So I want to open up some of the real state to you the GM community. If you have a cool idea for a town, Lake, Mountain, biasness, district, forest, space station, faction, or whatever please post it! Name a cantina after your beloved PC or a swap after you grumpy grandfather, the only thing I ask is that if you post a person, place or faction you add some random table or 2 to go with it. If you post a place give some random encounters that might happen there. Or a faction give a random table of motives on why the faction is interacting with the PCs. If a person add a table for what kind of biasness he/she is on when they might bump into the PCs. I hope to build a full world for my PCs to explore and yours as well, let’s make a planet that we can all use in our games for a setting or a random stop off. So with that I have an opening offering: Oglax’s Watering Hole. A cantina on the way to the nearest city to my PCs farm/ranch. Oglax is an old Human who ran a cantina in the core for many years and wanted to retire to a clam colony. He enjoys the small town life and is always comparing it to the busy core worlds and how bad it was. It is not nice but it is adequate for the small group of locals. With that said what can happen when the PCs go to the Watering Hole? Roll 2d6 on the way to the Bar. 2: Oglax is mysteriously missing 3: Some local Thugs are holding up Oglax 4: A beautiful woman is at the bar and engages one of the PCs 5: The Local imperial garrison is drinking off duty at the bar 6: A new comer to the world is asking Oglax about the area. 7: Oglax buys the PCs drinks and tells them a story they have heard hundreds of times 8: A local gange is shaking Oglax down for “protection money” 9: Oglax has a visitor form his past core world days 10: A big corporation to buy the bar 11: An unknown info broker is sitting in a dark corner 12: Oglax is dead on the floor with blaster burns on his close Let me know your thoughts and please feel free to help me build Roxolani and I hope to add a new table every day! Please feel free to use any of this in your own games.
  3. I am a long time x wing player and me and my co pilot will be giveing IA a go on Saturday. I have the core box and 1 of each expansion. I was hopeing you guys could post a few lists that will be a good starting point that we can get 2 solid lists out of the stuf we already have. Thanks
  4. In my local meta we start the night off with super meta lists or attempts to counter the meta, and as the night goes on by game 4 it is single IG and Kath, or Pope shuttle and a defender. Play to have fun if someone is testing a list for a event play meta for him. if it is just a game for fun fly the M3A with HLC swarm. it is your Toy and no one can tell you how not to play with it.
  5. Knoxville TN we have 3 stores we play at in Knoxville and the surrounding areas. Long live the Sun Sphere Defense Fleet!
  6. I have had a lot of fun with using a real timer. PCs need to disarm a bomb put a egg timer for 15 mins on the table. gives the PCs a real sense of urgency, cuts down on meta game. but the work for you is to know your encounter front to back. this way you don't waste the PCs time on your actins. it can be a bit chaotic but it, is a ton of fun.
  7. Oogy

    Knoxville TN

    Looking for some people to play with in K-Town. I have 2 cores and there are tons of spots to play around town. PM me or post in the comments if you fancy a game.
  8. At a resent local game I brought a Stormtrooper helm piggy bank and have over 70 stress after 4 rounds of Swiss. with PTL and dare devil.
  9. I Like Wes, with VI and R2D2. Wedge with R5P9 + Opportunist, Garven to pass the focus to wedge, a protons to make him an early game target.
  10. Growing Like Crazy In East Tennessee!
  11. Glad I can Help! have Fun and let us know how it goes!
  12. for the question at hand no show no XP! but this in my mind builds a cool factor in the game. I think this game is fine with a "imbalance of XP" I like having 200 XP PCs with 50 XP PCs. everyone still has a part to play. the game handles it just fine. whether you are negotiating with a hutt cartel or fighting the empire some heroes are more powerful then others. it is not to say that they have more to do but as a good GM all players should roll about the same number of checks each game regardless of the dice pool or XP total. but do what is best for your group at the end of the day but don't let the fear of being "lopsided" put you off, it dos not exists in this game. a low XP PC can still deal 12 damage with a well placed blaster rifle shot regardless of XP!
  13. Also be sure to note and review when to use Skullduggery vs. deception. I tend to try and use the whole list of skills. If you want to have fake uniforms and papers that to me looks like a Skullduggery check with some knowledge warfare thrown in there and if it works out then you get a boost die (or set back if not) on the eventual deception check to TALK to the NPCs. new GMs tend not to use the whole skill list, it is an easy mistake to make. yes with fake papers you are trying to deceive but the PCs are using practical skills like skullduggery, when the social check comes use deception. in the game there are a lot of skills that can fit in multiple places, I tend to put them in 3 categories 1) tings you do with your hands Skullduggery in our example 2) things you do with your mind. knowledge checks. 3) things you do with your face. deception in our example. By taking full advantage of the skill tree and giving each skill a go you fix a few things, First you let the PCs not just use the rolls that have a ton of XP dumped into them. 2 you give more then 1 PC a chance to shin in a single act. having one PC forge the papers and and another slip them by the IMPs you let the whole of your party contribute to the success of the adventure. so to tie it all up, I can see you using Skullduggery, deception, discipline, vigilance, knowledge warfare, knowledge core worlds , stealth, leadership, charm, and cool all coming into play during a disguised caper. so if the PCs want to use the same trick over and over LET THEM! but use 2 or 3 of the above checks to have them do it. change it up keep them on there toes. and HAVE FUN! Hope this helps.
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