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  1. Three dials per ship, perhaps four for Jedi, the pre-maneuver action dial would be a different color 🤪 games may get longer...
  2. Neat idea but, What would that dial look like? Or do you have hidden dials and hidden action tokens.... oooh the aces would be harder to fly and generics would always focus. It could work
  3. And turrets were not fixed with adjusting points but adjusting rules. The pilot skill thing will only be mitigated once they improve the rules for turn order. The points method is too complicated to implement
  4. They likely don’t have time to give alternative points to every combo. Would upgrades then scale based on the other upgrades chosen if their was a particularly powerful synergy? I think it would get very complicated very fast. many years ago when I first played warhammer fantasy the general paid more for his horse and we were happier for it.
  5. Yeah, I’m not sure the bullseye is significant and likely your idea of tailoring points to every situation is more precise but I think the model they use now of scaling upgrades with ps and paying more for PS is a good enough approximation. Certainly better that the points model from 1.0
  6. Is it the case that an ace with said upgrade is only a bit better than an ace without? Or is it a lot better? Is a generic with the upgrade the same amount better as the ace? Or is the advantage the generic gains less than the advantage the ace gains? I think that both ps needs to have a premium and upgrades need to scale, or upgraded aces will provide better bang for your buck than other options.
  7. In the Rock, Paper, Scissors article aren’t bombers jousters? Does dropping a bomb create a fourth pillar? I liked the partition article, it suggests that even an element that has already been seen in a game can be new with the right partition. maybe hyperspace will never become redundant it will always serve to make the old seem new.
  8. I don’t think you need 3 ships, but if you are going to take 3 ships then you need to be able to modify your 9 reds to be almost as reliable as 12 reds with focus, and you also need shots every turn so you need high PS, alternatively you could be agile enough for your opponent to only have two attacks a turn, again high PS. Personally, I feel PS is the single most important factor for a ship, everything else can be made to work. I also think the first player token should alternate between round, I am one of them.
  9. Right but then it is more of an auto blaster or pursuit laser than a talented pilot with a snappy trigger finger... never mind... that said it seems like a useful card for everyone, a second shot each turn is a big deal.
  10. I get that, but if you don’t have a forward arc what are you snap shooting with....
  11. So if your ship doesn’t have a forward arc can you equip snap shot? Is it like a cannon and a talent in a talent slot? The card doesn't say you need a forward arc, which seems strange.... and why the ordnance symbol
  12. Their definition for hyperspace in the app is 2ed core set and expansions and extended is that plus conversion sets.
  13. Um... my XWing app has 4 options; extended, hyperspace, variants, and custom. Am I using an old app?
  14. Personally, I use a shallow bowl but if you make a holder that sorts itself after I dump in tokens I would get it. Just kidding, all it would have to do is automatically group locks with ship numbers, finding pairs takes me ages.
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