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  1. I feel that distinguishing between the power and accuracy of a shot would only add an extra step and slow the game down. If you just look at the game from one level higher you would talk about weapon effects (accuracy + power) and, to me, that’s what the dice represent. 3 dice are more effective than 2, perhaps it’s a bigger gun perhaps it’s got better targeting, perhaps both. For a simple quick game like this, one roll and a counter roll is sufficient.
  2. Okay, How much money will you need to raise to make an online version possible? Or is your plan to charge a monthly fee for use? Either way, if you let us know your plan then I am sure the community would help.
  3. @Sandrem, Full disclosure, I have enjoyed your game quite a bit for quite a while and as of yet have not supported you on Patron, I owe you. That said, with all this social distancing going on it is a perfect time to launch your online version. I would think that if you posted a cash goal you might get it. I am a novice at game creation, aka never done it, but I suppose the money is for both developer compensation, and a monthly fee to host the game on a server somewhere. Is that right? What do you think you would need?
  4. So I have not had a chance to play this against a human (Italian quarantine and all) but I have gotten smashed by fly casual every time. 5 X-Wings are a lot of 3 dice attacks... As was said before, it is too easy to get two 3 red dice attacks for the same price and Dash's 2 green just mean you pay more for his 10 hit points then you should. I think large ships should take a play out of the huge ships book and get a way to pay for a second attack (yes Bistan, but less restrictive).
  5. I feel like the potential for a 5 dice double mod turret is too much for dash to be bad. I think he just hasn’t been unlocked yet.
  6. But Bistan does not help you concentrate your fire. I have never used the card is it really useful?
  7. Great thread, made me want to revisit my old buddy dash. This will be my next squad. Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - •Airen Cracken - 36 •Airen Cracken - Intelligence Chief (36) YT-2400 Light Freighter - •Dash Rendar - 109 •Dash Rendar - Hotshot Mercenary (91) Trick Shot (4) •Outrider (14) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - Tala Squadron Pilot - 25 Tala Squadron Pilot - (24) Crack Shot (1) Z-95-AF4 Headhunter - •Lieutenant Blount - 30 •Lieutenant Blount - Team Player (30) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Dash is the squad and the Zs hang out around him as support. Take the three biggest obstacles
  8. First of all, I am also an “only original three faction” player as well!! Second, I proxy the third ship in a wing by using the classic chassis of the faction, TIE ln, XWing, or Z. If you do this you can fly what you want and figure out what you want to buy. To me, the proxies fit in well, and die soon enough.
  9. Range 4 on a defender, in your dreams. Oh the defender would be 5 green dice plus evade plus focus. How many shots you got?
  10. But how often do you have charges left or bombs that did nothing. For me spamming is used to exaggerates imbalances, but bombs seem balanced so should be used purposefully
  11. At the risk of contributing to the original post, seismic charges are three points for two charges so, to me, even if one charge does one damage to one enemy ship you are coming out ahead. Even the cheapest ships are 5 to 7 points per hit point ( most bombs are less per charge than the target per hit point, cluster bombs 8 points WTF i bet this comes down ) As for the argument about guns being better, dropping a device is in addition to shooting. As for not having an opportunity, I don’t know. Anecdotaly I always have an opportunity, maybe not three opportunities. The trick is remembering to do it. personally, I like bombs/mines, but I think they loose value when spammed (not always enough opportunities). Perhaps I am not considering the cost of the bomber correctly.....
  12. Just my opinion, but I would bet on three defenders with HLC, one being Rexlar, over any huge ship of equal price.
  13. As you mention, 6 is way to expensive. I always fly just three (2 delta and ace), three defenders is still 12 shields protected by 3 greens and probably an evade. Ion works some times, but if the wing can it just slows down and the wing mates “snap back in”. I think the sensible option is to avoid them but huge ships can’t do that so, in epic, I find defenders are always a good choice.
  14. Hmm, I feel like ramming any wing is about the same difficulty, predictable k turn or not. Are we suggesting that the best use of a huge ship is a ramming hit point fortress. Certainly when they are going fast they do serious damage, but the edge of the board can show up quick and if your opponent knows the trick they are easy to dodge.
  15. I choose not to identify with official formats, I am my own person. That said I play on a very irregular 4 by 5 foot star field mat and I find it has plenty of room for a 500 point game death match.
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