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  1. That is one of my favorite things ever! Thank you!!! I totally plan on these being in my game! Really, this is fantastic!
  2. I got my book and after a skim have decided that it is awesome!
  3. Thank you for the perspective. I certainly enjoy games that allow for a variety of themes and tones. One of my favorite RPGs is MCG’s Invisible Sun, which allows for several seemingly disparate aspects to exist cohesively. Add in sci-fan and I am elated! Also, how does Keyforge differ from CCGs, being as I my CCG knowledge is “They exist”?
  4. I’m picturing an Archon signing autographs as the paparazzi snaps pictures.
  5. What are some of the Archons like? Can you hang out with them? Do they have families? Do they go to bars? Are they celebrities in the normal sense?
  6. No! Don’t tempt me, you CCG-peddling demon! Be gone with your temptations! 😆 It does look like a cool game and even before it had an RPG book I really enjoyed the art.
  7. I very much appreciate you taking so much time to explain all this. And your name is awesome.
  8. A culinary scientist recently attempted to craft “mood muffins” (fluffy treats allowing emotions to be tasted) using newly discovered microscopic fungi that respond to and affect psychic wavelengths. While splicing the fungal colonies with various yeasts they gained sentience, formed blob-like organisms and escaped. The psychic “muffin men” were born! Are they good or evil? Did the scientist become their psychic slave or their caring parental figure? What are their goals? Oh, give them stats, too. 😄
  9. Yes, I believe you read the same one. Based on what I know you make a good counter to the complaints therein. There are plenty of games where one plays demigods and as I learn more about the Archons the less playing one in an RPG appeals to me. Correct me if I’m wrong but they seem difficult to relate to on a personal level, being almost like forces of nature than people, at least narratively. Or, they’re just uber-powerful dudes who gather more and more power to fight over Vaults. I dunno. It’s telling that even knowing little about them I find it difficult to think of stories concerning the Archons, whereas my sparse knowledge of SotC as a whole allows me to dream up a few scenarios about “normal” characters.
  10. I have not. CCGs aren’t my thing. I do, however, like the vibe of Keyforge so this book interests me.
  11. You need to put that as a review. If I hadn’t purchased it already that would’ve certainly sold me on it! As far as the biomes go, are they sudden shifts, subtle or both? Is the Crucible largely set, allowing for travel to be viable? Or is it, “Where did our house go now?”
  12. Thanks! I really like that! I’m getting a potential “anime vibe” from the setting insofar as the ways anime mixes so many themes and tones (many of which are discordant) into something unique. I’m picturing the admin in your example going from uptight bureaucrat to squealing fanboy as an announcer bellows the accolades of the competing Archons from a flying teleprompter.
  13. Basically, can they be used on-the-fly or are they prep-heavy? They seem very intriguing.
  14. The option of such drastic tonal shifts is a reason it appeals to me so much. Thanks!
  15. Based purely on the art and very few snippets I’ve read, SotC seems to be a potentially light-hearted romp through a really whacky world. Is this impression incorrect? I realize it has dark elements and is serious, but given the glut of “grimdark” entertainment I’m interested in something with whimsy.
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