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  1. draco193

    Best Armada Moment from this year

    The best I've got is finally finishing painting my squads. I think I've played just a couple games all year. 😞
  2. This was an interesting point brought up in a legion podcast recently. One of the members is a store owner and brought up a conversation he had at GAMmA with someone from ffg. That they this last year had been struggling to find a production site that could keep up the quality for Xwing specifically. I think FFG has jumped into the deep end in production and has found themselves struggling to keep afloat on that front.
  3. draco193

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    More movies are always welcome if done well. And I think it helps Armada to have those cool moments on screen with capital ships. But people use the MC30 and Gladiator and those aren't movie ships.
  4. Makes sense. Competent play beats Raid pretty easily. My thought was more in the reveal vs resolve dial portion though.
  5. Even the command dials you assign to a Super Star Destroyer become more powerful. When you resolve one of these command tokens, you’ll also assign the corresponding command token to your ship! By getting more impact out of every command dial you assign to the Super Star Destroyer, you’ll be prepared to take on the entire enemy fleet on your own. The article says you get the token when you resolve the dial (although it says token twice). Would Raid work then?
  6. draco193

    Star Wars series

    Have to second both of these. Quite good.
  7. I honestly don't see another wave before the SSD. They've got an expanded product line now and announced new factions for two games that we should be likely seeing sometime middle next year. Along with the SSD the continuation of rune wars, xwing needing first order and resistance models, and no current announcement about the end of Imperial Assault I think points to a lot of models being made already. I am really hoping we get a new campaign this fall though. It wouldn't require any of their mini production capability but would certainly be able to change the meta prior to the SSD.
  8. draco193

    Is Palpatine Essential to own?

    I think this might be the real effect and why he probably goes well with more ships. Folks might brace that 3 damage at the end of a round to save the last shield or prevent a crit. But if you have to discard that brace and Demo is moving closer you probably just take it and hope for the best.
  9. draco193

    2v2 gameplay — Anyone tried yet?

    We did 800 pts combined per side with picking one command card for each team. We also did the standard scenario selection. I would suggest removing long March. It took us 4 hours without getting to finish.
  10. draco193

    SSD Poll Threat. Happy or not.

    I'll see what they tease tomorrow with it but I'm pretty meh on it. It's a cool model but making it playable at 400 without being over or under powered is such a fine line.
  11. I think these are the first. Agreed for casual play. I'm just there to play and hopefully do some epic things.
  12. This is true. Some lists are built more to just murder your opponents lists to win, especially in the Merc faction. I've had only one tie game, but it might be nice to count the figure points killed for organized play.
  13. draco193

    What’s your favorite ship model so far?

    The MC30 and Raider are my favorites. They just look cool.
  14. draco193

    Squadrons soft nerf

    I'd like to see if AA fire with crits counting to damage would help balance things. Probably helps low squad builds a bit too much but it would help mid range squad balls win more against large squads. And maybe encourage more mixed fleets.
  15. draco193

    When is FFG's day at GenCon?

    I think Team Covenant has done live streams the last couple years.