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  1. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    I think I might be one of the few folks that's just really not interested in an SSD. I just think it's not going to look right in scale and if there's epic play I'm worried what size table would be needed for it.
  2. It would be very different. And they definitely need an objectives update. I think whomever is in charge of balancing them really messed up with the new ones. It's interesting to imagine a variant of Armada where you only score for scoring objectives. It probably would be far more open. Some objectives wouldn't make as much sense but could get balanced out.
  3. As we surpass "Legion Week"...

    I'm going to guess we hear more next week. Legion has kick off events and a bunch of other stuff going on with it. If not next week I think they'll wait until May 4th.
  4. I've got to agree that the objectives for Armada have become pretty bland. A bunch of them need re working because the best ones overall are just focused on killing enemy ships. The ones that might favor msu all score too little. I will say I think Legion will have some similar issues in the future. The best way to score objective points for yourself and deny your opponent is to kill their stuff. So even if you should be trying to hold area A, it's more efficient to kill your enemy and deny them the chance to take area A typically.
  5. That's why it's tough to use. Its so easily counterable. You either have to get lucky at the right moment to hit the support and the ship you want the token on to stop or it's just worthless. That flotilla also can't already have a token that is needed to just clear it and then resolve the command anyways.
  6. Or when your shuttle has been targeted and you lose your relay capability. Until we get more Raid producing elements it's a tough keyword to use I think. The designers seemed to really want to temper it's power. Since comms nets are so prevalent it's tough to keep the pressure on really. Maybe next wave we'll get more token dealers so it's easier to shut down all the support.
  7. Does ffg think about connecting their games?

    Yep. Or perhaps give a weakened state for the next Armada battle. Some amount of the fighter cap is removed for the defender in the area unless they have some other ability. It would be fun to try and put down some rules.
  8. Prepared for battle I liked with Palp to get the block token but I agree it's probably at least a little wasted here. Officers training I was looking at more in the same light as Mitigation, but if Palp or the officer were using it is just get the bonus. Thanks for the input. I'll probably end up with the eSentries since I think my best chance to practice will be seeing if I have time for some vassal games.
  9. Good catch. I had completely forgotten that stipulation.
  10. It has been awhile since I've gotten to play but my FLGS is running a tourney at the end of the month that I figured I'd jump back in to. I've got an idea for a list with Palp, 2xeJet, rRiots and an officer with zillo. I thought maybe by browsing scavenged weaponry on an ATDP would give some synergy that I could shift it after the walker goes down to the jets. It's also another vehicle so fuel upgrade and other vehicle cards go together. I'm also a little wary of the ATDP though because I haven't gotten a chance to run it much yet. Sentries I feel like would be a little easier to pick up and play and have some advantages of not being massive. Sharing the trooper trait I would probably run reinforcements instead, and it gives me another call the vanguard option. Any thoughts as to which pairs a bit better in the list? Current command cards [1] Shared Experience [3] Grenadier [2] Call the Vanguard [2] Overrun [2] Prepared for Battle [2] Squad Swarm [1] Negation [1] Tough Luck [0] Urgency [0] Take Initiative [0] Rally [0] Planning [0] Element of Surprise [0] Officer's Training [1] Fuel Upgrade
  11. It's all about legion. They are getting super hard on it. The presenter last night did mention within the next month there would be more news for other games.
  12. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    If the Aggressor had swarm instead of counter it would see play. The problem is for 16 points it has no synergy with other imperial fighters. It's why generic defenders don't see more play as well I think.
  13. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    A whole lot of meh
  14. GAMA Trade Show starts today!

    I took that as they aren't announcing any new games, but this could be a let down lol
  15. Oof. I'll probably get the core but my wallet can't handle that.