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  1. draco193

    Changes you'd love to see in Armada 2.0

    I like the idea of allowing move and shoot in squad phase but at a greatly reduced speed. Or forefeit shooting to make a full speed move. Let rogues keep full speed and attack to help their value return a bit.
  2. Yep. I'm actually pretty excited. With the Armada lull our group started doing L5R again for shorter duration games.
  3. draco193

    Anyone know a source for transfers?

    Do you mind sharing what you do?
  4. Which comic is this from?
  5. draco193

    Least used ship in Armada?

    The Gozanti Assault version. I dont think I've seen it besides in one Goz swarm fleet.
  6. draco193

    Tournament Regulations are up

    Yep. At the worst ask your opponent to borrow some extras if they get into the 7+ hit territory.
  7. Holding out for the 24th For an announcement. Tie in to Solo.
  8. draco193


    I think a round mechanic would make him much more viable. Or even just put two tokens on him and say remove one at the start of the round to regen the token. Its a neat mechanic that helps benefit some more aggressive play. Just that I'm typically not down any defense tokens at start of round 3.
  9. I think it's still pretty far from dead. IA had a terribly bad year last year for announced/released products but it's now back into the queue. I think we're just in the lull of FFG having two huge products they obviously were doing for most of last year (Legion/XWing 2.0)
  10. draco193

    T-47 issues?

    As an Imperial player I hate the thing. It can routinely get into back lines and can really wreak havoc on troopers with suppression. I think a lot of folks though overestimate its survivability though. It's a piece that should activate later to avoid taking a lot of fire and shouldn't charge down the middle. In the battle reports that I've watched, I'll often see someone fly it straight into the maw of an atst and a couple of speeder bikes. It's not going to do much besides get blown up there.
  11. draco193

    Son, I am disappoint.

    This a million times over.
  12. draco193

    IF flotillas were costed equally...

    I have always found it to be a great title. Basically secures it from a lot of squadron fire and means someone is using a valuable big volley to kill it instead of something else, or it peskily survives.
  13. draco193

    NEW ARTICLE!!!!!!1!!!

    This year has been pretty astoundingly bad for OP kits. Our FLGS has had late shipments for just about every game. Still haven't gotten out Legion kits yet.
  14. draco193

    Melee Blocking

    My opponent actually did it to himself the other day. Luke meleed into my troopers, but failed to kill them and couldn't withdraw to get to an objective.