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  1. Yep. Make it a bit more of a trade off to lose the sniper in the first place. Downside is of course it adds something else to track.
  2. Let me clarify. Sniper is leader and is placed so he can see. Spotter mini is placed nearby behind a building. Sniper mini gets killed because he's visible and gets shot. Spotter now gets promoted to leader and gets sniper mini. The spotter never gets killed in my experience because he is always out of line of sight to make sure the unit is never wiped out in a single volley.
  3. I do think with the releases we have slated we might end up seeing a change in list building. We're getting some very fast units that should help make getting into back lines easier and the emplacement weapons might give some indirect fire options. One rule change I would like to see though is to snipers just passing the gun off of killed. There should be a penalty for the spotter picking it up. Maybe it cuts the dice pool in half to account for the skill difference in sniper and spotter.
  4. I hate April fools day.
  5. They also did not mention it in the IA article. But it was explicitly mentioned in the L5R article for the Worlds last year. Could hint they're going to move away from that as a prize.
  6. Fleet Ambush needs addressing, but just regular deployment likely does as well. But the others why would there need to be anything different than the current rule set?
  7. I might try adding some Wide Area Barrage as well if I can find someone to play with. Might be the only time I could get it to work.
  8. Interesting. I'm hoping we get some different objectives in the future as well that are a bit More specific to big fleets.
  9. I'll actually be interested due to its price point how often it sees a table. Also interesting will be how well it can actually maneuver because of you can get towards the rear it's pretty vulnerable.
  10. I think the answer then is more ship variants. I think the Kuat and Cymoon were largely successful in showing that folks would use variants that were vastly different along with the originals.
  11. A 2.0 to fix some point costings and address some issues I think would be excellent. Also big on revamping the objectives since currently most of them never see play and the game ends up just being a deathmatch. Which I think just exacerbates the first/last mechanic. I would be potentially intrigued in a change That switched initiative each turn, and for objective bonuses you are just red and blue player.
  12. The Runewars system is I think the best system for one of FFGs games so far. It was complex but added a lot of interesting in game tactical choices. It might be too radically different for an Armada 2.0 but it's a good system.
  13. I really enjoy Legion and I especially like that FFG has chosen to support more narrative style OP events as well as typical matches. A little narrative goe s a long way with me for playing a game. Still really hoping for another Armada campaign for that reason.
  14. Cracken I think needs a tweak since he's essentially unseen at competitive play. His preferred fleet (MSU) is a bit weak right now. If he was say 20 points it might help bring the style back. Or keep him current cost but extend his ability to just being obstructed, so it he is helpful against fighter lists.
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