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  1. Personally, I prime with GW Corax white (which actually comes out a light bluish/grey, then paint white over that, which gives a similar result to what GreatMazinKaiser posted. Otherwise, Vallejo makes a grey wash that works really well, too. https://www.amazon.com/Vallejo-Pale-Gray-Wash-17ml/dp/B001TLRUXO
  2. You cannot cause a climb or clamber with Force Push so that cannot be done. However, if he was on a Height 2 terrain piece, he would technically require two actions to get down and if he is panic'd he would only have one. I'm curious how that would be ruled.
  3. My personal favourite is 4 Royal Guard with PTL. Suffers from the Tie fragility of relying on the green dice (and our love/hate relationship with them). Alternately, 4 Saber with Juke and AT should have a solid punch as well.
  4. I like Kath with Tail Gunner, Expertise, Andrasta, Bomblet Generator. I pair it with Nym using VI, EM, TLT, Cluster x2, Title, Long Range Sensor, Minefield Mapper. I typically use R5-P9 on Nym and either 3 pts for bit or Counter Measure/SLAM/Whatever. Have Nym place Clusters at the start to close of the asteroids and create a 'no fly' zone (Nym's Island). I will normally run Kath up a side and K-Turn in the first or second round (depending on the other force). Then slow up and wait for them to chase Kath. With Expertise, it's either TL or Evades for actions and try to stay at 2-3. Nym can just float in the center and snipe with the TLT and use his clusters for cover and people generally don't want to shoot at him due to R5.
  5. You could do 5 Scimitar Bombers with unguided rockets and LWF or 4 Gamma with Unguided, LWF and 2 Pts for an EPT or Seismic (i.e. trickshot and Seismic) if you want to have a higher PS.
  6. I have run something similar but I would run Clusters on Zuvio with Pattern Anazlyer (so you can drop it, back up and tractor someone over your cluster) and a second Quad with your build out. I typically put Fenn with Expertise, Title, and an APT to make people want to shoot him first. (EDIT) I usually split Fenn off to make a targeting choice a little tough on the opponent and try to get them near to the other side in similar time. Play it wrong and your Quad get shot apart.
  7. This came up as a point of debate in a game recently. The card reads "Exhaust this card after resolving an attack using "Havok Shot". Each figure that suffered one or more damage chooses to suffer one damage or become Stunned. If that figure is already Stunned, it must choose to suffer one damage." Now my take on this is that there are two triggers. 1. Did you resolve an attack using Havok Shot? 2. Did the figure suffer DMG? I believe this applies to the initial target of the attack as well as all figures hit by the blast. Another player was saying that this does not apply to the initial figure and only those hit by the Havok Shot.
  8. From Tech Superiority, it's largely based on how you play. Personally, I found that Tech Support at 1XP combined with Probe Droids (and if you can afford it, the Elite Probe Droid becomes very punishing) was great. The ability to focus or heal troops was very obnoxious... Failsafe can be good when you have 'Heavy' hitters like the Royal Guard Champion, that you can keep in the fight just a little longer and hopefully mess up Rebel plans. Arc Blasters is a truly golden card. (Without the card here, I'm going on memory) I believe it is not an attachment so it affects all ranged attacks giving you a chance to stun things just by shooting at them and an extra Srg ability that makes it easier to apply dmg. Both 4 Pointers are good but Adaptive Weapons shines for the ability to swap out a die (such as running troopers closer and hitting with a Red/Green) or replacing a Probe Yellow with a Blue or Green for those ranged shots.
  9. I have a specific question here that we ran into. I think the answer is no but better to clarify... We had an instance where a Victory shot a CR90 and got an accuracy results to cancel a Brace. In this instance, the CR90 wanted to use an evade to reroll an accuracy die, potentially cancelling the Accuracy that stopped him from using the Brace. Looking at the timing at the start, it would appear the answer is no, since the attacker modifies Defense tokens first but...
  10. This. I flew this using Corran. Double tap then go full defensive. It was awesome.
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