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  1. Issumar2380

    I Have you now

    ok thank you for your help very much appreciated.
  2. Issumar2380

    I Have you now

    With Darth Vader's ability in his stats "I have you now" that allows Vader to spend an Advantage to add +20 to critical hit or injury roll, is that able to be used multiple times if you have enough advantage to spend?
  3. Hi I have the beginner box and I downloaded the beta of the game and like it alot. But I was wondering if there's more antagonist in the core book than presented in the beta and if the witches that was depicted in the NPC article are in the core book? Thanks
  4. I saw that Amazon has it in stock.
  5. Hi I have a question about the range band upgrades. When the Force power states " increase the maximum range at which the Force user can affect targets throughout this power by a number of range bands equal to the number of range upgrades purchased. The user may activate this multiple times increasing the range by this number each time." If you spend the Force points can you increase the range to planetary scale bands?
  6. Issumar2380

    Nexus of Power ETA

    Is there more in-depth information on Weik?
  7. Issumar2380

    Nexus of Power ETA

    Any new antagonists?
  8. Hi I just recently GM a unique Star Wars Force and Destiny game where the setting is Earth. I took an idea from the End of the world line where the pc's play themselves. Well any way one of the pc's is a police/former military marine. Well he goes on to say that a lightsaber would not be able to deflect modern ballistics we went back and forth but he says he would stand by my decision.But I wanna make sure I make the right call. He states that the bullets travels to fast to be disintegrated. Well I try to find online some information but notta. So what do you guys think? Would a lightsaber be able to deflect modern ballistics??
  9. Well first I wanna say I love this Star Wars rpg. Anyway I notice in the FaD core book the Move power has changed slightly. It doesn't state that you make a discipline check when hurling an object you instead make a ranged check. I need some clarification lol.
  10. Issumar2380

    Anyone have the Core book yet?

    Is there any new adversaries that was not listed in the beta?
  11. How does the adventure looks??? And the main man Malfax??? Inquiring minds wanna know lol.
  12. Issumar2380

    Stupid boat! BE FASTER!

    I found this picture on the internet. I see the main antagonist Malfax. Can't wait for the game.
  13. See they have it in stock!!!!
  14. I found on Amazon that Funagain games has it in stock. What the check??
  15. Issumar2380

    Can a force user use move to catch a thrown grenade?

    Okay thanks again for your replies.