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  1. Has someone considered making it a dual-card? You perform the first attack with side A and then flip the card and perform the attack on side B and then flip it back again. To give the two shots different properties.
  2. Narcoleptic

    4 agi ships

    My biggest wish is that FFG releases the new version of A-wing from The Last Jedi with 4 AGI. I usually run SD on my A-wings and I would love to have Autothrusters on my four dice, but that probably won't happen since Interceptors basically has that already with SD+AT.
  3. If you look at the engines in the hangar shot and the cockpit in the greenroom you'll notice that the engines extend further behind the main hull on the new model, and the cockpit has been moved further back as well. As seen in previous posts, the wedge is narrower. Overall it's the same design, the differences are minor, and in another picture from the greenroom you can also see the missile slots as well, so we know those are still there. The differences game-wise that I can see is as previously mentioned the potential additional shield, the tech slot and the extra maneuver options. As for Refits and Test-Pilots I believe that they will be available but taken into account point-wise and pilot ability-wise.
  4. One flavor would be with Rage + Inspiring Recruit + Finn for a really angry wookie. Green only though, but with that arc it shouldn't be too horrible.
  5. Fellow programmer here. I'm a bit curious about the code, but I'm not too familiar with github so where can I find the code? I'll participate in the testing as well, might be even more efficient if I can help you identify the bugs as well.
  6. Tycho Celchu - PtL - DD - PR - EI Jake Farrell - PtL - VI - PR - SD Green Sqdr. Pilot - PtL - Ion Pulse Missile - SD Bit old, haven't flown it in a while, so it could be updated. Top 4 regionals 2015 is my record with it.
  7. Not really - After playing Psycho Tycho for a year in 2015 (before rage was announced), I haven't played him but a handful of fun games since. What I did find when I was playing with Rage/EI/Expose - I really missed the maneuverability of DD. And with that in mind, I'd find it difficult to play Tycho without EI/DD - but by using rage, you could drop PTL. You lose the DD -> Boost ability, but you increase your offensive capability via F+rerolls. It may/may not be a better build (being able to go 5 straight, hard turn, and boost directly into the side of your opponent is HUGE), but it's at least 2 points cheaper. I've played both Psycho Tycho and Angry Tycho in Regionals and placed top 4 in both. If I had to choose which one I prefer it'd have to be Psycho. The maneuverability just beats everything, but Angry is in no way weak. Running PtL-Rage-EI might seem like taking it a bit too far, but that combo makes your choices a bit easier. More weight is placed on selecting your maneuver, but in the action phase you're basically choosing between double focus or boost. First action is always evade, then boost/focus, then rage for focus and rerolls. He gets stronger on both offense and defense, but more predictable and will thereby need the extra tokens. Though Rage makes your life incredibly easy when it comes to delivering Prockets as you will always have focus and rerolls, allowing you to shoot Prockets at any target(within arc and range naturally), any round, no TLs giving your intentions away. Basically take your pick, continuous offense or surgical precision.
  8. So how is this going to work with Jake? Toss him three focus and have him both BR and boost pre-movement or will he only trigger once from the tokens? Almost pre Phantom-nerf level crazy there if he triggers once per token.
  9. It's not all A-wings that get hit. Only the PTL A-wings. Just use a different EPT on them. I have read the thread so there's no need for repetition. Just using a different ept creates a different list, which I don't really want since I enjoy my list the way it is. Personally I believe the answer lies in the piloting of that particular list rather than just switching out whatever might create a weak spot in certain encounters resulting in a lower par list overall. The point is I'm fine with the upgrade, I'm just afraid that A-wings are going to be even more rare in the future if BMST becomes a prevalent part of future scum lists.
  10. I'm a bit sad to see A-wings get caught in a strike against Imp Aces, since my favorite list consists of three of them. However they do fall in the same category, just far less used. Problematic as it may be with just two hull they do have better tools of dealing with BMSTs than the Imps. A-wings can pump out burst damage unlike any imperials, though with the general aversion towards secondary weapons that's not gonna be a general solution. It'll be challenging, but not impossible. I've seen worse.
  11. Rebel Aces. Bought two packs right away. Love my A-wings and they needed that bump to get back on the field again.
  12. I love me some angry Tycho. It's my favorite build on my favorite pilot. Scored top 4 in a regionals with Tycho - PtL, Rage, PR, and EI. Sure you don't get any AT or SD, but that's fine if you can fly him well. Basically you'll always have 3 rerolls, a focus and an evade, the only question you have to ask yourself is: "Do I want to Boost or take another Focus token?" You get the defensive benefits of token stacking and the offensive benefits of rerolls and mostly a spare focus. I only lost him once the entire tournament, he got oneshotted because he couldn't spend his focus or take an evade due to Jax.
  13. Jonatan Wålinder Jake Farrell - Push the Limit - Proton Rocket - A-wing Test Pilot - Veteran Instincts - Autothrusters Miranda Doni - Twin Laser Turret - Connor Net - Proximity Mine - Sabine Wren - Thermal Detonator - Advanced SLAM Prototype Pilot - Chardaan Refit Bugge Lütshøft Captain Oicunn - Predator - Emperor Palpatine - Rebel Captive - Ion Projector "Echo" - Veteran Instincts - Sensor Jammer - Agent Kallus - Advanced Cloaking Device Ola Juhlin The Inquisitor - Push the Limit - Autothrusters - TIE/v1 Countess Ryad - Push the Limit - Twin Ion Engine Mk. II - TIE/x7 Omicron Group Pilot - Sensor Jammer - Emperor Palpatine Christian Hyldager Manaroo - Push the Limit - Recon Specialist - Unhinged Astromech - Feedback Array - Engine Upgrade Dengar - Lone Wolf - Plasma Torpedoes - Zuckuss - R5-P8 - Glitterstim - Countermeasures - Punishing One Jonas Remne Contracted Scout - Deadeye - Proton Torpedoes - Extra Munitions - Boba Fett - Guidance Chips Contracted Scout - Deadeye - Plasma Torpedoes - Extra Munitions - Intelligence Agent - Overclocked R4 - Guidance Chips Trandoshan Slaver - Zuckuss - 4-LOM - Dengar Pasi Kolehmainen Contracted Scout - Deadeye - Proton Torpedoes - Boba Fett - R4 Agromech - Guidance Chips Contracted Scout - Deadeye - Plasma Torpedoes - Extra Munitions - R4 Agromech - Guidance Chips Trandoshan Slaver - Dengar - 4-LOM - Zuckuss Simon Wiippola Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor 27 - Push the Limit - Autothrusters - Stealth Device - Royal Guard TIE Carnor Jax - Push the Limit - Autothrusters - Stealth Device - Royal Guard TIE Omicron Group Pilot - Emperor Palpatine Peter Kraft Rear Admiral Chiraneau - Predator - Extra Munitions - Darth Vader - Rebel Captive - Gunner - Thermal Detonators - Engine Upgrade The Inquisitor - Push the Limit - Autothrusters - TIE/v1 The final is coming up after the break. It'll be Christian vs Ola
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