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  1. WIP Cargo Lifter (Star Wars Rebels - like)
  2. Uncle Owen shops in Anchorhead. He has to hurry, because of that bunch of stormtroopers that invited him to that fancy bbq...
  3. Having this parts of plastic I thought of messing around a bit to construct my own Raider-Like ship. Of course, there are two problems: 1. Heighten the "rim" (the "trench" that goes around every triangle and connects the upside and downside of a SD) 2. Making a "typical" boxy bridge Thoughts, ideas and shared experiences are welcome.
  4. WIP (just greenstuff) Tatooine house (4cm/11m in 1:270)
  5. Yes, I plan to paint it like a part of a crashed Star destroyer.
  6. Having seen the new teaser I got an idea looting my bits: a smuggler's outpost in the dunesea, using parts of old star destroyers.
  7. WIP Skiff (length about 4cm, wide about 1,5cm)
  8. Updated Tatooine shack: now with Imperial posters (obviously not my design)
  9. Fabulous scenery! But what ships are those on the right? They look super cool. Thank you! Well the ships are scratchbuitl pirates and civilian vessels: Jawa-Ferry, insectoid Bacta-Freighter, snub fighter and Bothan-shuttle, diving-bomber, mon-calamari shuttle.
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