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  1. I get how he could boost, turn and focus ( ), but how would he get the fourth action to target lock or evade? Didn't mean to say that he could take all four actions, but from experimenting with it I felt he was often maneuverable enough without boost, so that he could 'potentially' target lock or evade on top of focus often enough. Of course having just 2 attack at 33pts - same regime as soontir - does hurt but he IS able to pull off some neat tricks that no one else can. Like arc-dodging and attacking an opponent who's right on his tail. So he may have his place as long as he's not up against turrets or lots of >8 PS.
  2. Though I'll have to wait for the YT-2400 expansion aswell, I'm really looking forward to playing Tycho Celchu with both PtL and daredevil aswell as experimental interface at 33pts with chardaan refit. Go ahead and try some test maneuvering with him - he's hilariously mobile while retaining the ability to focus and potentially target lock or evade aswell.
  3. Pirx

    Happy Friday People

    It's a nice gesture. Carry on
  4. Pirx

    Happy Friday People

    Do you do this every week? This time I'm not going to ***** about work either - got a chance to try a build to make Rexler Brath work today... Hope you'll have a nice gaming weekend aswell!
  5. Having a higher maximum damage with the same average damage can be considerably better (even if it comes at the cost of more frequent low damage rolls) if you are targeting enemies with comparatively high agility. Imagine doing 2 dmg on average, 3 max, compared to 2 avg and 4 max against an enemy getting 3 evades on average. The sub-average (<2) damage rolls are usually going to be wasted anyways, so the increased low-dmg probability for the 4 max attacker isn't too great a disadvantage here, whereas the gained ability to top the defender's average evade is significant.
  6. Navigator (along with Luke and Gunner) isn't tournament legal on huge ships though.
  7. Pirx

    Xwing drought!!

    Best begin the blood sacrifices. We must have angered the x-wing gods and must appease them.
  8. For future reference you might be interested in the x-wing wiki. You can look at the contents of all expansions there aswell as search for individual cards and see where they are included. http://xwing-miniatures.wikia.com/wiki/X-Wing_Miniatures_Wiki
  9. Pirx

    Happy Friday

    Weekend? Games? You guys have it too easy. One university exam and two evenings of work incoming this weekend Ah well, screw it... have a nice weekend everyone!
  10. He is the engineer on the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation I'm pretty sure he's just being a troll
  11. Compared to most other ships the designated torpedo bombers and the HWK currently seem to be used relatively little and/or have a very narrow range of viable uses (Y-Wing+ion). Note that at some point I've seen basically the same ideas thrown around somewhere already, so I'm not claiming originality here, just fleshing out and fishing for comments. Commence rant: 1st: Torpedo-Loader (torpedo slot) When instructed to discard a torpedo card, deactivate it instead. With 1 action reactivate it. Cost: ~2pts (?) Comments: would help the tie bomber, Y-Wing and B-Wing bc you need two torpedo slots. The B-Wing would be helped to a lesser extent due to having a 3 dice primary and access to a marginarily more expensive hlc without needing an action (two actually, counting target locks) to reuse, which isn't too bad, as it's already a powerful fighter. The first two should be helped greatly - getting 4 dice instead of 2 every second round should be worth a slightly weakened (due to no tl or focus) primary on the other round. Bombers might get ptl to fire torpedoes every round and rebels have enough synergies to make the same happen aswell. Of course thematically it fits the Y and bomber like a glove. 2nd: Fixed turret (modification) Replace your turret slot with a cannon slot. Cost: ~ 1-2pts (?) Comments: helps the Y-Wing and the HWK. Thematically appropriate mainly because the Y-Wing in canon would often have the turret fixed forwards in the one-man version. Of course the secondary pilot missing opens up extra space which justifies being able to fit a bigger gun. Gameplay-wise I like the added options (because currently both HWK and Y-Wing pretty much come with a turret by default). I think anything that makes outmaneuvering even more important is interesting and heavy forward-hitters (hlc in turret slot) with relatively crappy dials do that. My only concern at first was making the Y too similar to the B, but I believe the systems vs droids, the upcoming crew slot for the B and the B's barrel roll keep them distinct enough. So, any thoughts? Would be interested to see if I missed any glaring balance issues, especially as I'm considering introducing them into my games as houserules once I've got the time for it again. And hey, FFG might take notice, right?
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