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  1. Edit: post contributed nothing of value, so I deleted it.
  2. I’m getting there, I really am. Not super pumped for it yet, but I’m passed my initial bleh and looking forward to getting some hyperspace games in with my A-Wings. One slight point of order, however, directed at @svelok. I love your enthusiasm and I love it whenever anyone is having a blast with X-Wing. However, I have to categorically disagree that Ace + Squad is a viable archetype in hyperspace for every faction. I’m not a huge fan of beating a dead horse, but I personally don’t think Republic really can’t put together a viable Ace + Squad list in this format. Maybe I’m completely wrong, but Obi-Wan and 3 104s was one of the lists I loved running, along with Obi-Wan or Plo with some Golds. Obviously Torrent squads are gone, and while Squad Seven Veterans fit in some lists, a CLT Jedi can’t anchor a list the way a 7B can, and outside of Jedi, Republic “aces” are...Ric? Kinda? I suppose you could run Ric and a bunch of generic N-1s, but that doesn’t scream super viable to me. If you do run CLT Jedi, they prefer having stuff to help line up CLT, which cuts down on the “+ squad” part of the list. I think Republic is currently the “mash-up” squadron. Some pieces that work and have some really fun interactions, but it really seems to rely on some jank. Or bananas shooting torpedos. Also, I left aside the fact that Republic’s “real” Ace isn’t in hyperspace, since Anakin was more comfortable in an squadron of Aces than an Ace + squad. All that being said, next time I play some hyperspace I plan to bring out Wolffe and 3 Squad Sevens, that’s kind of Ace + Squad I guess. Seems fun anyway, especially for folks with an unhealthy love of ARCs like me.
  3. I feel you. Locally, the store that was the epicenter of X-Wing closed down at the tail end of 1.0, and players had been dropping out for a while due to the general awfulness of that era of the game. The group essentially split between two other stores, both of which are substantially further away. There’s a store much closer (which is where I go now), but the “leaders” of the old group had beef with a former employee (who hasn’t worked there in years) and not only refused to go there, but flipped out at me when I suggested going there. X-Wing never really took off in a big way there, and the folks who did play it generally haven’t played in a long time and haven’t picked up 2.0. There’s a small group that plays from time to time, and I can generally get a couple games in each month, but scheduling can be rough. So, I play rarely, try and grow the local group, and strongly consider heading down near Paramus to get some more games in.
  4. *chuckles in 5 Guardians of the Republic boxes* I’m in danger! Seriously, though, yeah, one GotR, one Aethersprite, one ARC was my initial purchase. Then things...escalated somewhat. That’s probably a big reason why I’m also a champion for epic, because 10 Torrents, 7 Aethersprites, 6 Y-Wings, 4 N-1’s and 6 ARC’s are kinda pointless otherwise.
  5. I lied. One more thing I want to say/add: I have personally found Aces High to really shine at 75 points. No, you can’t take Anakin with 7B, R2, and Supernatural Reflexes. However, you can take most other Aces with an upgrade or two or a lower initiative pilot loaded to the gills.
  6. This is the last I’m going to say about this, because it really does seem like minds are made up. There are leagues, there are tournaments, there are all sorts of competitive formats. However, what really helps to re-energize me at the times I’m feeling bleh about whatever in X-Wing is this: X-Wing is at its absolute best when you plop down some plastic ships opposite a friend, crack open your beverage of choice, and kill a few hours making pew pew noises. The more people lose sight of that, the more a break makes senses. For the life of me I can’t remember who said it first back in the day, but don’t forget: The objective of the game is to win. The point of the game is to have fun. If it isn’t fun, and you aren’t in a place to recapture that fun, then there’s only really one thing to do.
  7. I have been summoned. Seriously though, I was in a similar boat. A lot of the Republic stuff I loved got the axe, and I was disillusioned by the incredibly limited options I felt were available. I’ve played a couple games since then, and to be entirely honest, for the most part I’m sticking with resistance for most Hyperspace games. That being said, there is still plenty to love in Hyperspace for the Republic. CLT Jedi will never feel as good as 7B, but they are still fun and force you to rethink how you were flying, it’s like getting a whole new ship. I’ve always liked Y-Wings, so that’s something to fall back on, and Wolffe is still one of the best pieces in the faction. And when all else fails, there’s extended, epic, or Aces High. If literally no one in your local group is willing to play extended, then that does suck, but we aren’t too far away from the LAAT (hopefully) and another Hyperspace cycle this summer. Once again, I’ve been there, and the options that are there don’t really take away the sting of Republic getting hit SO hard this time around. But an open mind goes a long way. As do 5 A-Wings, but that’s neither here nor there. Now that we see what hyperspace is really going to be like, I think having a second faction is absolutely necessary, if one gets slammed, odds are the other isn’t hit quite as hard.
  8. Also, it could get a little more expensive, but a list that looks very good in the hyperspace format, AND has less mechanics and interactions to learn is 5 X-Wings. No upgrades, no filler, all killer. Also, jumping straight in with a tournament is bold. Good luck! Also, make sure your opponents know that you are learning the game, so even if they don’t go easy on you, they will understand if your turns take a little time.
  9. Well, I mean, with 5 X-Wings now a thing (again), you aren’t wrong.
  10. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I didn’t expect rotation to happen this quickly, and I didn’t expect the available pool of ships and upgrades to be quite so small.
  11. Thinking about it more and reading the comments here, I think part of it is probably that Torrents and Bulbasaurs were axed so that the LAAT and Droid Gunship could be HS legal at launch without giving Republic and CIS 6 ships to choose from. Assuming, of course, that we see the next wave before July.
  12. It could also be well-intentioned venting after a rough game. If we’re being honest, most of us have had at least the impulse to do the same thing. Heck, I just started a topic kvetching about the entirety of hyperspace, only to realize in short order that I was being stubborn and more than a little ridiculous.
  13. Thank you, folks, most of these suggestions have really helped, and a realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I love playing RZ-2s, and a CLT Jedi Knight is only 2 points more expensive than a Heroic/AO Blue Squadron Recruit. Obviously they will fly a little differently, will require more careful aiming, and don’t have the failsafe of Heroic, but they also aren’t so tied to blue maneuvers. As something close enough to what I’m used to playing over in Resistance, it’s worth a shot to just put 5 Jedi on the table and roll some dice.
  14. I just have trouble justifying 60 points for a naked Y-Wing. An I6 torpedo carrier is obviously powerful, but that’s a lot of points to sink into a Y-Wing (and N-1s feel like better torp carriers). Ion and force mods are also nice, but it feels like Matchstick can be almost as effective for a lot cheaper. Ultimately I feel like Anakin in the Y-Wing is a dogfighting ace in a ship that really doesn’t dogfight well. Just my thoughts. But yes, you are ultimately correct, I just need to break through and be willing to try new stuff.
  15. You know, this may actually be the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed to break through the grumpiness I’ve been feeling. CLT Obi, CLT Plo, Wolffe with R3 and Tail Gunner, Broadside with ion turret. It might not work out but it definitely has gotten the gears turning. This is what I needed, I was just focusing so much on what was lost and couldn’t get past that to see what could still be done.
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