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  1. Can’t comment on the main issue, but I do want to offer my two cents anyway. I really doubt that FFG will do split starters for the Clone Wars Armada content. Every single one of their miniatures games core sets has 2 factions in it, with a limited selection of units for each side. X-Wing, Armada, Legion, Runewars, that’s the case with all of them. The Clone Wars Armada core set (which, while not confirmed, is super likely) will be just like the main core set. One faction will get a medium ship and some fighters, one faction will get 2 small ships and some fighters. We might get mediums for both, as I don’t off the top of my head know any iconic small ships for Clone Wars factions. I doubt the core will come with a Venator, as that’s a large ship and will take up a lot of space. I think we will see an Acclamator and some V-19s or ARC-170s, along with maybe a Munificent and some vulture droids. Then of course a large ship wave with Venator and Providence class ships.
  2. Rebels: 1 Liberty 1 Home One 1 Profundity 2 Assault Frigates 2 Peltas 2 CR-90s 2 MC-30’s 3 Nebulon-B’s 2 Rebel Transport Flotillas 2 Hammerheads Imperials: 1 Chimera 2 ISD’s 2 Victory 2 Interdictors 1 Quasar Fire 1 Raider 1 Gozanti Flotilla 2 Arquitens 1 Gladiator Squadrons: 2 rebel squadron 1 2 rebel squadron 2 2 rogues and villains 1 Imperial squadron 1 1 Imperial squadron 2 Corellian Conflict Squadrons Current Orders/Pre-Orders: 1 Super Star Destroyer 2 Hammerheads 1 Starhawk (possibly 2 if it’s worth running double) 1 Onager Also strongly considering more imperial squadrons, another imperial flotilla and another Raider. And obviously RitR. Maybe some more CR90s if I can get more TRCs for cheap, but I’ve fallen in love with hammerheads for my swarm of bees lists.
  3. A campaign style game using all 3 games is definitely tempting. I would go so far as to make it 4 games. Include rebellion in there as the “campaign map.” When a fleet battle happens in Rebellion, have an Armada game. When squadrons fight in Armada, have an x-wing game, and when there is a ground battle in Rebellion, have a Legion game. There are, however, a few issues with this. 1: no scum. Almost by definition, a campaign like this would be the galactic civil war. Maybe come up with a method to “hire” scum ships for the X-Wing games, but ultimately X-Wing remains the only game where scum really make sense. 2: time. This will take A LONG time. We’re talking a full day per “turn.” 3: cost. A lot of us may have a lot of stuff for these games, but you need A LOT. I have spent a pretty stupid amount of money on FFG Star Wars games, (everything from Armada except the SSD, all Rebel, Resistance, and Republic ships in X-Wing, Rebellion) but I only have a small bit of Legion stuff. It’s a huge investment, and while it’s still probably cheaper than 40k, not by much. This brings me to: 4: new players. You mentioned that you think it would bring in new players. I think it would do the opposite. If someone did see this (admittedly cool) insanity going on and wanted in, they are looking at over $300 in core sets (and a board game) alone. You show them the various forces necessary to pull this off, and that’s thousands of dollars. Plus, the different games scratch different itches. I think having a Star Wars night at the FLGS with all three games being played would attract people more easily. I’m not saying I don’t like the idea, I absolutely love it. I just think it’s a logistical nightmare. If you can pull it off, let us know the secrets 😜
  4. I think this is 100% faction dependent, although needing 2 armies does make it a bit expensive
  5. Also I forgot to answer the initial question. As a quasi-current 40k player who has an Imperial Knight army, $157 to $170 MSRP is what I’m used to, and while it’s hard to find a direct parallel in the $75 space (and I don’t feel like trolling the GW site to find on), a squad of 10 space marines is $60. Personally, the Starhawk compares favorably to that. So to answer your question (assuming “gobsmacked” means shocked), no. No I am not.
  6. I know I’m late to the party, but a few things. First: double $75 is $150, the SSD is $200. You can’t compare sale prices on the SSD to the MSRP of the Starhawk. The Starhawk will certainly by $60 on a ton of sites or with discounts at your LGS. Second: this is a BIG ship. It was going to be more expensive than an ISD. Also, price increases were always going to happen at some point. Third: are FFG products really priced 1:1 US dollars to pounds? On the one hand, that sucks. On the other, it’s sweet payback for GW’s pricing nonsense. Eat it, British nerds!
  7. Touché. Cue Obi-Wan “This is why I hate flying!”
  8. If you don’t play resistance or a prequel faction, nothing is necessary in this wave at all. Well, none of them are strictly necessary, it’s a game and a hobby, but I’m not getting into philosophy today. Passive sensors, angled deflectors and autoblasters are worthwhile upgrades for some oddball squad builds or to try them out, but I don’t see any reason to buy into those ships if you don’t play the factions. Silencer and B-Wing have great new models, and Silencer is a cheaper way to get Hate if you need it, but nothing new there. Decimator gets you some crew for Empire that wasn’t in the conversion kit. If you play Resistance, Republic and/or CIS: 1-2 Resistance Transports. Most upgrades are unique, and I’m not sure how viable 2 transports (or a transport and a pod together) will be in a list, but I got two so I could trim the peg off a pod and glue it together so when I fly a transport it doesn’t have that distracting peg. 2(?) Hyenas. Not sure. I have 2, don’t think I need more. Time will tell. 4+ N-1s. Republic has become my main faction, so I buy way too many Republic ships (I’m at 6 aethersprites, 8 torrents, and 6 ARCs so far). 4 for now is good for me, but I’m sure I will end up with 5 (max for 200 points) or 6 (for epic).
  9. Oh, I know. Talking purely casual. Also a great way to lose friends 😜. If I was having total fun with it I would toss in 7B Obi-Wan with a droid of choice. Does an I6 with SR really need a bid?
  10. I’m not gonna say that I’ve played 128 point Anakin with a 72 point bid....but I’ve thought about it. And it doesn’t even sound that bad.
  11. To be honest, I miss my reference cards. Since getting back into X-Wing I have no idea exactly what the bombs do and while I assume everything is in the RRG, I really haven’t had the inclination to look.
  12. I think there is an absolutely brutal list waiting to be unlocked with the new crew for the resistance. Combine that with the viability of several different versions of quad T-70, and I think they are a real sleeper (although my vote didn’t save on that question for whatever reason). I also think that while what was arguably the best Republic list (regen 7B Anakin and Ahsoka with 2 Golds) is no longer viable, there are a ton of other variations on Jedi + something (not to mention N1s) that they are going to have a better showing than a lot of factions. Of all the factions, CIS is, I think, in the weirdest spot. Not the worst, mind you, but the weirdest. They don’t have a lot of variance in list archetypes, Hyenas aren’t looking to change that, and even in Wave 4, they get an odd little ship that doesn’t look like it will switch up the archetypes all that much. Then again, who the heck knows? I’m still excited as heck for them (even if I’m more pumped for the Republic Y-Wing).
  13. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination defending the rhetoric, but “cancer” at least has been a term thrown around in X-Wing since...well...the first time I remember it was when the YT-2400 was released, so 1.0 Wave...was that 5? It’s also relatively (and distressingly) common with other wargames. That being said, I mostly agree with you. Terms like that are patently absurd (and ridiculously offensive) to apply to a **** game. Also, though, in my experience the kind of people who use that language (and folks in the interwebs in general) don’t respond well to rhetoric in response. Something like “Dude. Not cool.” works better most of the time (except that one guy back in the day casually dropping ethnic slurs, but you generally don’t expect ANY approach to work with people like that). Not trying to be a **** in any way, just saying that toning it down across the board might be a good thing for the community.
  14. There’s no option for “I don’t play Imperials, and have no desire to.” That being said, I’m dipping into my first experience flying swarms with CIS, so we shall see how I like it.
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