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  1. FatherTurin

    X-Wing 2.0 And My Luck

    I know this is probably off topic, but I recently bought into Blood Red Skies because it’s about maneuvering more than anything, and has some slick rules (but some of that classic Andy Chambers sloppiness) and as I was telling someone: it’s like X-Wing before the power creep and turrets and all that stuff! And now this. Goddamnit, FFG. I love you, and I love what I’ve seen of 2.0, but goddamnit.
  2. FatherTurin

    Dear FFG: Creating Goodwill with Old Players for 2.0

    Fair points, and as I stated, I am totally fine with being wrong on this. In point of fact I am considering whether I should buy 2 conversion kits or sell down to the contents of one and just rebuy ships in the future... Anyway, this also assumes discrete waves for re released ships. I expected at least some ships to get a “stealth” upgrade with their next reprint. That’s what I was getting at. While I am all in on 2.0, if FFG just does reprint waves for the next few years with a card or two added to each expansion, I’m not sure how many veterans will stay on board.
  3. FatherTurin

    Are the conversion kits a scam?

    No. Next question.
  4. FatherTurin

    Dear FFG: Creating Goodwill with Old Players for 2.0

    I can’t speak for @heychadwick, but in my case, yes, I believe that. For ships that are just getting a repack in the new blister (which appears to be mostly cardboard, let’s hear it for not needing a **** survival knife to open our ships!), I fully expect them to do the following: 1) take ship (already completed) 2) take cardboard (already completed) 3) take cards (already completed) 4) put in package 5) sell. Outside of “FFG is a corporate villain” fantasy land, what motivation could they have to slap new cards in packs that they can literally just PUT ON THE SHELVES AS FAST AS THEY CAN BE PRINTED? Could it happen? Yeah. I don’t see it happening. Of course I give everyone here free reign to bookmark or save this post and rub my face in it if I’m wrong.
  5. FatherTurin

    Dear FFG: Creating Goodwill with Old Players for 2.0

    I don’t know man, those new X-Wing and Y-Wing sculpts are some mighty sexy updates. After my initial “harrumph” of not getting enough dials for my X’s and Y’s in the conversion kit, I think I may just replace them all anyway. Those new models are HAWT.
  6. FatherTurin

    This might not be nice to say, but...

    I’m with you 100%. I mean, I’m slightly annoyed about the numbers for the “core 4” Rebel fighters included in the kits, whereas multiples of some big ships, both phantoms and Sabine’s TIE made me scratch my head. (2 YT-2400s? Who even DOES that?) That being said, I’m probably re-buying some X-Wings and Y-Wings anyway due to the new molds (I never realized that the old Y looked so bad), and my annoyance is one thing, the apoplectic rage people have is another thing entirely. It’s like, it seemed like a consensus that a second edition was needed, what the heck did people expect? Something close enough to use all the original stuff wouldn’t be in a position to change anything, and it’s not like the said “**** off, buy all new ships.” Did people expect conversions kits to be free? Because that was NEVER going to happen. Even with the added buy of a new core (I’ve already bought 4 cores over the years, what’s one...or two...more?) and the conversion kits, a core and one kit is still cheaper than the Armada core set! People who are furious and saying “this is an OUTRAGE!!!! I have to buy seventeen thousand dollars worth of upgrade kits!!!!!!!!! Come on dudes. Seriously. Edit: I also get to cut down A LOT on the amount of cardboard in my storage, which is a huge plus in my book.
  7. FatherTurin

    2.0: Are you in or are you out?

    I’m in. Core set and 1 Rebel Conversion Kit to start, definitely a Scum Conversion Kit down the road, and we will see how it shakes out with list comp if I’m going to go through the hassle/cost of filling out my cardboard to match my description. As it is I may just replace my X-Wings and Y-Wings over time anyway, so it just remains to be seen if multiple A-Wings is doable enough. To be honest, I’ve only ever flown all 5 of them once. Also, people do realize that there is literally no conceivable way that the First Order and Resistance Conversion Kits will be $50, right? Until the new show or whatever else gets shown, there are only 7 ships for those factions total. I’m calling $25, maybe $30 if they toss in something like A-Wings for the Resistance.
  8. FatherTurin

    Announcing Wave 8 of Armada!

    I don’t want to go! I’m sorry! Ugh. Boot to the feels.
  9. FatherTurin

    Hyperspace Report Prediction Thread

    Team Covenant is also live tweeting it. https://mobile.twitter.com/teamcovenant
  10. FatherTurin

    Clone Wars ships

    I agree with you for the most part, and it seems like most breakthroughs are just “make it bigger.” Heck, even the Death Star is just a REALLY big lightsaber. Ok, not really, but it works off the same mechanics, focus energy through kyber crystals. It’s just that the Death Star uses more energy and more kyber crystals. So it’s just a refinement of technology that is literally thousands of years old. How much from the sequels, though, is really that bad? I can only think of Starkiller Base and the Dreadnought’s stupid super guns. Even in the case of Starkiller Base, it was in the concept phase before the fall of the Empire. How much you want to bet even that is just an alteration of Naga Sadow’s star implodey thing from the Great Hyperspace War?
  11. FatherTurin

    Actual Question About X-Wing

    None of the above. I don’t play in many tournaments, but I was given the advice to play what I liked flying and could fly well over a meta list, and that’s how I placed second in a more casual tournament with Dash + Miranda back in the height of Palp Aces. I’ve also made a good showing with Asajj and 2 thugs. Edit: more casual means not a store championship or anything like that.
  12. FatherTurin

    poll: how long have you been playing?

    About 4 and a half years I think (Wave 3 has just released). I’m very happy personally with the game, but I recognize the argument that at levels of play way above me it’s showing some cracks and (perhaps even worse) some unfun games. I have no idea how much I’ve spent in actuality thanks to discounts and sales, but at MSRP it is just around $2000. Edit: I know this wasn’t asked, but I did the math anyway. Been playing Armada for 3 years (since launch) and it’s catching up to X-Wing FAST. Just over $1000 so far. That is also a game that is a lot of fun and was made more so by the recent sledgehammer of a nerf.
  13. You think THAT’S guilt? Try eating a bacon egg and cheese on a bagel and then going to temple. Edit: wait, I inadvertently started talking breakfast meat without paging @Baaa What is wrong with me?
  14. Very nice beer choice. My only regret is that I have but one like to give. But seriously, has anyone else noticed that cats LOVE X-Wing minis?
  15. FatherTurin

    Xwing is suffering despite what the clickbaiters say

    Maybe my language wasn’t clear, and looking back I can see the confusion. I meant the collective “you” as in, you determine what is Star Wars to you, I determine what is Star Wars to me, and to heck with what anyone else says. As for the rest, you gotta lay out better bait than that to catch me.