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  1. It worked well for the Babylon 5 card game, but it would make things too easy in this game probably. Let's start with 6 Test of Wills, all our best attachments, best ally and why not Doomed 4 out some resources. I guess we need a sigil to cancel that out... Look all set turn one.
  2. Right now I'm running her with Glorf and Theoden actually. A spirit deck that can handle locations, quest, and still attack for at least 9 has been quite fun. Usually it is difficult to still have decent attack in Spirit.
  3. She may be my favorite hero and the one I've most abused. Not many spirit heroes are anywhere near as good as her in combat either. Great stats and cool keywords along with an ability that can trigger multiple times in one turn. She's a beast.
  4. Try taking out Boba for Jawas. If still having issues ending games or your meta is really all mono decks then also pull hunters for Slave 1.
  5. Dannik for dark Sensors are placed for light. My opinion.
  6. A Nightsister or droid would be cool as well.
  7. Yup it's a thing that can happen now. Outside of that though the deck is pretty meh. Also, the last time I played my version, my Killing Cold got blanked lol. Most light decks have some way of killing Tagge as well.
  8. It takes Targeted, Shielding, Edge etc. not Force User, Vehicle, etc.
  9. I had been putting it on Elrond in a Vilya deck and using Theodred to ready him and help fuel the big guys I drew.
  10. Nope. Every way to equip him currently is an action. Though they can keep throwing enhancements away to do the one damage.
  11. We were also going to talk to Game Corp about scheduling some events in the future.
  12. We are having a tourney at Gateway Games on Saturday 1/31 at noon and the turnout is looking pretty good. $7 and we have two kits to dole out. The owner flubbed on getting us a Store Championship but we are planning on driving to a bunch. We also play there every Thursday night and some times in Edinboro on Saturdays. Send me a PM if you have any questions or want to pass on your contact info so I can keep you up to date.
  13. Are any LCG tourneys scheduled or just open play? We will probably still make it down one of the days regardless.
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