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  1. I felt it was rude to clog up the forums with both questions so I thought I'd put it into one post. With the upcoming release of the decimator and its cost, (I'm not an amazing squad builder) will we be able to see a 100 point list solely featuring one ship (not including epics)? If so, could those veteran players gauge whether or not it could be successful or would it be too easily overwhelmed? My second question was half story, half development. I recall in some of the original series seeing some black astromech's possibly aboard a star destroyer (which may make my question invalid), so my question is was there any imperial ships in EU or otherwise that used Astromechs or were they exclusively used by the rebels? Just a thought.
  2. Was a staunch 40k player in my teens, then sort of fizzled out due to budget restraints becoming a student. I've always known X-wing's been around having been a big lover of fantasy flight but wasn't too keen on getting back into miniature gaming. I got more interested when the Phantom for Rebel Aces II came out but still wasn't sure. Then a few weeks ago, a UK online store was selling the core set for a discounted price and my friend and I both decided to take the plunge. Since then i've bought the y-wing, b-wing and a-wing...this is why I was worried! I have no regrets though. To put it simply, X-wing is easy to learn, fun to play, relatively cheap to set up and most importantly its Star Wars. What's not to love?
  3. Forbidden planet in general has one, I took a look when I was trying to find a falcon. It just says unavailable. I'm in surrey and im honestly trying to justify a trip there...
  4. I put this question to the forum about two weeks ago, having a similar problem with the YT-1300 in the UK. Having had nothing but stellar service from chaos cards I've spoken with them about getting more stock in. They estimated new units will roll out September ish with the new wave, so i'm holding off till then. Chances are if someone says 'its in stock' they might be fibbing.... And welcome BTW!
  5. Hi guys, slightly off topic I know but i've put together a selection of tracks from the star wars films which run in the background whilst we play x-wing (really does heighten the atmosphere!). Anyway, I remember reading that all the tracks used in Rebel Assault II were from the films, i've managed to identify most of them but I've struggled with one. I wondered if anyone would mind looking at one of the missions in the link below and letting me know what it is? I've tried finding this info on the web, but to no avail and I figured I'd give the forums a shot. Thanks for any help given! Mission 3 (15:00)
  6. Completely useless question here, but are you then suggesting the Decimator maneuvers by farting....?
  7. No idea if they do, but next time you buy a new ship, look at the legal copy on the back of the box. A huge number of people are listed under "Playtesters" so I have great faith in them looking at how every ship fits into the long term strategy of the game. Oh so do I, I was just intrigued by the overall process.
  8. Anyone know if FFG have ever put a 'production' article up? Can't seem to find one (although that could be me). As a designer myself I'd genuinely be interested in hearing how they go from choosing the next wave to play-testing and design. I know some of that may be trade secret but it might even be alleviating to certain forum posters who go off about FFG not thinking everything through. But mostly it would be really fun to read.
  9. Im keen to agree with you, I bought one an hour ago
  10. I've decided to supplicate my Falcon urges with either an A-Wing or an E-Wing (Already have 2 X-Wings, 1 Y-Wing and a B-Wing). Recommendations? And thanks for clearing that up to, was a little worried. Hobojebus, was that before or after Imp aces out of curiosity?
  11. If it's any consolation, my local store here still has a Falcon in stock. Thanks Rick, do you know if they deliver
  12. Great stuff thank you, might ask my online store to see if i can reserve one. I was hoping to get one now, but if Im waiting I might switch out for a yt-2400 first as i've been more of a dash fan! Good to know im not missing out though
  13. Hi guys, Just wondered. Im based in the UK and have seriously considered getting my hands on a Falcon but everywhere i've looked its not in stock. Looking at some US stores they too list it as unavailable. Have I missed my opportunity to pick one up because I've started playing X-wing late in the game? Will they make more?
  14. I've been wondering this for a while now, I can certainly understand from this games point of view as it making the B-wing over powered in some regards but as to the actual design of the B-wing, why didnt it have a droid? If anything with the complexity of the craft i'd have thought it would need one. Anyway, just a thought.
  15. I don't quite understand some of the negativity behind the y-wing. As a ship admittedly its slugish and underpowered but if you get hold of Horton Salm with an Ion Turret you can control the battlefield really well. I've managed to kill large ships simply by 'ioning' (Not a word but works well i think!) them off the board. If you put in the Astromech that treats all 1 and 2 maneuvers as green you can make it quite maneuverable. I can't quite see the day my Y-wing doesnt sit in my fleet.
  16. I've seen a few players on here from London and a few further out but no one around the Surrey area. Does anyone know if there are any groups?
  17. Just watched the Space battle for Endor (because why not!) and on the topic of who fly's into the death star, you could argue both Tycho and Arven flew in there as the order in which they enter is Wedge A-Wing Pilot Falcon Another A-Wing Pilot Y-Wing X-Wing (who gets shot and gives Lando the idea to split up) So they both could be in the Death Star run and then head off to the Executor. Loving this post though, hats off to you and hats off to FFG for not only going this indepth but also giving each pilots special rules a relation to thier role in the film however small!
  18. I urge you to just replace the whole collection. As previously mentioned there is no way you can rid those models of all of the bacteria (ecoli springs to mind) without destroying them. For your own health and those you play with, the places you play etc just claim for the whole thing. It should make it easier too. It's always weird hearing about basements flooding. Over in the UK hardly any houses have basements. Although that pretty much means that when we get flooded its the whole ground floor. Anyway, my complete condolences, I hope you can get back all your stuff.
  19. RookieOne

    Kill marks?

    I'd base it on successful sorties rather than actual kills, so everytime it takes part in a mission that succeeds it gets a mark. Would also help keep track of who your best pilots are (in some cases).
  20. He could've then stood infront of the selection and said "We are the boss of you X-Wing selection, all your miniatures are belong to us!". Also, we've forgotten to mention that the Phantom's overpowered and can't be counteracted!
  21. Nope, maintenance spotted that and slapped a bit of 2x4 over it. It's good and covered up now!
  22. Stop me if im wrong, but wasn't the whole point of Vader and the Tie's turning up was because the turbolaser towers couldn't hit the fast moving X-wings and even the Y-wings. They'd only be useful against the transports and the corvettes. Or am I on the wrong line of thought, apologies if so. Definately could get behind a mixed assault on yavin IV box, maybe with a Tie advanced and Y-wing in? I know the X-wing would make more sense but in terms of releasing it, the Y-wing would be greatly appreciated
  23. Could you imagine if Alan Rickman had played the character, and you'd have had Hans 'solo' Gruber. That would've been one weird Star Wars film But im fairly certain it is Han not Hans
  24. You know its actually quite fascinating reading this. I had no idea returns policies in the US were based on a stores own ideals. Like many have said, in the UK there are a standard set of rules that apply to returns and they're quite stringent but cover a lot of avenues. Im glad you resolved this with him and I can understand the hesitation on his part, but I would say that if GW products are a small profit margin and you're not confident about selling too many would it not be prudent to buy only one or two and order more in for the customers where necessary? If I wanted to buy something in a shop and it wasn't in stock, i'd still order in from them and understand why they didn't have a huge stock of them. Just an after thought, not meaning to dictate business acumen.
  25. I'd like to make a few points here that I hope aren't overstepping the mark. Firstly, alot of you are complaining about cost. In $. I'd like you to look at what things like X-wing cost in places like the UK, and see that you're potentially getting a better deal than others. Secondly, it's really difficult to compare models from GW to X-wing. After i've bought the x-wing starter set (for £20, which is absolutely reasonable) all I need know are the other ships I want to play (at around £10-13 per small ship). What I don't need to buy is an army book which nowadays is around £25-30, Models at around £20 per box, Glue, Clippers, and paint. You can argue the last one, but if you're talking tournaments, then they need to have some paint job on them to be acceptable. Now, the comparable cost per model has shot up. You can play casually, or you can play competitively. If you choose the later, like any competition you need to be at your prime. Look at any sport; football, F1 or even cycling. You can't be at the top of the game without significant investment. Its really terrible but the way or the world and you can't blame FFG for modelling the tournament side around this kind of investment. If you play casually, then you buy what you wish, not what you 'need'. I hope I don't come off as brash (and i apologize if i do), im hoping I just highlight some points that maybe help to show that despite some 'card' issues that people have, X-wing is actually pretty reasonable all things considered.
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