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  1. Hey guys thanks for any help on this one. We're about to start our first campaign (so I imagine a few more questions may follow on!) and I had a quick question. Can heroes use different item types, so if there's a ranged character they can use pistols and or blasters? Many thanks
  2. I'm guessing with licensing issues a hope to move to the Old Republic era would be out of the question? Shame really as having a group of republic fight off a swarm of Sith would be quite fun...!
  3. Hi Ladies and Gents, Just a quick one if i may. The recent expansion packs with Obi Wan and the Inquisitor, do all the tiles and bits that they may need come in the core box or are some of them in other expansions? I'm reasonably sure it's the former but I just wanted to be sure. Many thanks!
  4. Been there my friend with X-wing's Milenium Falcon. Went out of print for about 3-4 months but the stocks are healthy now. Give it time, they'll come back
  5. Sorry to come back to this, but I actually managed to track down a folding table that's 6x3! I wondered if you guys had any opinion on it. Doesn't seem too bad, maybe a little cheap but it would allow me and my friend to play 300 point games at least, unless you have had some bad experiences with something like it? http://www.furnitureforfunctions.co.uk/scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=1763 Many thanks!
  6. Don't know if they deliver but my local printer (surrey) could do this. I can ask about quotes if you want?
  7. Thanks for the clarification, whilst it'll be annoying to get hold of a 6x4 surface to play on the makes alot of sense. Glad to see FFG are thinking all this stuff through! Many thanks guys
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for any advice in advance it's always greatly appreciated! Just (hopefully) a quick one if I may. At the back of the rule in the set up section it says you need a 6x4 play area to do a 300 point game. But when I look further on and at the picture at the back it's only a 3x4 area. Is this extra area necessary for anything? I only ask because I currently only have a 3x3 play area and we want to play some larger games but I'd rather not have a 6x4 top on my table if I could avoid it. If there's a easy answer I do apologise but hopefully this will allow me and my friend to start enjoying Armada the way it was meant to be played! Many thanks R1
  9. RookieOne, Whereabouts in the UK are you? If you're in the Midlands somewhere i'm happy to help you out with the use of my tablesaw, garage space etc to get something put together? D That would be amazing, but alas I'm based down in the South East in Surrey, although I'm sure to our overseas friends that distance is minute! I do have two further questions now, would I need to put something across a folding picnic like table if it was the right size and have you ever found that having your cards on the actual gaming board affect gameplay too much? All of the advice has been greatly appreciated and very useful so thanks so far!
  10. Hi guys, Just started playing Armada with my friend recently as we have one core set but we're looking to get another to get a base set of fleets going. Trouble is, my table is only 3x3. I could feasibly get a second table but it would need to be fold-able as I live in a flat and don't really have space for a 6x3 all the time. My question is, do any of you have the same problem and if you do, are there any specific tables you could recommend. Easy to fold, doesn't move around too much that sort of thing. Something you'd use at a car boot sale (I'm not sure if that's a thing in America, I wouldn't know what the equivalent was) to display your wares? I know it's a bit of a random question but any help would be greatly appreciated!
  11. For me, this is a two pronged question. Is Armada too expensive...in the US? Not really it's great value and the quality of the game that you get balances this out especially as everything is painted and ready to go. If you want to repaint them you can but if you don't they're all set. Is Armada quite pricey in the UK, I would question possibly. It's alot better than X-Wing (we pay the same in sterling as you do in dollars for the ships...) but it can be quite tricky. Then again, when I spend £26/7 on a Victory star Destroyer, i get the ship, different upgrade cards and everything I'd need to put that ship right into action. If FFG screwed us around with problematic changes, unexpected price increases and overall bad service I'd be concerned but my overall view is that the product they provide for the price is certainly worth it. That and where else can you get Star Wars this good
  12. Thanks for all the suggestions folks! Including the XCOM one, I've already got that one (that was a day one purchase). We really enjoy playing it but much like the actual game it gives you no breathing space and is seriously challenging. Not that I don't enjoy a challenge it's more that sometimes XCOM can be a little overwhelming! Decided to go with IA...for now. If I'm brutally honest I was always going to buy both, it was a matter of which one would be the better choice for the moment. I want to see how Armada develops further before I make the investment in it as you've all said, it will not be a low cost game. I'll come back to this thread once I've got IA and played a game or two for anyone else whose sitting on the fence. Hopefully I can offer some new sage advice from a budding IA player
  13. Thanks for the advice so far. I would say was leaning closer to IA rather than armada. Does that mean you have to have 5 people to play the campaign or can you do it with two? Also, besides the model, is there another good reason for picking up any of the wave one expansions if they come in the box crabbok? Dust was a consideration, but my playing group of buddies are primarily star wars fans so it can be easier to reel them in for a game!
  14. I know this is an X-wing forum, but as I currently play X-wing and am looking to start into either Imperial Assault or Armada I felt looking to my fellow X-wing players in case they've played some of both for some advice. I also didn't want to post twice on either choices forum! I love the idea of either, I just wasn't sure about armada as I didn't want two games that are similar (it also seems fractionally a bit more pricey or I could be misreading that). Any thoughts on either? Appreciate the help and apologies for being so vague! Many thanks Rookieone
  15. Hello all, a good morning to you! I hope I'm not making this too much of a rant, I will try to be as objective as I can but I can't help but feel a little disappointed in the supplies of the Falcon. I'm based in the UK, and we received such a short supply of falcons that they sold out in 2 hours across almost all of the online stores and shops meaning that those who want to get their hands on a falcon either have to buy one second hand, overseas or for a ridiculously high price on ebay. I know it's a wave 1 piece, and because of that it may not be a priority for FF but it is perhaps the most iconic ship of the Star Wars universe and I couldn't see it go out of popularity anytime soon. I guess my question is, is there any info on how often they reproduce old models and might we see a more steady supply of falcons over time? Also, if anyone knows a uk (or european, i dont mind paying a little postage) store that sells the falcon that would be greatly appreciated too of course!
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