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  1. Respectfully, I am done with this thread. It is obvious that some just want to argue that the wording is poor, others - somehow - think the ability should be "permanent, and still others who simply want to bash FFG. Have at it. I am done.
  2. As with any maneuver, it ends when the maneuver ends. Once THAT maneuver is completed, the reduction in difficulty no longer applies.
  3. I do not understand. Of course it is the one on the dial of the chosen friendly ship.
  4. I acknowledge that I am new (to these forums' discussions). However, it eludes me as to how this may be interpreted in any other way. "After a friendly ship reveals its dial, you may spend 1 [Force]. If you do, the chosen ship reduces the difficulty of that maneuver." TIMING There are several terms used to indicate the specific timing of an effect: Before: The effect resolves immediately preceding the timing specified. At the start of: This timing is used with a specific phase or step. The effect triggers before anything occurs during that phase or step. While: This term is often used in combination with multi-stepped game effects such as an attack, an action, or a maneuver. Although less specific than the other timings, this term is used to narrow down when the ability is resolved during the round. Additional verbiage is required to identify when exactly the effect is applied. For example, in the context of an attack, if the ability rolls additional attack dice, the ability triggers during the Roll Attack Dice step. If the ability modifies defense dice, the ability triggers during the Modify Defense Dice step. At the end of: This timing is used with a specific phase or step of ship’s activation. This effect triggers after the normal effects of that phase or step have occurred. After: The effect resolves immediately following the timing specified. The ability queue is used to resolve abilities that would resolve simultaneously. Unless another ability is triggered during this window, then the ability queue is irrelevant, here, as nothing is happening simultaneously. That said, it is, still, clearly spelled out: The effect resolves immediately following the timing specified. Therefore, "After a friendly ship reveals its dial, you may spend 1 [Force]." End of window. Resolved. The spending of the 1 [Force] allows "the chosen ship reduces the difficulty of that maneuver." That maneuver, and that maneuver only. No other maneuvers, no other ships, and no other anything. Move that ship at the reduced difficulty, and finish that ship's Activation. Next ship.
  5. There is, indeed, a range 0. Ex.: Star Wars X-Wing Rules Reference v. 1.0.3 Effective 4/10/19: "• Stationary: The 󲁡 (stationary) bearing does not move the ship from its current position. This bearing does not have a corresponding template. ◊ A ship that executes this maneuver counts as executing a maneuver, does not overlap any ships, does trigger the effects of overlapping any obstacles at range 0, and continues to be at range 0 of any objects it was touching before executing this maneuver."
  6. No. That window is the window in which you spend 1 Force. The maneuver - i.e.: "that maneuver" - is them reduced in difficulty. "That maneuver" is - explicitly - the maneuver chosen for that ship that is on the dial it revealed. With your interpretation, I believe that you have inadvertently put this all to rest. 😃 Thanks.
  7. I acknowledge that this may fall under "cotdam common sense (CCS)." " Experimental Scanners: You can acquire locks beyond range 3. You cannot acquire locks at range 1." Does this mean that the ship may acquire a Lock at Range 0? CCS dictates that it probably is not the intent of the card to allow Range 0 Lock, as the "experimental" scanners are set for extremely long range. But the card does not specifically state that Range 0 Lock cannot be acquired. The Rules Reference does state that Range 0 Lock is a thing.
  8. Thanks, folks. I do appreciate the patience. Again, I'll play it as you all have said that it should be played, and will keep in mind the mechanic as described. I even agree with all the logic presented. I hope I wasn't too much of a pain.
  9. Thank you, all, for the input. I will play the rule as you all have stated. I see the logic and the points that are being made, and I agree that they are valid and make sense. I want to let you all know that I am okay if I am wrong, and respect the experience you have with the game. I am not being argumentative because I want this to work the way that I want. I am perfectly okay with playing it that way. I just want to understand it and/or have it officially ruled. Unfortunately, I still see this as ambiguous. Perhaps I am missing something, or am unaware of any other rule which clarifies this. As clear as I can be, this is how I read it: Rules Reference (Guide) states that a Stressed ship may not perform Actions (ordinarily, I would stop there, and question this no further). Card Ability (Pilot/Ship Ability) states that Sabine Wren TIE l/n may, before activating, perform a barrel roll or boost. The Golden Rule states that if the ability of a card conflicts with the rules in the guide, the card takes precedence. Perhaps I am seeing a conflict where none exists, and I would be very satisfied if someone would take the time to explain it to me. I apologize if I am just not getting it, or if I seem like I am beating a dead horse. This does not, currently, make sense to me that she cannot use her ability if stressed.
  10. I realize that I may be splitting the finest of hairs, here, and I apologize if it comes across that I am being argumentative for the sake of argument, but... Under Golden Rules: If the ability of a card conflicts with the rules in this guide, the card ability takes precedence. If a card ability uses the word "cannot," that effect is absolute cannot be overridden by other effects. Therefore, the card ability is "may," while the use of "cannot" (in this instance) is a rule written in this guide (not a card ability). Per that argument, the card overrules the rule, as I see it.
  11. Thanks. Would you be so kind to please direct me to where it is clarified that "may" abilities are treated like this. The only thing I am able to find regarding "may" is that the player may elect not to use the ability.
  12. Can Sabine Wren perform the Boost or Barrel Action before she activates and while stressed? I believe that she can do this as the Golden Rule states that card abilities overrule the Guide and the Rules, therefore, being stressed becomes irrelevant.
  13. "R3 Astromech (3) You can maintain up to 2 locks. Each lock must be on a different object. After you perform a [Lock] action, you may acquire a lock." Does this allow me to spend a Lock to reroll dice, and then immediately acquire a Lock. In other words, is spending a Lock considered a Lock action?
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