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  1. No mention of a vehicle attachment section makes me a sad boy. but the starhawk looks tasty, really dig the unusual shield arrangement.
  2. They were introduced in the aftermath trilogy. This minature was the first on screen aperance. all we knew from the books was they were shaped like a hatchet. The interesting thing is they were made from the components of disasembled star destroyters. And to clarify, 3 do not solo an SSD, they engage it alongside the whole rebel fleet, 2 are destroyed and the last one get the kill
  3. I'm just glad we finally have a design for the starhawk
  4. Why is general grevious 5 brawn? dude punched a giant dent into a starship with his bare hands and tossed Kenobi like a toy in revenge of the sith. The DC-15a has autofire while the longer dc-15 does not (even though it has cumbersome 3 like a heavy blaster rifle), was this an editing error? (page 52)
  5. I got 2 more characters from Nunes from the same game as before, some PCs retired and others came in Marts Stram (pseudonym) Corellian human smuggler charmer/ship captain - A self fashioned leader and a spineless coward in any sort of scuffle. Commands the Scuttlebug, a Sheathipede class shuttle. The eyepatch is a cybernetic. Kazimiera 'Kazia' Wiater (Pronounced "Kaj-ah Viat-er", it's polish or something according to the player) Pantoran Consular Aribiter - She is an overly enthusiastic and free spirited individual. Enjoys flaunting athletic prowess and skill with a lightsaber. Relentlessly cheerful in the face of mortal peril.
  6. The choice to not print these in the other books is super unusual, the "speed up a forgone fight" option is really appealing to me
  7. 3465 was too pure for this world.
  8. Had a long running game, got the mandatory will Nunes commission to celebrate. Leru Soorto, Soldier - Medic, The most jovial member of this grim lot. Has been practicing his hand to hand combat and is no slouch in a scuffle. Seen here with Kresh Luck armor. Tha Bakara, Ace - Gunner, The real combat monster of the group and not bad in the cockpit either. Seen here with his armored flight suit, signature weapon, and all important smug grin. He loves his job. Hou Gang, Commander - Strategist, Left the Empire not from any moral disgust but from anger over how wasteful they were, wanted to whip the rag tag opposing forces into a real army, kept his old uniform though. The character is overtly a port of a star trek admiral. Player had to drop for a number of reasons, so he was promoted to a very helpful NPC. Bullba Grizbain, Diplomat Agitator, The eternally angry face of this righteously indignified band of Rebels. Seen here with his signature Lector's outfit. He has a lot to say when it comes to the homeworld of Palpatine. Clarkson Daggoth, Engineer - Mechanic, has inadvertently become the main character of the story in a number of ways. Here to find his last living family member who joined up years prior to pull them out, this motive has been kept secret from the others (but they know OOC). OOM-3830, Commander Instructor, a real helpful lad. Here he is in the late stages of the game, as his teammates redecorated his exterior to build team spirit. The whip is a unique item that he can hit his allies with to grant minor buffs. Blaster plundered from a hard fought battle with a deathtrooper. The same character at the start of the game, much less snazzy, and with a paint job granted by previous owners with poor taste. He's been around the block a few times as a holdover from before the clone wars. Presently "owned" by the party engineer. Also just gonna put the whole gallery here too.
  9. I do wonder how much stuff that was already in books will be printed again here (like the piles of clone wars gear in Forged in Battle or Knights of Fate). My initial guess was none but the inclusion of Kaminoans as a species afain makes me think we will see more.
  10. I have been waiting 5 years for this news, it made me return to this awful place in jubilation.
  11. I have a dataset with Dawn of Rebellion (done in colaboration with a few others) and the other FnD books, would sending this to you be helpfull?
  12. I pressed "next" after selecting the option, causing the screen capped dialogue to pop up, or an occasional non-replicateable crash.
  13. Bug: When attempting to apply the supreme craftsmanship result for a gadget, the program fails to, and even crashes occasionally
  14. Another few big questions: how do the civilian facility refit options on pages 74 and 75 interact with the base options in desperate allies? if you take the medical facility from one does it exclude the other? Can you max out the security features from both? can you have the maxed out hangar in desperate allies and the hidden one in fully operational? Are there other interactions between these options to be aware of? Why do the contribution upgrades cap at 4 for the fully operational options but you can get 5 in desperate allies? Also, what is the suggested difficulty to detect the base that the various upgrades interact with? Last question: favorite downside to give to refitted civilian craft?
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