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  1. I was reading the new rules and noted that cannon upgrades don't have the missile icon. Does that mean they are subject to range bonuses? Thanks.
  2. This article really highlights my problems with the skirmish mode of IA. Upgrade cards are a decent solution to the now apparent over costing, but still feels cheap. I am interested to see if any of these new versions will see high level play. Also, is it racist to hate those knobby cone-head aliens on sight?
  3. Big props for this episode, gents. At the end of the day, this is a solid game and I am glad you guys are celebrating the best parts of it. Thanks!
  4. Snowspeeder that's all I want. And everything else.
  5. Makes me glad I kept my investment in IA modest, and that I saved my paint efforts for a rainy day. I certainly feel for those of you that went all in on IA, but I don't think the skirmish version was well thought out. Initial point costs were sky high and movement was simplistic. I really enjoy the campaigns, but never found skirmish compelling. I'm excited for Legion, and I can't wait for some awesome stuff like taun-tauns and vehicles.
  6. Come on zero point title for punishers that gives reload! I think you are all correct that the punisher needs more than just reload, but you can still drop bombs right?
  7. After reading the book my takeaway is this: If you want to have three players you need enough stuff to field 6 fleets valued at 400 points. Each ship can only have 1 upgrade, so that means needing more models to fill those points. The fleets can grow, and even change, but mostly the growth sounds like it will be upgrades. The finale has all six fleets playing at once. I would think that with most people's collections you could do the entire campaign with a modest collection playing with only two players. The finale could be troublesome though.
  8. I was surprised to see the E Wing taken off the board so quickly, but was more surprised to see the early choices with the K Wing. That said, I think it came down to the mistakes more than the utter dominance of one list over the other. I am very excited about the Scum championship. I think many of us thought that Palp Aces would have been the winning list. Worlds was very interesting this year.
  9. I think I could get my current Mini fridge looking the part. Thanks for your help everyone. I had almost forgotten the fighters and the extra pilots in the campaign box. Really looking forward to this!
  10. I am wanting to host the Corellian Conflict while furnishing all the models needed. I own the following: The starter box ISD Home One Mc30 Raider Nebulon B And an additional starter box is at our disposal. How many players do you all think that collection would support? I'm thinking of picking up the two newest vessels and possibly the flotilla packs as well. Thanks!
  11. I was hoping they would introduce using the both sides of the double cards. I doubt there will be any real traction on adding ground based units, but I do see them doing a double sided ordnance card. That would be hot.
  12. Well, that makes sense then. I keep forgetting how flexible hip firing ordnance can be. I'm betting there will be a title to give Punishers EPTs at some point, but until then what's a solid loadout for generic Punishers?
  13. Why assault missile on Bren and deadeye homing missile on Jonus? Seems like you should swap who's carrying them.
  14. Hey, kudos on being brave enough to mention Punishers. I would pair Vessery down by using adaptability to ps7, maybe even lose Mk. II to keep him at 36 points. I actually came to this thread to discuss a new build for Redline. I know with the faq that FCS isn't as good on him now, but I still think FCS pays off late game when you have to make tough choices to get a target. I'm thinking this at 100 points: Vessery 35 Adaptability 0 Tractor Beam 1 Tie D 0 Redline 27 Fire Control System 2 Extra Munitions 2 Seismic Torpedoes 2 Cluster Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Backdraft 27 A Score to Settle 0 Collision Detector 0 Spec Ops Training 0 No Bid. The idea is to focus down a single target, Vessery taking the lead in firing and the rest of the squad double tapping the primary target to death. The ideal would be to start activations with 'Red after having a target lock from a previous turn. Red hits targets with a Seismic Tropedo. Backdraft slides in for a double tap on the big base ship, and Vessery lines up his shot and takes a focus. Vessery tractors the large target and fires, Backdraft rolls another 6 dice, and then Red comes in with 6 more. 18 dice from 3 ships, most of the shots are modified. Dream shot for sure, and not super competitive but sure sounds like fun to me.
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