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  1. barabelsftw

    More than one Core Set?

  2. barabelsftw

    More than one Core Set?

    Game looks interesting to me and I'm thinking about picking up the core set. Will I ever need/want to buy the same core or expansion set more than once? For example in X-Wing/Armada you often want multiple core/expansion sets of the same thing to give yourself more options when building your fleet.
  3. barabelsftw

    Paid Off question

    Awesome thanks!
  4. barabelsftw

    Paid Off question

    So I'm looking at paid off from no middle ground. If a character is already knelt before an opponent wins an intrigue challenge do they get the option to stand by paying a gold even though paid off was not the effect that knelt them?
  5. My wife and I ran into a situation where one of us played marched to the wall and the other played wildfire assault. I had 3 characters and my wife had four. The question is which card ability happens first? Would my wife save 3 of her four characters then discard one of the remaining 3 or would she discard 1 and thus only have 3 characters so she doesn't have to kill any. What determines the order or does she get to choose which one she wants to resolve first?
  6. barabelsftw

    Any players in Akron, OH area?

    I'm in the Akron area. I'm new to the game and don't know if there's anything organized around.
  7. barabelsftw

    Points Cost of a Standard Game

    Awesome thanks for the reply.
  8. Hey all. Extremely new to Armada. I just got the core set for my birthday last month then proceeded to buy every expansion. I've been playing the standard 300 point game that the core set describes, but while reading the preview article about the Home One Expansion about halfway through the article , they describe that a Star Destroyer consumes 120 out of the available 400 points in a list. Should I be playing with a fleet of 300 or 400 points? Is 400 points what is used in standard tournament form? Thanks in advance for the answers.
  9. barabelsftw

    BB-8 Question

    Just double checking. Does BB-8's ability give the free barrel roll before the maneuver is executed? 1. Reveal green maneuver 2. Execute free barrel roll 3. Execute revealed green maneuver
  10. barabelsftw

    A new trick with phantoms

    I'm not saying it will be a go-to tactic or prudent most of the time. I'm just saying it's there and available if it's useful.
  11. barabelsftw

    A new trick with phantoms

    A thought just occurred to me. While the phantom has been nerfed, there is a potential opportunity here. Because phantoms will now decloak before any ships move, phantoms have the ability to be blockers that still get to move and take actions. Theoretically, a phantom could decloak to block an opponent, then later take it's own maneuver. Possibly retaining it's action. Sigma pilots could decloak to block ps2 ships then move on their turn to activate. Shadows can block up to ps4 like dagger b-wings which we might see more of with lessened use of phantoms. echo gets even crazier with blocking potential Whisper could move to block almost any ship at ps 9 or under, then be able to move on it's own activation turn. While it would take a good player and a situational opportunity to make use of this, the option is there. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  12. barabelsftw

    Scyks w/ Mangler Cannons - your experience?

    5 mangler syck's murdered my wife's fat han list. The free crit never sounded that great to me until you realize that any damage that gets through on any of your attacks will have at least one crit among them. It's amazing because every one of those 5 shots is as deadly as the last.
  13. barabelsftw

    To B...tl-a4 or not to B...tl-a4?

    Probably a matter of preference but I say double down on the stress.
  14. barabelsftw

    Match made in Heaven- Pilots>EPT

    Echo and Whisper: Veteran Instincts
  15. barabelsftw

    How do you plan on dealing with arc dodgers with scum?

    Been playing this list and it does really well against arc dodgers: Kath with K4, VI, EU (46) Kavil with VI, EU, Autoblaster turret, Unhinged Astromech (32) N'Dru with Lone wolf (19) For the last 3 I can't decide whether I like hot shot or ion cannon on kath, or to just bid for initiative, but flavor to taste. Kavil Works surprisingly well even if he can't focus on the attack cause he had to boost to get into range one, but moving last with him means you can get right up close and pick apart high agilitly targets while they watch helpless.