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  1. barabelsftw

    The Elusive Warsong

    Bonus points if you use them to get in the first fight against an elusive creature.
  2. barabelsftw

    The Elusive Warsong

    My favorite deck has Brobnar cards with anger, relentless assault, and warsong and a speed sigil with dodgers and umbras. It can swing some serious aember especially if you can clear your opponents board and then use relentless assault to ready all those brob creatures and reap because there's no one to fight.
  3. barabelsftw

    Trash to Treasure?

    I went to a pick your poison tournament (bring 2 decks and your opponent decides which one you play) I brought my best deck that looks really scary cause it had great cards and synergies that were easy to see, and then brought my best deck that looks way less scary but is still very good and almost everyone picked the second deck so I always picked my opponents deck that deck #2 would have an easier time with. Ended up playing 75% of my matches with deck #2 and it did great. I always try to play at least 2-3 ganes with a new deck before deciding if I like it or not. Ended up getting really surprised with a deck with 3 full moons and 2 untamed creatures that had no phase shifts and it did surprisingly better than I thought it would.
  4. barabelsftw

    In Defense of Dextre

    I'm surprised how often I use EMP in my Mars Logos deck with 6 artifacts. I can mitigate some of the drawbacks with key abduction and sometimes my opponents artifacts are scarier than mine. It helps that my wife's go-to deck has two ritual of balance and a couple other annoying artifacts.
  5. barabelsftw

    In Defense of Dextre

    This is true. I forgot to mention that my deck uses multiple shadow selfs so if I can keep NS around he's usually protected allowing another semi board clear (or the threat of one).
  6. barabelsftw

    In Defense of Dextre

    In my opinion Dextre is a middling card at best. I feel like he's useful sometimes but I usually would prefer any other Logos card. That changed when I opened my fist deck with a Neutron Shark. Now Dextre has this amazing use as the last card that I destroy with Neutron Shark to stop its effect. The risk of blowing up my useful cards even after I clear my opponents board is gone because when I destroy Dextre he goes to the top of my deck then gets discarded and stops the effect! I just think it's so cool that even a card that feels out of place can sometimes do amazing stuff in the right situation and deck. Anybody else have cards they thought would stink but the right deck made them shine?
  7. barabelsftw

    Autocannon vs. Urchin

    Per rules as written, does my opponent get to steal aember if he plays urchin with an autocannon in play or does Urchin die before his play effect can trigger?
  8. barabelsftw

    Do as much of the card as you can

    Fair response. A better example is Guardian Demon. His text says he heals up to 2 Damage. Which means he can pick any creature to attempt to heal even if they have 1 or zero damage. If his text said "heal 2 damage" I would believe that you have to pick a target with at least 2 damage.
  9. barabelsftw

    Do as much of the card as you can

    I disagree. Just like many cards do an effect (like twin bolt emission does 2 damage to two creatures) you need to pick 2 targets if possible. If you're only way to resolve most of the card ability results in a sub optimal decision, don't make that decision. If hallowed blaster said UP to 3 damage I would agree with you that you're never forced to pick a damaged creature. But who knows I'm sure we'll get a FAQ soon to address some of these questions.
  10. barabelsftw

    Do as much of the card as you can

    I would assume you could activate it but you have to try and heal 3 damage, so if your opponent is the only one who has damaged creatures you'd have to heal them.
  11. barabelsftw

    Question about "Purging"/"Destroying"

    I also had a similar interaction question:
  12. barabelsftw

    Dextre/Bad Penny vs Special Delivery

    Suppose I use Special Delivery to destroy Dextre or Bad Penny. What happens to them? The text on Special Delivery says if it destroys a creature it is purged but BP and Dextre go somewhere else when destroyed (hand and top of deck respectively). I could see both sides of the argument on whether they are purged or go back but then I found this in the rules glossary: ACTIVE PLAYER: The active player is the player taking the current turn. The active player makes all necessary decisions for all card abilities or timing conflicts that need to resolve during their turn. Based on this I believe that the active player would get to chose whether Special Delivery or BP/Dextre's would trigger first, thus deciding whether they are purged or returned. Is my logic sound? I'm going to help TO a tournament this weekend and just want to be sure I'm making a good judgement call if this comes up. Thanks in advance for your input.
  13. barabelsftw

    Witch of the Wilds Clarification

    I figured this was the case. Thanks!
  14. barabelsftw

    Witch of the Wilds Clarification

    Got a couple KF decks early. One has 2 Witch of the Wilds. If both are in play do I get to play 2 Untamed card or still just one? The wording is this: "During each turn in which Untamed is not your active house, you may play one Untamed card."
  15. barabelsftw

    Has anyone even seen a maverick, yet?

    My local flgs had a cleansing wave (normally sanctum) as a brobnar card and it seemed to work well given brobnar's propensity to receive and inflict damage.