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  1. One of my Mars cards got hit with Earthbind, which states that the creature can't be used unless its controller has discarded a card this round. Can I satisfy this requirement with the discarded cards from Invasion Portal, or do I need to actively choose and discard a card from my hand?
  2. I also think boots on Gimli is amazing. It stinks that we also got the Dwarven Helmet and we can't/won't give to Gimli because Boots Gimli is just too good.
  3. My game had been complete Pathfinder Beravor with staff and axe Gimli with the 12 point defense instruction guardian card and then completely hunter. I use Gimli to sweep bad guys and Beravor to do the exploring and about 2/3 of the skill checks. Since she has access to the one card that can bring Gimli along to her space if she gets too far ahead.
  4. Right! I thought I had some good defense with my elusive creatures and then that hit the board.
  5. I really like the cards that disrupt reaping. It can really throw a monkey wrench into the strategy of just reaping as long as your opponent doesn't have a creature that will devastate your gameplay. I've found that sometimes Elusive actually worked against some of my creatures with examples being Collector Worm and Groke with Into the Fray.
  6. My wife and I just went to the next scenario after playing when the game when it first came out and I can't find the trinkets we acquired. Does the app not track trinkets? Seems weird if it doesn't since the app tracks everything else.
  7. That. Or use lash to get 9 aember instead of 6. Bonus points is you use poltergeist to pop it on the Dis turn
  8. I feel like Key Abduction is a great card that gets overlooked often. It has a ton of great options for use. You can bounce all of your opponents Mars cards back to their hand forcing them to play them again. You can reorganized your battle line/heal Yixix Dominators and such. Pair it with a hunting witch and you can get some fast aember. Save all your small guys from the Ammonia Clouds or the EMP Blast you need to play. And then sometimes you get to forge a key.
  9. Bonus points if you use them to get in the first fight against an elusive creature.
  10. My favorite deck has Brobnar cards with anger, relentless assault, and warsong and a speed sigil with dodgers and umbras. It can swing some serious aember especially if you can clear your opponents board and then use relentless assault to ready all those brob creatures and reap because there's no one to fight.
  11. I went to a pick your poison tournament (bring 2 decks and your opponent decides which one you play) I brought my best deck that looks really scary cause it had great cards and synergies that were easy to see, and then brought my best deck that looks way less scary but is still very good and almost everyone picked the second deck so I always picked my opponents deck that deck #2 would have an easier time with. Ended up playing 75% of my matches with deck #2 and it did great. I always try to play at least 2-3 ganes with a new deck before deciding if I like it or not. Ended up getting really surprised with a deck with 3 full moons and 2 untamed creatures that had no phase shifts and it did surprisingly better than I thought it would.
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