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  1. Here's Tiefanatic's list: Boba Fett (Scum) (39) Veteran Instincts (1) Flechette Cannon (2) Outlaw Tech (2) Black Sun Enforcer (25) Hull Upgrade (3) Black Sun Enforcer (25) Hull Upgrade (3) Total: 100
  2. I'm wondering what those who have played both ships extensively prefer. I'd be running it in a dual list with an HLC IG-88B. I usually prioritize movement over evades, so I lean 88D. Do you find the extra unpredictability/arc-dodging ability of the D to be more or less effective for avoiding damage than another evade? One of my fears is that I'll feel like I need to boost just to get the evade, when I may have preferred to TL or focus instead, for example. (Not a fan of PTL on this ship, at least not yet).
  3. Always remember with Phantoms: It's better to not get shot at than to rely on 4 green dice. If you need to barrel roll to get out of an arc, do it, rather than worry that you won't get to focus your attack dice. You're using the best arc-dodgers in the game; take advantage of it at all times. That's why I prefer Echo over Whisper. The vast majority of tournament Phantoms are Whisper, because of the pilot ability to get a focus for defense. While that's great, not having to roll green dice at all is preferable. And Echo is significantly better at arc avoidance than Whisper. I wonder if Phantoms will struggle for awhile now that Wave 5 is out. We're about to see many, many more hard-hitting turrets than we've seen in the past, even with the new Fat Han meta that's emerged in the past six months. Although the Decimator/Phantom combo has promise...
  4. I think it would be fun to figure out how to beat that tactic. If you come right down the right side of the board edge (to the left of the fortress), you can avoid the arcs of all but two ships, I think (not sure, though). Take out the ship or ships on the left side, then fly in and bump the fortress repeatedly, shooting freely at the ships you have in arc, and forcing them out. I'm just brainstorming here... Also, if you focus fire at range three, you'll probably have an advantage due to having actions that the fortress ships won't have. That gives you a significant damage advantage (an advantage, of course, as you get closer, too). So, you TL or focus at R3. If you have TLs, don't spend them. Next turn, while they're bumping each other, you get probably R1 shots with TL/focus (this assumes you're playing Rebels, or Empire ships with TLs). They don't have any protection, either for offense or defense. Given average rolls, you *should* be able to do more to the fortress than the fortress does to you, if you can minimize the fortress' arc coverage. (BTW, I said to the left of the fortress, because the X in front is pointed the other way). Again, I haven't worked this out, but I'd rather figure out how to beat it than complaining about its existence.
  5. It can still be done, for sure. But again, you're doing a lot less damage to the Phantom due to the re-cloak from ACD. In addition, with Whisper potentially moving after you, it increases the odds of her getting to range 1 and throwing 5 dice, which can be painful. It makes it a lot harder for you.
  6. As a Phantom player, I love all Han lists in which he doesn't take Veteran Instincts. It's very simple: four green dice keeps me alive twice as long (on average) as two green dice. Chewie's even better, as both Echo and Whisper trump his PS. And I like running both in a list.
  7. Of the two listed, I like List 2 a little better. It has a couple fewer damage points, but the extra ship means you can do more blocking, which can be critical against Fat Han.
  8. Gameplay. For me, the Star Wars aspect is completely irrelevant. I'd play this with any types of ships -- although the fact that FFG cares about the minis is a big bonus. I'm kind of meh on Star Wars, for the most part. I'll watch the original trilogy, but the universe isn't something I spend any time on. I love the game, though; most fun I've had with a game since Starfleet Battles.
  9. TGM -- you got it! Take two free EPTs out of petty cash.
  10. Actually, I did mention it, cement head: "His evades: Blank. Blank." (No reporting me, please. This was a joke. tiefanatic is my son.)
  11. (free EPT upgrade to everyone old enough -- or cool enough -- to get the headline reference) My son is legendary for his luck. I've said numerous times that it borders on the supernatural. He's a good player, too, and that can be a lethal combination. His luck is consistently better than mine, especially when it comes to his green dice; his evade reflexes are Jedi-like. All that changed in our game last night. His squad: Soontir/PTL Bounty Hunter Firespray Delta Defender/HLC Mine: Corran/VI/FCS Etahn 2 Prototypes/Chardaan Refit He starts off with his typically amazing evades: 11 attacks against the Defender (due to some range bonuses), and at least eight hits that I remember, resulted in two shields down. Sigh. Several turns later, that luck evaporated in a horrific, hilarious way. I K-turned with Corran and Etahn behind the Firespray and started shooting. The first volley wiped out the shields. Next came Corran's double tap. This was my natural, Range 1 roll: Crit. Crit. Crit. Hit. The hit, of course, was upgraded to a crit because of Etahn. His evades: Blank. Blank. That was "Massive Luck, The Movie." Then came "Massive Luck, The Sequel." The crits: Direct Hit. Direct Hit. Injured Pilot. Direct Hit. Kablooey goes the Firespray. First we stared at the red dice, then all over again at the crit cards. Simply mind-boggling. Having lost Soontir the previous turn, my son, realizing the Dice Gods were toying with him, conceded. Sometimes it *is* better to be lucky than good.
  12. An interesting idea, the 2 Predator/3 Outmaneuver. Worth trying, but just going with my intuition, I think it's more effective, in general, to modify your red dice than cutting down your opponent's green dice.
  13. Same problem, though; you can't get five ships in this list.
  14. Chilligan, those are interesting numbers. I agree that Outmaneuver/PTL is an excellent combo, certainly better than straight Predator, for offense. But the question again arises: you're then talking about 4 ships vs. 5 ships. You're doing less damage per ship with 5/Predator, but you have more ships to dole out damage. Five ships, of course, also gives you four more hit points, more ability to spread arcs/block/focus fire/etc. When faced with that choice, which do you choose? I'm not saying you're wrong, just that it's a difficult choice. Eight attack dice and 16 total HP for my force just doesn't feel like a lot.
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