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  1. I want my Blue Squadron X-Wings from Rogue One. Then I want Tycho. I also want some new Y-Wing pilots from Yavin/Endor Vult Skerris would be a logical new addition for Empire Ace roster. Also someone mentioned Ciena Ree for Interceptor. Fel's Wrath is a nobrainer. Good place to bring back old but cut Tie Fighters too For scum it is trickier. I guess they could do Vaksai configuration for Kihraxzes (not rereleased yet but still). Mara Jade in Z95 and I guess if they don't do Jango for CIS, then make him Scum. I don't think FO / Resistance needs any pilots for existing ships. I guess couple T70's / FO/SF (Tam from Resistance / her instructor / Rocklyn could do it.. Republic there are countless clones and couple Jedis left. Could do anything really.. Same goes for CIS really. They are droids. Just arrange different letter/number combinations and call it a day. Also give me CIS firespray pilots and I might buy into the faction
  2. Went 3-0 yesterday with similar list, had Ion Cannon over Tractor and Ello, Nien with Heroics and ini1 A-wing with Heroic 200p. Transport did some work for sure
  3. I used it in Eindhoven SoS against Whisper after I lost one blue sq. Escort to Redline and Whisper. Sure I could've shot Whisper with primary attack and do 1 damage and let her keep Evade for cloaking that ve could've used to arc dodge everything probably. Instead I shot Jamming Beam and got rid of her evade token, which led to a close block and range 1 shots. Whisper was left with 1 hull left. She didn't die, but was seriously crippled that she had to be out of combat out of fear for 3 turns to give me time to kill Redline/Soontir. Next opportunity to shoot at Whisper killed her.
  4. 7th Fleet Gunners with Sinker in formation seems like fun. Throwing 4 dice a piece with two of them getting reroll. Wolffe looks awesome.
  5. Strain token is not a stress token. It seems like it is that new red token with red arrow. Gets removed after that ship defends or performs a blue maneuver. "The ship chosen by a pilot with the Treacherous upgrade gains a strain token, making it even more vulnerable to attack—while a strained ship defends, it rolls one fewer defense die. A strain token is removed after a strained ship defends, but it’s far better to remove the token by executing a blue maneuver before being targeted while at an extreme disadvantage."
  6. Say you have bought every ship Empire had in 1.0. Now someone who has started X-Wing only in 2.0 with buying Coreset and Wave 0-1 focusing on Empire only. At this moment he has Tie Fighter, Tie Advanced and Reaper (as it has 2.0 too) with Striker coming in wave 3. While Extended Empire has 14 different ships I believe. So it might not make it "easier", but it makes the playing field level and equal where newer players don't have to worry about ships they can't buy from a store or have to rely on 3rd party sellers that might or might not have that one particular ship. So 14 different ships vs. 4 different ships.
  7. Pretty much this. Copy function, Maneuver dials shown for each ship, Condition cards (shown next to cards that give them) and text only exporting are one of the most basic functions that squad builder should have that Official App lacks as of this moment. Most if not all other Squad builders have these options and I continue to use those instead and using FFG app only if I absolutely need to (exporting for official FFG tournaments such as SoS or Hyperspace Trials..)
  8. Hwarangdaem


    Kagi is great against ordnance carriers. Saves your more valuable targets if they get locked on.
  9. You can do basically the same thing with Bodhi Rook, Awing and 4 Z95's. Bandit with Homings is just 26points. Awing gets you basically LongRangeScanners on turn 2 if you want. Just take locks on that one ace and it has some maneuvering to do unless it wants to face 4 homing missiles guaranteening 4 damage minimum unless you are willing to take that 16 dice. Risking to be blocked by Awing. Against fattier targets you can just shoot primaries as you still have 6 ships with TL focus. It was rather fun list to fly when you add Leia to the mix for easy turn around. Not the best, but it had some potential. I1 is problem most of the time, but I've got used to it flying low PS rebels like forever in 1.0
  10. Making Trajectory Simulator Resistance Bomber only
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't read too much into FFG's lists. We have confirmed from our flgs that they have2 kits coming to our store here in Finland. Not in their list either
  12. You don't need smartphone to use that app. But yes, you can't build squads without memorizing point costs, which isn't that hard after couple games, but you have the PDF's to help you with. In the long run I just feel that it is only good for the game because the app gives them data about ship/pilot/upgrade usage to help them balance the game for better playing experience and less NPE Last time we played we had only 2 guys come and play x-wing (including me). 1.0 is basically dead here. Most of us are waiting for 2.0 and have been playing other games such as Armada that has been dusting on the shelf.
  13. Also 3 shields when Rebel version has 5
  14. This too. I finally have excuse to play Armada when Xwing used to take that time. Armada was kind of dusting on the shelf
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