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  1. Thank you thecactusman17 for wording it so elegantly. If cheating is OK, then what is the purpose of rules!? Bumping your Star Destroyer in Armada during a tournament? Not a problem, just nudge it out of the way. Your ships are chain bumping in X-Wing, not a problem, pick up the dial and change their direction. And someone was suggesting that a TO will put it up for a vote to see if a cheater gets booted or not!? What if the cheater came with their friends and the person cheated on was by themselves? Another person said they were too afraid to lose players if they got kicked out for cheating. In my opinion, you will lose way more players who don't have time to play and get cheated. This is not real life, I want my gaming time to be devoted to a fair game, and all participants having fun. I am not sure FFG realizes the gravity of the situation here.
  2. YES, this directly affects ME. Understand, how FFG handles their biggest tournament sets a precedence on how all other tournaments are handled. 1. I have lost entire competitive tournaments for far, far, far less. I explained the situation, the TO said, "NO." I lost the whole thing WITHOUT arguing because I had indeed made a rules mistake. 2. I had a person in one game fly their Falcon off their board and on to mine, we all laughed it up and decided that since he is new he won't lose his Falcon, he can have it back on his board but it gets a stress token. 3. know people who have been ejected from tournaments for a list typo, and they haven't complained because those are the rules. This person cheated, was caught, and still got to advance to the next day. This affects me personally as a player and as an X-Wing events organizer. This can potentially set a precedent that cheating and bending the rules is OK as long as you are a paying customer. Dear FFG, I have lost competitive tournaments for significantly smaller honest infractions and I know people who have been booted from tournaments for less. By not enforcing their own rules, FFG has diminished previous tournaments and tournament organizers that have done their best to run fair events. Yes, this does affect me personally. Thank you FFG moderators for weighing in on the issue in this forum. I know that the majority of your team is not at the tournament and there is little you can do, however, if you want to organize grand tournaments you need to have judges and be willing to enforce the rules. What happened here is a mistake that has marred on overall great event.
  3. Hi Stoneface Pont 1: No, because board games should be a fun experience, and cheating should never, ever be tolerated. I want to be concerned with my maneuvers, not worry if my opponent is cheating. Point 2: This is the highest level event for X-Wing and one of the most publicized board game events, everyone needs to play by the rules. Point 3: We don't care why. He was caught on camera that he did. So if I take your miniatures at the end of a game and claim I got "confused" but did not return them to you then it is OK? The point here is that there was an action: a maneuver was changed on purpose for advantage but there was no reaction. Point 4: Yes, there is something we can do about it. I have already personally made one meme (not the upgrade card one, that was genius ) and I will continue to shame this Parker Guidary dude for ruining at least one person's tournament experience. Understand, I am doing this not because I want to, but because FFG dropped the ball and said it was OK to cheat at world level gaming events. I say NO it is NOT!
  4. I agree that "other people have said Parker Guidary cheats" is not information that can be proven and should be ignored. However, the camera clearly catches him changing his dial in one of the biggest X-Wing tournaments, ever. There is visual proof. Guidary should have been punished appropriately for cheating for that game.
  5. It really depends on the tournament. I think that if it is a local 8-12 person tournament and your opponent is new or a fun person then you should help. There is nothing worse than loosing a tournament on a technicality or wining a tournament because of something silly. Most extreme example I have seen was an 8 person tournament where the boards were connected in 2x2 (one edge of the board will connect to another). At that time I had 3 Tie Interceptors moving 5 forward and suddenly a Fat Han comes right in front of them! The person diagonally of me had miscalculated so much, that his entire ship entered on my field! Poof, 2/3 of his list is now gone at turn 2! So his opponent (one of the people running X-Wing Dank Meme on Facebook) laughed it up, and the four of us collectively decided that the Falcon goes back to his board, but gets a stress. But this goes both ways, I will help people out at tournaments, but I will also call BS when a ship lands on a rock but they are trying to tell me it didn't.
  6. Have tried it. Love it. Ryad is an amazing TL buddy for Juke Vessery. Palp is just Palp. You pretty much have to kill him before the Defenders because they have so much health and token stacking that they will just not die while Palp is on the board. "Defend the Emperor" will be a thing my friends. This is the exact list that I play with. I am yet to lose a game with it.
  7. If I had a dollar every time I have lost a full health Tie Defender in one pass I would pay for my entire X-Wing collection.
  8. I think an entire book can be written on this subject! If a player is not familiar with Tie Defender, they will rarely block the 4K on purpose. However, good players will pay attention to this and block the 4Ks consistently, significantly reducing the effectiveness of the lower pilot skill defenders. I have noticed that new players find Tie Defenders, even without any titles extremely difficult to deal with because they can save a target lock of later and can always get behind you. Experienced players find it easier to shut down the 4K. On a complete tangent, this is really where Ryad shines with a potential 2, 3, 4 and 5K: "Block THIS!"
  9. I have played 5+ games with Vessery T/D and 3+ games with Vessery X7 and surprisingly and completely against this entire thread I am liking the X7 much better! X7 Vessery means you get maximum of only 1 target lock per turn but it is cheaper, you may have an evade token, and Vessery is much more consistent game to game. I have found that the T/D Vessery sometimes is a monster, and sometimes explodes right off the bat or is too target lock hungry and ends up hampering the performance of the rest of the list. Currently play testing: Vessery X7 Juke Ryad X7 Push The Limit, Engine MK II Shuttle with Palatine
  10. And he's a whiny wannabe who throws tantrums (PS5). His pilot ability should be to clear all stress when he performs a green maneuver (or 2 stress tokens whenever he is supposed to clear 1) making him the perfect home for the Rage EPT. Yes!!! Making Kylo synergies with Rage is genius!
  11. I did the classic color scheme because I still haven't gotten on board with the colors of the new order. But it really takes 2 clicks to change all the colors. The problem with the ship is that it looks so so so so close to a Sith Fury Interceptor from the Old Republic. It is smaller, but for the most part, it is a lazy merger of a Tie Interceptor and Fury Interceptor into one ship. The command shuttle, while not better looking at least looks more original to me.
  12. Whatever next, a Republic Death Star? WE WERE DECEIVED!!! - Darth Malgus Funny you should mention that!
  13. Is this the prototype?
  14. I am really liking this idea. Or something like this in general... Now that I think about it, didn't Tie Fighter the computer game have a missile that did absolutely no damage but drained the enemy cannons? From wookipedia: The Magnetic pulse, also known as the Mag Pulse Warhead or Mag Pulse Torpedo, was a highly specialized missile-type projectile that inflicts no permanent damage upon impact but instead disables its target's weapons systems leaving it vulnerable. A Mag Pulse missile can work well with the non-X7 Tie Defenders and we know that FFG is trying to put an end to ships roaming around with empty slots.
  15. Juke, Crack Shot, etc. are all arguments in favor of Hull/Shield Upgrade. They make your AGI less important, so the extra hit point is very important. Unless you mean dropping Hull for Engine to try and dodge some shots, which I could get behind. For example, against a Crack Shot Swarm, each Crack Shot is worth 1 point. So for 1 Shield Upgrade that gives you +1 hit point the opponent can decrease your list by -4 hit points. Obviously this is the most extreme case. With the new Tie Defender pilots and abilities, 4 points can get a Delta upgraded all the way up to Ryad or an X7 to a Tractor Beam T/D. If you can tractor beam 1 ship out of position so it misses its shot then you have gained as many as 4 shield/hull upgrades (again, most extreme case, but I have been tractored out of position so it happens). I need to play a lot more games, but as a player that used to have hull/shield on all my important ships and hull AND shield on my Tie Interceptors their value and usefulness has diminished.
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