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  1. BadMotivator

    World War feel

    Get them attached to some NPCs who get murdered horribly later. Give them some rebel soldiers to lead, and then kill them once they get attached.
  2. Well usually he gives us 10-15 xp per session, plus another 10-15 if we finished a major plot section. Cool stuff or any schenanagains we pull usually are 5 xp for the relevant characters involved in it.
  3. Our GM does base xp plus extra for cool stuff done by individual characters.
  4. BadMotivator

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    They could simply add a couple more rules, or change the rules he has. Frankly I think Deflect should read as "While defending, if you have a Dodge token, you gain Defense Surge: Block. If it is a ranged attack, the attacker suffers 1 wound for each Defensive Surge rolled" Deflect is simply too weak as it stands. Needing to spend a dodge token to activate it is painful. But if it became a "while you have a dodge token" ability it would be more interesting. And give him a new rule something like this, Dark Lord: You may perform multiple Attack actions in the same activation. During each activation, you may perform 3 actions instead of 2. This would turn him into a true melee blender without being unbalanced I feel. Vader just doesn't give enough reward for delivering him. Vader getting into melee should be a "Game over man!" moment if he's surrounded by enemies.
  5. BadMotivator

    we may as well get the ball rolling

    Every other table top wargame functions just fine with errata making point costs different than the printed codex/cards/rulebook says. Refusing to fix something because "that would make all the cards/books obsolete!" is a terrible reason. Its the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and being all "Lalalala I'm not listening!"
  6. BadMotivator


    Gadgeteer is definitely my favorite. It’s a good combo of a combat and non-combat skills. Great for a mechanic to pickup or for a bounty hunter that likes gizmos.
  7. BadMotivator

    Crafting "time" question

    I would definitely view it as “it takes X time to craft it, but you can pause it to do other stuff”. So you can partake in the adventure, but that won’t count against the time working on it.
  8. BadMotivator

    Can I skip the big box?

    As above. The Core Set is the best value for your $ you can get in the game. It gives you everything you need, and many things you cannot buy elsewhere yet, for a massive savings. Try and find someone who wants to start Rebels and see if you can go halfsies. Buy it from an online retailer that sells at a discount and save even more. If you get it online at a discount and split it with someone, you'll probably spend $35-40. So for the price of buying 1.5 boxes of Stormtroopers, you'll have gotten 2 units of Stormtroopers, Vader, and speeder bikes. If you are on a budget, you really can't afford to not get the Core set.
  9. Yeah. The main reason not to use vehicle scale vs people is the massive difficulty in hitting them. Your talking 5+ purple at minimum.
  10. I wouldn't make them Vehicle scale. Just give them a very very high soak. Start with Rancor stats. Give them Soak of 15-20, depending on how mean you feel and give them the following abilities, Immunity Breach Force Null Zone: Terentatek's are virtually immune to force powers, and are strong with the Dark Side of the force. They cannot be targeted by any force power abilities or actions. Furthermore, whenever any force users within long range of a Tarentatek roll 1 or more Force dice, 1 die which rolled light side pips must be changed to show an equal number of dark side pips instead(Player's choice). Evil Incarnate: Tarentatek's have Nemesis 1. Force sensitive PCs with a morality of 50 or higher treat the Tarantatek as having Nemesis 3. I would also advise giving them a very very very high Strain threshold, or possibly "unlimited" strain. You cannot stun this thing till its out.
  11. BadMotivator

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    I think it’s more that a cop might arrest you for possession of stolen property, obviously being unaware that you are the rightful owner. I don’t think it is common for the BOLO report on a stolen vehicle to include the name of the rightful owner. And every car thief in the world is going to claim “this is my car man” while he is getting cuffed. Obviously it will be cleared up eventually. But it is wise that if you ever report a possession of yours stolen and later recover it yourself you should inform the police that you found it.
  12. BadMotivator

    Legally claiming a pirate ship

    Given how ingrained gambling is in Star Wars, I would not be surprised if there was a form specifically for a ship getting lost in a bet. There are also probably a lot of very strict laws regarding gambling debts and paying up, laws which apply everywhere. Qui-gon threatens to take the bet with Watto to the Hutts, and that shuts his objection down real quick. I imagine the same would apply in Imperial space. You gamble and lose? You pay up!
  13. Not necessarily. He could just fall off and make no noise till he hits the ground a few hundred feet down, and that wouldn't make much noise. Aside from a potential Wilhelm Scream on the way down
  14. I would go with two checks since both can be independently successful or fail. he might climb up the wall, but be very noisy. He might fail to climb the wall, but not make a sound.
  15. A shattered cockpit apparently.