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  1. I think a big reason they have vague release dates is because they make most of their product in China. Chinese manufacturing timetables are... dodgy. And often comes down to how much you're willing to pay to get moved to the front of the line. That uncertainty is a big factor in why a lot of gaming products have such vague release dates. Its made in China and has to deal with the issues caused by that. Stuff that gets made elsewhere usually has much firmer release dates.
  2. The more likely explanation is that the other option that one could take instead of Sniper's are so bad that they're not worth it. Its not that Snipers are too strong, they're fine. Its that the alternatives are lame. So the real solution is to make the alternatives more viable, not nerf snipers.
  3. Its a 2 black dice attack that can ONLY ever have 2 black dice. Typically, its going to do 1 wound and thats it. Which is fairly borderline for a 28 point miniature, who also has a 16 point miniature who is going to spend most of his time sitting and contemplating his belly button. If you could spend dodge tokens against a DLT sniper, the snipers would probably see zero play. They need to be a guaranteed 1 point(plus maybe a 2nd point) of damage to be anywhere close to worth it. Its 44 points for a measly 2 black dice, and sometimes another 2 black dice against another target. Thats not very point efficient at all. Dodge does need a buff IMO. Dodge should let you reroll 2 defense dice instead of what it currently does. That would give more symmetry to the tokens, be a little more streamlined, and focus on actual dice manipulation rather than a static damage mitigation.
  4. We could maybe hope for a future release of an Operative version of herself. Kinda like how the generic commanders have 2 versions.
  5. Its a problem a lot of units in table top games end up facing. The game designers just throwing a bunch of good abilities on a unit without considering how they all work together. You end up with a unit that is less than the sum of its parts and doesn't have a good role to fill at a cost effective price point. She would have needed a way to generate Suppression tokens spontaneously to really be worth her points. She can quite easily be killed, or nearly killed, in the first volley that would give her a suppression token. And the more suppression she has, the more likely she has fewer than 6 wounds left. If she only has 2 wounds left, even if she's rolling 4 extra white defense dice she has a good chance of still getting killed. If she was 30 points cheaper and had an Action that gave her a Suppression token she would be interesting and actually quite scary. Then she could charge herself up and become an annoying piece to remove. But because she's almost certainly going to be missing wounds before she has all those extra defense dice she isn't very scary. Vader throwing a Lightsaber at her before she has any suppression is probably going to drop her to half health, even if you give her the almost mandatory Duck and Cover training, and then a squad of Stormtroopers can finish the job. Infiltrate is cool, but its not so cool on one of your commanders who is going to be very exposed and far ahead of your army. So you end up paying for a skill that you can't really take advantage of. Plus you'd be really risking not being able to use all your command cards before she gets killed.
  6. Well he wouldn’t get it while disguised at least.
  7. Aircraft are quite fragile generally speaking. A few shots from any infantry rifle could completely ruin an F-35 and make it unable to fly. Ground vehicles on the other hand should be quite safe from small arms. Perhaps if Armor was worded as follows instead of what it currently is, Armor X: When defending, you may cancel all Hit results. When defending, you may cancel up to X Crit results except Crit results generated by the Impact keyword. So armor would have an order of magnitude now that would give it some resilience vs lucky crits getting through. So say an AT-RT had Armor 1, it could discard 1 lucky crit, but 2 would get a wound through. An AT-ST might have Armor 2, so just trying to roll lucky crits would be an unlikely event, you would need Impact of some level to get through.
  8. The Antiquated Battle Droid is the B1 battle droid. As said above, make it cheaper because it’s more contemporary. The trade federation probably sold their B1s to many private buyers over the years, so they should be fairly common.
  9. If I was GM'ing a group that was trying to flip some rare stuff, I might make it more difficult to find a buyer the rarer the item, dependent on where they are trying to sell it too. Afterall. If you had a stolen Tiger cub, finding someone to buy it on the streets of LA would probably be a nigh-on-impossible challenge. But if and when you did find a buyer they'd still pay top dollar.
  10. I now feel compelled to do a series of all the movies broken down as an RPG campaign.
  11. People are clever. Say you put a bunch of stickers that just have your name on them to denote ownership, stickers you made with your typical label maker. Perhaps you have all your Core token's stickers have your name sticker directly in the center and the labels are perfectly square. Your Commander stickers however, have the ends of the labels cut at an ever so slight angle while still being in the center of the token. Your support token stickers are slightly off-center of the token, while your heavy/emplacements have their tokens slightly offcenter and have angled cuts. Cheaters are sneaky, and something like this would be difficult to detect without organizers meticulously checking everybody's tokens.
  12. This is why they really need a better system than the pile of cardboard tokens, something that dispenses with the current order tokens entirely. Something like an official order pool kit that contains a bunch of hard plastic somethings and a bag to put them in. Perhaps use D4s with the various unit type symbols on the different sides, but smooth sided so you can't tell from just the feel of the dice. Both players would have this bag of dice and your opponent would be the one to pull your order from the pool. Sure, its just more proprietary crap that FFG can sell us, but it would fix the issue. 2 big problems with the current order tokens are that they get damaged easily, and it would be quite easy to cheat with them. Put different divots on different unit types, disguised as normal wear and tear that the tokens would suffer. Put stickers on different orientations, cleverly disguised as you simply marking that those are your tokens. etc...
  13. It happens every so often. I think they’re lazy in getting it renewed.
  14. Yup. this is where it would be interesting.
  15. The difference would matter when Pierce comes into play. Surges convert after Pierce removes Block results IIRC. Another potential difference is maybe this defense dice has more than 1 defense surge. A black die that has 1 block and 3 surge faces would be interesting, particularly when you've got Pierce involved. And as mentioned, if the unit in question had Deflect it gets interesting as well. This actually seems like a cool design space for a Jedi unit to get. A black die that has only 1 block, but a lot of surges, on a unit that has deflect. They pretty much have to burn Dodge tokens to stay alive which means they are action starved, but are very resilient to ranged attacks. And whose to say that a new type of defense die would have to be 6 sided? You could have an 8 or 10 sided die.
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