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  1. Yeah, the size is an issue. That's why I'm considering the ringworld. Which would be more like a Halo in size, which has a surface area of 318 million square kilometres. For reference, Earth has a surface area of 510 million square kilometres if you count the seas. EDIT: Whoops, it's actually 3,180,000 square kilometres.
  2. Apparently that's below the galactic plane.
  3. How would the PCs actually get inside the sphere?
  4. That's very true. Hmm, would a ringworld the size of a habitable planet work better?
  5. So, some of you might remember my thread about a Rogue Trader version of Flying Dutchman. Which I did do and it went pretty well. Not as well as I had hoped, though. Now I have the idea for a treasure hunt in a Dyson sphere. First off, is this doable in any way? Second, what species should be the creators of the sphere?
  6. Hmm. I'll probably have the main bad guy be made out of the living metal that Necrons are made of. But that leaves the common enemies. Screw it, I'll use the hired gun profile from the core rulebook, remove Fellowship, add Machine (4), and give them an energy weapon with the stats of a Boltgun. That sound good?
  7. I think I'm gonna go with the Necron knockoffs. How would I make their stats?
  8. Two things. 1. Are there stats for Enslavers? 2. How deadly are they? I'm assuming that they're extremely deadly and I'd be wrecking the players' **** if I pit them against an Enslaver. Which isn't really my jam.
  9. Hey, remember this? Like a lot of RP stuff I do, I put this idea on the back burner. But I'm digging it up and starting it up again. I've decided to use the Silver Ship with the time limit. Right now I'm trying to figure out what kind of enemies I'll have on the ship. Any ideas?
  10. I can't use Book of Judgement because the GM has banned us from taking anything from that book.
  11. I actually took a look at it and it does sound good. Hostile Acquisitions also doesn't give a lot of details, so I'd be free to modify it. But the thing that worries me the most is the time window the players have to explore it.
  12. So, if I make it a Yu'Vath ship, there's a chance that he will consider other options than blowing it up and letting the Omnissiah sort it out?
  13. Okay, cool. Also, what's the Explorator policy on xenotech?
  14. The problem with that is that they might just blow it up and go along their way. Which I obviously don't want.
  15. By the way, what's the contingency plan if the players just flood the ship with armsmen?
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