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  1. It was a typo from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.
  2. Hey, I just bought into the game with 2 latari cores and a base components set. I plan to get only latari expansions for this game. Is there a need to get a 3rd core? At this point I struggle to get to 200pts, should I wait for army expansions or make the jump to the 3rd?
  3. The Leonx Riders are the first unit to have a Blue Shift modifiable by charge or bank, so no, I'm not trolling.
  4. Can Shift be modified by Bank or Charge modifiers? If so, can you charge sideways or backwards?
  5. http://aripax.blogspot.ro/2017/06/how-to-tweak-list.html
  6. Aren't we a little ways past April 1st?
  7. After seeing the rebels season finale and viewing this snippet again in higher res, i think it was definitely the Dornean gunship.
  8. I don't get the hate for MC80 Liberties. They're great ships, but they're not ISDs. Don't get caught doing ISD things. I agree that it relies on finesse a lot more than an ISD. Position with it is key, Madine helps a lot with that. It's pretty brutal as far as damage goes, but it's squishier than people expect. You can run it pretty lean though, Leading Shots, Gunnery Teams and Mon Karren is enough to make it sing. I admit I haven't looked at statistics, but at the regional I attended I took 2nd with it and my final table was against double liberties... It's also very good in CC, as you can mitigate a lot of the squishiness if you're a veteran. Get in, pop 2 rounds of repair with dial + veteran token, put some Major Derlin love and it suddenly doesn't even take hull damage anymore. No, seriously, having 2 braces can be amazing.
  9. I'm at work and can't read through the whole thread, but the packaging info for the Hammerheads sounds like this: Often fielded in groups by the Rebellion, Hammerheads lend themselves to formation tactics with their agility and responsiveness. You’ll be able to explore some of these formation tactics with the expansion’s two pre-painted Hammerhead miniatures, and you’ll find them supported by two ship cards, as well as a full complement of fourteen upgrade cards heavily focused on close-range combat! I was wondering why they packaged 2 in 1 box, when the box is twice the sum of a small ship, there seems to be an answer in formation flying (more than surely based on the title cards that are non-unique)
  10. They were good before, but you had to make it costly for the opponent to actually shoot at them. Putting 2 Defenders alongside in good positions worked pretty well for that. LWF is gold on them though. You can actually count on them not dying instantly now. My only gripe is that this meta is filled with 3-ship lists and I can't get more than 1 opportunity per game with a double-shot, and usually one of those is range 3 at something really defensible, I had to use focus for defense etc. But then again, that's why I play Backdraft.
  11. Upon a closer look, you're probably right, it's an add-in.
  12. The Y-wing and X-wing are in movement. This is much slower. I can PM you a link to the youtube video, I wouldn't post it here because it's copyrighted content.
  13. To be really pedantic, TIE Defenders are now in Rebels I think the game is still largely recognizable. While the Scum ships will give pause to anyone not versed in the EU, ALL Empire ships are instantly recognizable as being Star Wars, if only because they have that round cockpit and weird wings in different arrays. Ships without that cockpit are the Lambda shuttle, the Upsilon shuttle and the Slave-I. For the Rebels, I agree K-wings, E-wings, the HWK-290 are not recognizable, but the rest are actually most of them movie ships!
  14. When the ExecutorDevastator arrives, there's a ship almost off-camera that I didn't notice in any of my viewings. Do we know what it is? It's definitely a ship, not a fighter, and it surely isn't a hammerhead corvette.
  15. Hey, For players of X-wing looking for a game in Bucharest, there's a local meetup at Wargames store[0] every Friday at 7:30pm. We also have a Facebook group [1] [0] https://www.google.ro/maps/place/War+Games+Store/@44.4384807,26.0804325,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x40b1ff5c1cd76cd7:0xddc622b4b391748e!8m2!3d44.4384807!4d26.0826265?hl=en [1] https://www.facebook.com/groups/425282664297188/
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