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  1. In narrative terms slugthrowers can be used for style. Some people find them cool and since it's mostly narrative game they can be useful. The way i see it (and rule it) slugthrowers: - Can't be deflected and parried by lightsaber - Can't be traced so it's great sniper weapon - Can't be picked by energy scanner - Are not considered weapons in some planets - Have loud noise which can be helpful - Can be silenced if above point is not helping - Can be used in places where blaster are not allowed Damage is not everything. If it was nobody would used brawl or holdout blasters. But of course if someone plays star wars not like narrative game but min-max dungeon crawler then yes, slugthrowers are pointless.
  2. Probably means we are in middle of being archived and we went into wrong forum archive
  3. Hey guys and girls. While forums are still active i thought i could get some opinion. I am planing to introduce players to rival inquisitor acolytes. Both players and rival acolytes have same goal on the plaanet. I am pretty sure that it will come to confrontation but i supose that they could try to resolve this peacefully. But i was wondering how do any side prove they are really acolytes? Since they won't have rossete or anything like that how can they prove their identity? Do inquisition use some sort of ID writ? I am sure that at times acolytes must coordinate with local law or some other organization so how do they prove anything? Since i am pretty sure that saying "we are in inquition" is not enough
  4. Lately while i was thinking about a good place in the galaxy to base my campaign i got curious. How others play? Where your campaign is based. Do you put your players in one specific sector or maybe even on one planet or do they fly all over galaxy? Do they have a base or never stay somewhere for long? Do you use any official FFG material (like LoNH or SoF) or wookiepedia? Maybe you have you own homebrew part of galaxy? Tell me about your campaign
  5. I am a bit of nerd when it comes to maps. I want to have political relationship between planets, what they inport/export and how they work. That way i have less plotholes or planets that don't make any sense. So I prefer to have fleshed-out sector in advance. I make up my own worlds as a go and have few prepared for my campaign but i like to put them in some specific place. For me best would be an official sector with few canon/legends planets on the edge of galaxy. Right now i was thinking about minos cluster, dominus sector (both have lots of info in weg books or obsidian portal), Kallea Sector or somewhere near Formos. Still looking for options where there are enough info to start but not so fully fleshed-out so i can still have some space to create my own things Someone got pretty detailed with a by an official content untouched sector in this RPG.net thread: https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?756018-Star-Wars-Sandbox-The-Kreetan-Narrows Thank you for the link
  6. I stumbled upon this https://solayexpress.obsidianportal.com/wikis/campaign-worlds today. Maybe some of you know some other obsidian campaign sites when some detailed other sectors of galaxy? Or any other sites? I still can't decide where put my players. For now they smuggle in Corellia but they want to get back into outer rim soon
  7. Your deckplans are great, and i like your art style. What program do you use? Also i would love to hear more about your campaign and those characters
  8. About my campaign. Player characters were mercenaries for one of Nar Shadda crime lords. They did odd jobs for him. A heist here, break in there and so on. After a while they lost their ship and took a loan from another crime boss. At first they thought it was great idea cause he only wanted a few favors. After a while it became clear that this deal was bad for them when he asked them to kill the guy they were working for. So long story short they didn't kill their boss instead they tried to kill guy they owed a favor. It went good and bad. They destroyed two criminal operations but their nemesis survived. They had to flee Hutt space. Also one of the PC, the smuggler have strong ties to the empire. His brother was ISB agent, mother is admiral and father one of generals. Sister now joined the rebellion. He tried to be neutral most of the time but now wants to side with rebellion. He is also force sensitive. Mechanic is on the run from bounty hunters and just want to clear her name. Explorer is searching for "Wellspring of Life" which he thinks grants immortality (which is kinda true). I want to stay away from typical urban exploration and galactic underwolrd for now since we already had a lot of it. Like i said before each player wants something else.That's why i wanted a place which makes sense to have a rebellion conflict with empire, have enough unxplored planets and some sort of galactic underworld. Right now minos cluster looks fine but i still think about it.
  9. I started to read Tramp Freighters and Twin Stars of Kira. It looks quite interesting. Now i cannot decide even more Anyway i think i throw them into Corellian sector for a while so they have to deal with need of a weapon permit, imperial laws, corsec and start to solve problems without rifles then i probably use minos cluster. Thanks for replies. If anyone else have some more suggestion feel free to post them
  10. I have very mixed expectations from players. One player who is playing explorer want to, well explore things Some uncharted planets etc. Another player prefer more urban style play. With criminal underworld, corporations and shady deals. And last player would like more galactic civil war oriented adventures. I know i cannot give them everything but at least i want to try to throw them when i can explore all those themes. I was thinking about corelian sector since planets like Selonia give me options for some underwater jobs. There is Corelia and coronet which is big metropolis (at least that's the feeling i got after reading suns of fortune). I have my doubts mostly becasue i don't see much exploration and rebels vs empire theme in corellian sector. Also they are wanted by empire so core worlds are not so good idea. As for strongholds of resistance i really like Tierfon outpost but at the moment have totally no idea how that place could work in my campaign. Btw. All my players have characters from previous campaign. All humans. Smuggler, explorer and mechanic.
  11. After few days of hard thinking i thought i seek advice here. Me and my players decided that we need to change scenery. Most of the previous campaign has taken place in Hutt space and sectors near hutt space or on Nar Shadda. Now we want to explore something different so my question is. What is good place for campaign? I was thinking about correlian sector since i own suns of fortune. But i don't think core worlds are good for bunch of outlaws. I also have strongholds of resistance but right now no ideas how to introduce players to rebellion. Another idea was to place party on Wheel space station or something similar. I would like to GM campaing in one interesting sector instead of jumping all over galaxy ever session. Any good ideas? I would appreciate any suggestion.
  12. 2P51 could you also post some deckplans?
  13. A sad day. Maybe someone else will remake w40k but looking at current GW buisness model i doubt it. Anyway even if they will i hope it will be better standard than 40k computer games.
  14. Well i can only speak about second option since i use it from the start of my GM'ing EoTE. Obligation to me is a plot device not a random encounter or bare modifier for strain treshold. As a gm i try to prepare ahead. My players don't need me to roll openly since they trust i don't abuse this mechanic. Also by doing rolls at home after the session i can prepare relevant plot tied to specific player. Because of that when obligation is triggered it is memorable and have impact on player. They don't know what will happen and sometimes obligation comes in play in middle of session. (i don't lower their strain treshold before) I don't see any reason to roll openly or before the session. And i don't see any reason that players should push for that option. If you don't trust your gm you should not play with him/her. Btw why you think this mechanic is designed this way? Some of my players don't even know how much obligation they have besides in game clues and it never was a problem.
  15. Yes but each success and failure cancel each other. So when in this current example when a player roll triumph, success and 3 failures he failed the test but still have triumph I think i will go with this idea. He knows that info about stuff like that can be found in university on Eriadu where he studied for a while. He knows a few people there and know that archives are full of information. Only some of it legal in eyes of the empire.
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