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  1. Hello all, I was wondering if both players reveal a card that costs 1 what happens due to an Offer Testimony? Its kind of oddly worded and I am unsure if both characters get bowed or if no one gets bowed by it?
  2. Hello all, I was wondering are you allowed to trade these "fake" rings in for honor? I assume they basically dissolve when they enter the claimed ring pool? I was thinking that this would be a further way to make an honor win with the new Ancestral Shrine, and likely make Roving Michibiku more useful.
  3. Hello all, I was just wondering what your opinion is on Way of Chrysanthemum considering the new dueling them that seems to be cropping up? I am still wary of it due to the high cost, and considering how rare people seem to bid a 3 or higher on a duel? Just in case people don't remember it, https://l5r.gamepedia.com/Way_of_the_Chrysanthemum
  4. Hello all, I was just wondering how you all feel about a Phoenix with Crane Splash for a dueling deck? I personally have been focusing on using the following cards, although I think there does seem to be a few gaps in the deck design. I am also concerned that I can't quite decide what to run as a restricted card, I could push even more duels in with Policy Debate but Tadaka is another beast to hurt people. I also don't have an anti-attachment game except for Maya Mystics. I do understand that the Duel mechanic is likely even better in Dragon or Crane but I am a Shugenja at heart. -Proving Ground (This + Forgotten Library gives us a **** solid card draw to put honor pressure...) -Sincere Challenger -Aspiring Challenger: Beat stick -Death Before Dishonor (neutral counterspell ) -Duelist Training (Bowing on duel is great, and gives me a more reliable Proving Ground.) -Game of Sadane: Extra honor & dishonor... -Ujina: I love this little ray gun...especially with Kaede. -Kaede: Extra void triggers to give you more targets for Ujina. -Tadaka: As usual? -Karmic Twist: I can see this being handy, but I question its effectiveness due to Unique Voltron's in the Meta (Voltron: That annoying thing with like 4 attachments you just can't kill...) Pro's: Solid cheap line up due to the majority of my dynasty running 1 & 2, 9 repeatable duels, & surprisingly powerful characters in the Aspiring Challenger, as he can hit 5/5 or even 7/7 quick with our glory stronghold. Con's: A lot of Assassination bait, high glory leads to dishonors really hurting, lack of attachment hate.
  5. I am pretty sure the card is discarded as it never triggers its effects due to the cancel...
  6. Thank you Mirith, that was a good catch I forgot about the difference between those two effect types.
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has discussed how this one works, as it came up during a game and the new rules reference implies that it should work this way? I am losing an undefended conflict by enough for the province to break, I play Display of Power, my opponent attempts to cancel it with Forged Edict dishonoring the courtier who was attacking, this reduces their attack value to something below the value to break, so he wins, Display of Power gets cancelled but he doesn't break the province? 3.2.3 Compare skill values. -Display of power is triggered here... -Forged Edict dishonors his attacker? -Recheck Skill values? (not stated but I assume implied, as the new reference for Kakita Toshimoko in the rules has this same timing step?) 3.2.4 Apply unopposed (IE honor loss...) 3.2.5 Break province. Citation: Rules reference, page 29 https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d4/de/d4deb997-167f-4f29-9ae0-1c4a6cf1e887/l5c01-online_rulesreference_v20-compressed.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3JK1SfopOF-li3JNNEqgZQ89xFKzFRoOgvk9V-pFcRe6p3Mhf-ZZGLh68
  8. Hello all, I am just trying to make sure I know what the timing is here? Do you break before or after you trigger the Display of Power? If its before you can't trigger Seeking the Truth to remove the defender but if its after the break you can.
  9. Yeah Soshi, that is what I am confused about when does the Display trigger for it so I think I am going to need to ask in the Rules section.
  10. Hello all, My room mate and I were discussing what happens with Sincere Challenger from CoE, since he has Composure does this mean that his stats fluctuate really fast depending on the bid? Example: Bob declares a duel using Sincere Challenger against Dave, Dave uses a 3 politics character, they reveal their bid with Bob bidding 1, and Dave bidding 2, these are added to the stats giving Bob a 3, and Dave a 5, but as Bob now has composure he goes up to a 5? So, Bob just got 2 honor out of Dave & no one won the duel?
  11. Hello all, I was just wondering if this works as well as it seems to, in my head? -Seeking the Truth -Display of Power Play: You play the conflict like normal for Phoenix trying to spend fewer resources than your opponent, but you choose a defender while still having the option of using Display of Power which creates a mind game for your opponent, if he spends enough resources to break it, he doesn't tie up a defender giving me an attacker, and then he still loses the ring & it's trigger. All in all, this seems like a solid strategy to force your opponent to over commit, against this province allowing you to then take advantage of it, and even if you don't have a Display of Power, you have just knocked your opponent off of his game by creating a mind game that punishes him either way. Issues off the top of my head: -Crane always drives you nuts with this style of play, as either Cautious Scout or Guest of Honor can screw you badly, as 1 would blank the province and the other prevents the Display of Power. -Counters: Forged Edict, Censure, Voice of Honor, are all annoying as **** but they always are to Display of Power.
  12. This is incorrect, Covert, Pride, and other abilities can trigger multiple times as they are not triggered action abilities. Triggered Ability Definition: page 18 A boldface timing command followed by a colon indicates that an ability is a triggered ability.Triggered abilities fall into one of the following types: actions, interrupts, and reactions. Some interrupt and reaction abilities are also forced. Triggered Abilities: page 18 Unless otherwise specified by the ability itself, each triggered ability may be triggered once per round. This limit is player specific. Interpretation on my part: Covert, Pride, and others like it: Don't have the Timing Command thing before them. So they aren't Triggered abilities. So they don't have the single triggering rule.
  13. The only way that works with the old rules, is if the cards that resolve one simply do the initiate duel step but ignore its cancel effect if you chose someone not participating such as with TJ.
  14. I agree there is an issue with the Initiate a Duel Step & TJ, however it is resolved by the "Resolve A Duel Step" as whenever a card says challenge to a "..." type duel, you do that instead of the initiate step. Now we come to a problem with one of the new cards, IE "Stay Your Hand" actually can't ever be played as all current duel cards use the Resolve a Duel Step instead of the Initiate a Duel Step? If they keep this rule in place, and don't clarify it they need to change the wording for "Stay Your Hand" to something simple, like cancel a duel before bidding honor.
  15. Hello all, I was just noticing that the card Stay Your Hand as previewed doesn't do anything, here is the relevant text. "Interrupt: When an opponent initiates a duel that targets a character you control – cancel the duel." Due to the issue that every card currently uses the odd skip the initiate a duel and go to Resolve a duel step, that the new errata uses, the card can't ever be played?
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