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  1. Was a great event, and while I didn't place well I still had a blast!
  2. Asheville NC has a decently sized Armada group, perhaps we can offer you some game times? 828th Squadron on Facebook, I believe.
  3. Passed this thread along to Asheville, NC Armada group!
  4. @PodRacer vs @drdoom28704 Game was played May 8, @ 2000 EST: MOV 2 (194 vs 196), Winner DrDoom28704. Objective was Minefields, @PodRacer was the second player. A **** fun game, and good luck in the future!
  5. Are we posting for registration, or is there another site I need to be on for registration? If here, then I am in. 8)
  6. Avenger on the ISD is pretty effective, both in Anti-fighter and Anti-ship roles.
  7. I think that's why a few Regionals have been expanded to a two day format. Durham, NC did that.
  8. Wow, that's some high stakes! Do we know how many seats were on offer per flight?
  9. So quick recap: Raider 2's are good Flotilla killers, but only 58% of a front arc shot. Sending a 60 point ship after a 30 point ship is silly. Raiders suck, and are a waste of points. OE is the ****, but Sensor Teams is just bad. Fighters have an easy time with flotillas except Bright Hope. Needs TIEs to lock down fighter swarms, or else it pops.
  10. @PT106: I roll 5 dice, I get one crit, one hit, one accuracy, and two blanks. VG forces me to re-roll all of it. Not efficient. Screed lets me get another crit (possibly a hit/crit) out of the deal. Vader lets me trade a token to get just the two blanks re-rolled. So not sure VG is the end all be all.
  11. I am a huge fan of Screed actually, but I've considered Vader a few times for a list. He would indeed make an interesting commander for a fleet.
  12. @Snipafist: Yeah that's good to know it's been done. I am likely to be testing it out to see how I feel about it.
  13. @ Brobafett: You aren't wrong, and that is not a bad set up either. I was just working out ways to keep activations up, but still have something to deal with those threats. @ MandalorianMoose: That is true, OE is powerful, but on a Mk2 it's not so much of a loss. Even threatening one, might cause the opponent to rethink his deployment and give the heavy hitters time to do their jobs.
  14. What about using the Raider as both a Anti-fighter platform and to hunt down 'lifeboat' or Carrier flotillas? Raider 1: Instigator, Kallus, Sensor Teams, APT = 61 points Raider 2: Instigator, Kallus, Sensor Teams, SW7 = 65 points Has the speed to run them down, and blues to bypass Scatter. Thoughts?
  15. Repainted the panels because I didn't feel like they were right before. I shall use a different red for future Royal Guards. Update: http://flic.kr/p/LB6kfn
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