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  1. Hey all, I've just had my order with Wayland Games refunded as their supplier has confirmed that the supplements are discontinued and they will be getting nothing in.
  2. You do know that Fantasy Grounds has a working add-on that includes everything needed for WFRP3 (at least to some point). I watched the tutorial vids, for me, it looked like I had to sink a lot of admin time to get everything set for the players. I'd rather run off a spreadsheet of the stats and talk to the players. Gives me more time to prepare the adventure. YMMV
  3. Well to accommodate playing via Skype (as the GM I have all the books and cards) I let my players take any action/describe any action they do then see if there is an appropriate card to suit the situation that isn't melee strike/ranged etc... The cards help me work out how best to interpret the dice, giving the players info they might need to decide (2 boons universal rule vs card specific) We use a googlesheet to track wounds/stances/recharges where really necessary
  4. As above, links are down. I'm interested in seeing these!
  5. I have an order with Wayland for Lure of Power, 7 days in and still no dispatch. I am becoming less hopeful
  6. Thanks guys, I thought the cards and tokens would be a bit OTT for pen & paper roleplaying, I was just worried I'd be cutting a major piece of the game out by taking out what look like add-on parts. The pic doesn't show for me, but thanks - I'll definitely look into Liber-Fanatica, anything that can help cut down on admin time is great! Likewise the Post-it note tip, why have I don't thought of that before?! Previously I have written out the stats for monsters I was going to use from the book onto lil cards... I'll keep you posted on how the group gets on, my plan is to steer them into my favourite adventure from WFRP 1 - the legend of Wolfgang von Horn. I think it should be easy enough to put some hooks in from some of the WFRP 3 bigger campaigns, perhaps the ring can provide some assistance in the climatic scenes! Any other WFRP 1/2e adventures people would recommend converting to 3rd?
  7. Thanks for the links! Do you find the GM process of building everything quite time consuming?
  8. Wow this single thread has reignited my interest in GW more than anything in the last 5/6 years! Any more details on how this is playing out? I missed the whole Storm of Chaos piece, what is that about?
  9. Thanks Gazery, I've found the forbidden tome site, are those the files you mention? We tried a quick character building session tonight using the player guides - we found it great just chatting about the character and how wealthy/skilled and what natural talents they possess, but the action card section turned into a drag, and we just abandoned that. We agreed that since its a roleplay, there character could attempt a "double strike" or attempt to use "honeyed words" and they should be allowed to, unrestricted by cards. Is the action card more of a reference point for both the GM and player, knowing that Honeyed words can be a guile check against Intuition? How have others approach this - particularly with remote roleplaying? If you remove the extra actions would you reduce the character creation points proportionally?
  10. Just to raise this thread back from the dead further, could a copy be sent to snake_bite1982(at)hotmail.com
  11. Well we have.... acquired most of the 1st & 2nd edition stuff for idea generation. How do people get round the card issue when playing remotely? Do players have there own boxes or is the players guide/adventurer's toolkit required?
  12. Greetings all! My friends and I are veterans of the old 1st ed of WFRP, and we have attempted to convert to 3rd Edition with some success (as the GM, I love the dice mechanic, I found it makes for a great storytelling tool - what does the Chaos Star mean THIS time muhahaha!) We played a few times but never really got going (real life problems... ). Since then, I have moved to Oxford and the gaming has ground to a halt. However coming on here has re-ignited some of the old storytelling love and I know the group are keen to commit to something if we can use this newfangled Internet fad to cross the distance. I'm interested in hearing about how other people have handled this - particularly as this edition is card-heavy, I've seen a Dice Roller floating around which is a great tool, thanks to whoever built it and linked it to Google hangouts. Are there any other tools or tips that can help? Also, we (currently I) have the Core set, what else is very useful to have (either for me, the GM, or the players, to have in their possession) Witch's Song seems a good purchase for additional rules (plus an adventure) but what about others? Thanks in advance!
  13. Running a similar themed list, I took FCS on the Phantom to get those TL in for free! Might be more useful than the RS
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