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  1. Good job Patrick! You definitely earned that win with all the practice you got beating up on us at FFG Center! Excellent work on yet another GenCon win.
  2. That is largely correct, but I don't remember the exact command list.
  3. We have a survey link on the website so people can send us their initial impressions and playtest results. We will continue to use the website to make announcements and we will come to the forum and the slack to discuss with the community. We truly believe in being open and honest with our process and we take community feedback seriously.
  4. AT-DPs are lame. I want the OG chicken walker in my life. Also, if we could get a fix for the SC2-M at the same time it would also be great. Imagine if we could get an upgrade that buffs Vehicles over figure cost 10. It would hit AT-ST, Weiss, and SC2-M while leaving DP and Jets where they're at.
  5. I can't wait to meet up with everyone! I'm also not looking forward to an 80% Spectre meta, but that is what FFG has decreed to be the case so \_(ツ)_/
  6. They were both in rotation for that Worlds. Also, don't forget that Efficient Travel affects ALL of your units, not just the one unit that Jump Jets or Fleet Footed get through. I don't think the card has a place now, but it was a great play in that context.
  7. I actually had an enemy use this against me to great effect on the Dianoga map at Worlds 2016. I had used a Bantha to clog up his path back to his deployment zone to prevent him scoring crates, but then he played this and waltzed right through my Bantha. It was crazy effective, and i think that was my closest match in Swiss.
  8. Hello everyone! Sorry for the long absence. We are back with a discussion of the baddest droids the Empire has to offer: the Sentry Droids! These versatile bots make an excellent backbone to a squad, as long as you can keep them safe. https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-46-sentrydroids
  9. Hello everyone! This week on Twin Troopers, we go through every deployment card in the new wave and talk about our first impressions of them. We're both really excited about the new possibilities presented by Tyrants of Lothal. https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-42-tyrantsoflothal
  10. The fact that or would be the smart thing to do guarantees it will never happen ?
  11. UTINNI! This week on Twin Troopers: @dietz057 and I discuss Scum's super-support: the Jawa Scavenger. Bargain and Harass your way across the battlefield with this super well balanced little unit. https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-41-jawa
  12. Everyone join us in raising our gaffi sticks and giving a Tusken War Cry! That's right, this episode is about the Tusken Raider, a tough unit from the good old days of Twin Shadows. https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-40-tuskenraiders-g9w7t25-ej43z-hs-mlspd-essks-a6n8-5kazl
  13. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/235820-elite-weequay-vs-regular-hk-a-mathematical-analysis/
  14. This week on Twin Troopers: Eric and I discuss the biggest deal (judging by model volume) in IA: the Rancor! What are the best ways to use this apex predator? How do you account for its weaknesses? Will its best friends be tiny little kittens? https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-39-rancor-g9w7t25-ej43z-hs-mlspd-essks-a6n8
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