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  1. ThatJakeGuy

    RIP Rebel Faction

    Perhaps that's the point? These sniper battles were boring as heck to large portion of players. Perhaps Doubt is too much and Rebels are actually D-E-D dead, maybe it's too little and people will continue to play Hunter Snipers anyway, but the fact that "step out, annihilate a figure in one shot, step back" is no longer the most viable play style (at least in theory) in the game is a GOOD THING. Also, NOBODY HAS PLAYED WITH THIS CARD YET. We've yet to see 3 different figure packs (one of them Rebel) and who knows how many command cards. Let's hold off on the Chicken Littleing until after the meta has hada chance to balance out post release.
  2. Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present part 2 of the History of Imperial Assault. In this episode, we explore the state of the meta from the release of Jabba's Realm and its revolution in Skirmish effectiveness to today. Enjoy! https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-38-history-of-ia-g9w7t25-ej43z-hs-mlspd-essks-h2at7-fnpdx
  3. ThatJakeGuy

    Twin Troopers 37: History of Skirmish, Part 1

    I hadn't considered the second eStorm card because I had the promos. Good point.
  4. Hello everyone! This week on Twin Troopers, Eric and I get ambitious as we examine the history of Imperial Assault releases and how the meta has evolved over the 3 years and 4 competitive seasons since release. Please feel free to let us know if we missed anything! https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-37-history-of-ia-g9w7t25-ej43z-hs-mlspd-essks-h2at7
  5. ThatJakeGuy

    Tyrants of Lothal Skirmish Upgrade Predictions

    Except they shot themselves in the foot by properly costing the AT-DP. They should have overpriced it by 3 and had a -3 Imperial Massive Vehicle fix.
  6. ThatJakeGuy

    Anybody play on TTS?

    For ease-of-use, I prefer tabletop but I always feel like bassell is a much more robust way to get quick games in. What I'm more interested in is that several of my friends I would want to play online with hate vassal for the reasons described above, so it will be good to be able to play with them again.
  7. ThatJakeGuy

    Anybody play on TTS?

    Is it updated? Last I'd checked it hasn't been updated since Jabba's Realm.
  8. This week on Twin Troopers, we are glad to welcome @Matsu Robun onto the show to discuss the Clawdite Shapeshifter. We discuss strengths, weaknesses, and how best to integrate the tricky döppelganger into your army! https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-34-clawdite-shapeshifter-g9w7t25-ej43z-hs
  9. ThatJakeGuy

    Format: No-16

    We're going to have a store tourney in this format this weekend, I'll report lists and results (if I remember, somebody remind me).
  10. ThatJakeGuy

    Uscru skirmish map

    The pattern normally is to have a map rotation in July. Although, FFGOP has been slacking lately so I would not be surprised if they skip at least one rotation again this year.
  11. ThatJakeGuy

    Birmingham Beckons! Europeans 2018

    What is this madness, I need to see a full list ASAP.
  12. This week, Eric and I discuss the Mos Eisley Back Alleys inside and out, discussing the distinct areas, deployment zones, objectives, and general strategic concerns of the most balanced map in rotation. Enjoy! https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-33-mos-eisley-g9w7t25-ej43z
  13. ThatJakeGuy

    Format: No-16

    Beast Machines was pretty reliant on Gideon/Threepio for support. Jabba, Onar, and Temp are banned, so the usual suspects are out. Perhaps eNexu?
  14. ThatJakeGuy

    Skirmish Fixes For Older Deployments

    Rather than clogging this thread, I've added a bunch of comments to 0.9.1 Google doc with my thoughts and questions.