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  1. ThatJakeGuy

    Twin Troopers 32: Kayn Somos

    If it is on a fix card, he'll still have a figure cost of 10 so we can go as low as we need without worrying about that.
  2. This week on Twin Troopers, we discuss one of our favorite bad figures: Kayn Somos, the Trooper Commander! We discuss in great detail his few strengths, abundant weaknesses, and ways FFG could go about making him better. Enjoy! https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/episode-32-kayn-somos-g9w7t25
  3. ThatJakeGuy

    Format: No-16

    Imp Temp Alliance is also still Open for Business 😉
  4. ThatJakeGuy

    Format: No-16

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to spread the word about a new format we've been testing over on the Zion's Finest Slack channel: No-16. Basically, any deployment or command card that appeared in any list of the Top 16 of the most recent Worlds is banned. No Gideon/Threepio, no Assassinate, no Zillo Technique. Nothing. While it first it may sound dumb, this format is an excellent way to explore alternate list building and let units that wouldn't normally see play hit the table. Here's the list of banned cards, so that you can give this awesome format a try! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1GXprQJtSORbWEV7YmPE4Hvk-jeZ_-tEEtGL5n-EWmy4/edit?usp=sharing
  5. ThatJakeGuy

    Twin Troopers 31: Emperor Palpatine

    Actually, it was in the notes I just totally glossed over it. Disorient is indeed awesome with the Palps, good catch.
  6. ThatJakeGuy

    Evaluating Zeb Orrelios: O RLY THO

    Anyone have thoughts on Zeb/Luke combo? How would you fill that out? Luke+Zeb+RCP=25 points of awesome
  7. ThatJakeGuy

    Twin Troopers 30: Worlds 2018

    Man, at 5 points he would be a house. I'd temp him into scum any day of the week to run front line assaults.
  8. This week, Eric and I discuss how best to wield Palpatine's UNLIMITED POWAAAAH (Spoiler: you don't) https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/17/episode-31-emperor-palpatine
  9. ThatJakeGuy

    what about new traits?

    I guess I don't see the problem with that? A Scout's job is to acquire intel, which the Spy trait cards seem to have covered already.
  10. ThatJakeGuy

    what about new traits?

    Out of the new waves, new Technicians would include Jawas, Chopper, maybe Hera, and maybe Ko-Tun?
  11. Apparently not if easy access to it has started a week-long, intense discussion about fundamental game balance...
  12. ThatJakeGuy

    Davith Elso

    You'll have to ask @Rogue Dakotan, the internet's biggest Davith booster
  13. This week, @dietz057 and I discuss our Worlds experiences and have a bit of discussion on the "state of the meta" posts flying about the internet. Enjoy! https://www.twintroopers.com/podcast/2018/5/11/episode-30-2018-worlds-recap-mmwmy-n6kya-rjtt2-e9atr-cm4wb
  14. ThatJakeGuy

    Worlds Lists 2018

  15. ThatJakeGuy

    State of the Meta: Figures at Worlds

    Nobody was playing Shyla?