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  1. Sorry to be negative, but PLEASE do not emulate gamesworkshop and white dwarf in your battle reports. Fluff is good, but personally I think a battle report should first describe the game, then pretty it up with fluff. Especially if you want gamers who are just checking out the game to get interested. The reading gamer should be able to read the report and get a clear image of the battlefield, unit placement, which unit is advancing and making contact and in the process see how the game mechanics drive the game. This article, like those in white dwarf, is all about "telling the story" but I really didn't learn anything about the game reading it. I've been waffling for a year whether or not to buy the game, and this article didn't tell me anything to get me closer to a buy decision. I'm really not trying to be negative, I just really would like to see well written game reports that tell me more about the game.
  2. I loved Freedom in the Galaxy when I got it new, decades ago. But yeah, it was a bear. I also noticed the apparent similarity and am really looking forward to Rebellion.
  3. I'm hoping my campaign the PCs eventually find themselves on the sea of claws and maybe incorporate Dreadfleet characters. If it works out I plan on running a sea battle incorporating the rules from the Dreadfleet miniatures...they are simple and full of color. Awesome minis too!
  4. Adam, Since you aren't on PM, you can find me on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dcgreenwood
  5. Oops, sorry, I didn't check this until now. I'll send you a PM with my contact info.
  6. Hi Phillipe, Glad to see you stepping back into WFRP, if only for 1 game! Btw, we (by we I mean the more code competent member of our group) updated the library. I'll send it off to you by PM. I also kind-of finished the third chapter module of TGS if you run into anyone asking for it. As for the game idea, I'll open up the question to our group and see if we can come up with anything for you. One of our player/GMs is keen on converting 1st and edition adventures and he might have something. David
  7. I could sell you one that would be from 98-100% complete. I bought the core set and then bought the Creatures Vault, Game Master's Vault and Adventure's vault (and later everything else), not realizing that they essentially were duplicates of the core set content. I'll have to go through my materials and pull out the core set contents, and its possible there might be somethings that I no longer have two copies of for some reason, but I don't think so. Worse case I think would be some of the cardboard counters might be missing. It will be a little work to go through and pull all the duplicates from my collection, so I don't want to do so unless you are sure you would want it. I live in the San Francisco, CA area, by the way. Would you be interested given the caveat that it would not be in "collectors" condition, and could possible be missing a minor item or two (though I don't think so)? David Greenwood
  8. Haven't had more than a sniffle equivalent in my games, but you've inspired me to bring forth some festering water in my campaign. Or maybe a Skaven baby chewed its way into a grain silo and gave it a double dose of corruption and disease!
  9. I don't think there is anything fundemental about a mutation that would cause you to immediately change your beliefs or values. I suspect that what initially turns mutants away from the rest of humanity is as much tied to the threat of shunning and death that comes from being found out. I would imagine that over time the corruption would start invading your mind and soul, gradually turning you from your god to the baser things in life and towards whichever god was responsible for the mutation. So I would play him as still devote, but now torn as he recognizes that he is now tied to the very evil that up to now he condemned. Self loathing would creep into his thoughts and its that self loathing that would eventually turn him away. Unless someone devout burns him at the stake first.
  10. This isn't going to help you right now, but I am just starting the process of building content for "The Enemy Within" into the Fantasy Grounds II system, but its going to be a few months before I have much of it done. But I'll check in with this post when I do an post what I make. btw - if anyone is interested, I have a group of online players using the FGII platform, which works really well for WFRP, as it automates a lot of the look ups and dice pool building. We have players from North America and Asia. If you are interesting in joining and playing The Enemy Within a few months from now, you can find us on Obsidian portal at https://fame-and-fortune-await.obsidianportal.com/
  11. I'm about to GM my first Edge of Empire game, and I haven't actually played it either (and neither have any players). I am experienced both playing and GMing WFRP though so I understand the dice concepts well. One of the players will be a slicer, so I am figuring out how to incorporate opportunities for her into my adventure. On Slicing, from what I read below, it seems that the way slicing is used is one roll to accomplish the goal. So the player says "I want to hack into this terminal terminal at the cantina, access the starport network/computer through the net and look at the schedule of ships coming in" and you build one dice pool for this. Having loved cyber-games and systems, my first inclination would have been to have successive rolls for each step in the process. Easy to hack the terminal, Average to access the starport network, easy to get into the schedules. But then if they want to create a high security access code an additional hard check. Each roll would leave dangers of leaving traces or alerting security systems. So that could be as many as 3-4 rolls. Does anyone that has had a strong slicing component in their games handle it that way? Or should it really just be one roll for everything from sitting down at the terminal and achieving the final goal?
  12. Anyone interested in doing WFRP online using the Fantasy Grounds platform, we are recruiting for a game on the FFG Virtual RPG forum at http://www.p-mi.com/prediger/roleplaying/phpBB3/index.php Had its first online game session of the Gathering Storm Campaign and it went great (meaning, as the GM, the PCs barely got out of the storm surged river alive....) David G
  13. I'm using the setting including the expansion material posted elsewhere in this forum and making it more of a sandbox. The goal is still to escape. The party used to have a ship, but it was destroyed in a pirate attack. The PCs were barely rescued by minions of Teemo, waking up in the rudimentary medical center. They are brought to Teemo, where he informs them that his obligation from his rescue is 20 years of servitude...The Twi'lek is offered the opportunity to be a dancer. If she declines, she will be sold as an "entertainer" to a moisture farmer, which gives the PCs some urgency in finding a way out. The others also have unacceptable servitude options in their future. Escape has a number of options, including an adventure opportunity where they could salvage enough to pay Teemo for their freedom, stealing a ship or making a deal with Trex (difficult, since he works for Teemo). With the added material on the surrounding regions, overland is even an option, though a very deadly and nearly impossible one unless they can get their hands on both transport and supplies. They have to find the options - they aren't offered up in the first scene by the bartender!
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