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  1. Hmm. Ok, so it's just as easy to hit a stationary target at medium range as it is a military swoop that's careening around at full speed? Is there any modifiers for handling/speed? What about hull trauma? Is this the same as wound threshold, or is it a factor of 10 higher like soak? E.g., the military swoop (I forget the actually name, the speeders on Endor), have an armor of 0 and a HT of 2. Would it only take one successful hit from a blaster to destroy it? Or is the HT essentially 20 on the personal scale? Thanks again!
  2. I couldn't find this in the book anywhere, so can someone explain how combat should work with personal weapons (blasters, etc.) against a vehicle. I know that 1 point of armor is equivalent to 10 points of soak, but how does one target, etc.? Thanks!
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