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  1. Allright, I managed, with help from another user, to beat the first and the second quest consistently with a couple of 50 cards legit quest specific decks in standard solo mode(first quest isn't hard with different decks, second quest won 3 times with Spirit/Lore ally spam), so a lot of frustration has gone away, now, clearly the last quest isn't possible to win solo, and I kind of accept it since the game is also for multiplayer, I'll see if it's winnable in easy mode and then call myself partially satisfied with the game and purchase. Thanks to anyone that spent time in replying and following this discussion. And regarding the value of the Core Set, probably I would have included more key cards and rebalanced it a bit with little possibility for set up to screw you up so badly. But overall, it's a product that really tests your tenacy! And, unfortunately, asking for help online is often required! But overall it's something I'd recommend, expecially after having heard that it's not that much pay to win with expansions.
  2. Where did I say I dislike building decks? I said I dislike that the core set gives you very limited possibilities to properly complete its own missions, and that I fear (again it's not certain to me, thus why I asked for opinions, which some people kindly gave) the whole series might be made to tease you into buying the next expansion to beat what you already own (which seems legit to someone who just wants its product value). The shuffling line was merely irony, I know it's forbidden on the internet, I'll explain it for you, I said I dislike the fact that you set up your game and boom, you draw an impossible card combination and you're done, thus shuffling decks for nothing and having to shuffle them again, so the focus wasn't on the act of shuffling itself but on the fact that there are many "you lose the game cards". I don't want to sound acid though, but the obvious "you dislike the game (which again was misunderstood) go away" line doesn't really add to the discussion in a constructive way. And again to be clear: my point is basically on the value of the Core Set.
  3. Oh, don't mind me, I am a bit weird when it comes to card games, I am not a fun of those win/lose cards, I prefer to lose because I played my cards bad and made mistakes/didn't think ahead enough rather than because I drew that "you lose the game" card, or card combo. Also I prefer to win when I make good plans and play carefully rather than drawing Anduin's Banks. It's just that I like to have responsibilities wether I lose or win, shuffling decks to be defeated by randomness seems like a waste of time. That's why I will keep try out different things and apply some rule corrections until I properly feel I nailed this quest. Needless to say that your deck was a key factor in this process! so thank you! Also, I didn't manage to do that beorn play yet, but I kinda expected that you were supposed to discard and recylce it with some kind of power, maybe Eowyn, or protector of Lorien! But thanks for reminding me. I'll keep you updated! Edit 3: Beaten this again, this time I ignored the Anduin's Banks rule and simply discarded it once explored, encounter deck was pretty hard this time, even though the start was kind of good with the low threat I had, first cards were troll and the orc captain with 3 defence and high damage. Opening hand had Beorn and Stand and Fight wasn't too hard to come by, and also Galadhrim's Greeting was drawn early but this time I was short of allies and kinda had to delay the game until the Gandalf drop to kill the troll, also had a a lot of dead cards. Still this spirit/lore deck fared decently and was able to handle another Hill Troll plus the snake monster and the Beastmaster as the ending encounter (I had to use some key cards I held on to) with threat around 38 and finishing at 43. On a side note: I guess you aim for cards in your opening hand like: Galadhrim's Greeting, Beorn, Gandalf, Gleowine, Unexpected Courage, Stand and Fight, Lorien's Wealth, Forest Snare, and some Allies. So it makes for about 12-15 cards out of 50 you can aim for in your starting hand before the mulligan, which seems acceptable. So far no losses so: Ratio: 3 wins 0 losses (luck factor: average). With this said I think this seem to be the way to beat this quest and the deck seem to be consistent in it (maybe it's too early to say that but still...), congratulations to who made it. Next step is trying against the last quest.
  4. Thanks a lot, that answered one of my main concerns and reasons to dislike the game, so for now I'll stick to the core set and try to find that consistency and then if I can find some money i'll push my luck with the expansions considering what you mentioned seems to be just the second expansion pack.
  5. Thank you for coming up with this, I'll give it a try, and report back in! Edit 1: Allright this deck seems to nail it and it was a pleasent experience winning the game pretty easily after losing 20 times in a row with other combinations. Main strategy was: wait for the Gandalf drop to kill the troll while spamming allies and reducing threat, control cards with denethor. I have to say I had some lucky draws from the player and encounter decks: Unexpected Courage in opening hand, placed on denethor for mass control, it's also very useful to know what comes at you after you draw cards to the staging area you can use it again 2 Galadhrim's Greetings in the first 15 cards also helped a lot Stand and Fight and Gandalf also in the first 10 cards were key to win this quickly, I also drew a snare but had to discard it due to a random effect, the big Gandalf drops seem to be necessary to beat the troll though, but with all the abilities and allies I had plenty of time to draw cards Treachery as the first card in set up was discarded with no effect. Anduin's Banks was key as well (I even drew 2, but I refused to keep playing with one and discarded it, otherwise it'd have been too easy) it stayed with me for almost all the game until I had to discard it as a shadow effect I mostly drew locations and this deck is good at questing so no real challenge there. Overall thoughts: First attempt was successful but I think the luck factor was too great; going to try it again and report back. Edit 2: Allright second attempt was successful as well, this time my opening hand had a nice Northern Tracker and several allies plus the Galadhrim's Greetings, Unexpected Courage came very late into the game (about 25 cards in), Gandalf was also late to come but thanks to a Gleowine I was able to mass draw each turn. I wasn't super lucky with my cards but I ended up with tons of unused ones. Unfortunately I was lucky again with another Anduin's Banks coming right in the beginning (3rd card), my next attempt is going to be with an auto discard of that card (unless it's dealt as shadow card), to so see how the deck fares without that cheap delay. I notice that in both of these attempts a lucky set up staging area permits denethor to start spying on the encounters and control what's coming up against the heroes, I wonder how it does with an average staging area where he's forced to defend on first turn. Ratio (2 win 0 losses, luck factor: high).
  6. I am pretty sure I stated what I dislike about it, and also that I am trying to find out a way to fix those things in order to make my money worth and have fun. No, I don't dislike the game because it's a card game and based on chance as you may think (given your first post), which is silly, I dislike that a single encounter draw is basically game over so many times, with little options for a comeback, secondly, I said that I only have the first set so it may improve with expansions (which is what I was trying to ask as well). A card with the "you lose the game" title would be better in those occasions. I am simply being realistic, I spent money on this thing, and I can only play the first quest consistently, so it feels like it's kind of a waste, thus my will to find out if it's possible to beat the others as well. So in the end, as far as I've played this game, the solo experience is frustrating because of what I said, but it might just be because I haven't yet built a proper deck. Finally, if you would post that deck that could win with high win/loss ratio it would be very helpful, thanks. Playing two handed is not really an option considering it's solo. But I'll check those thread that popped up, one of which I tried already 3 or 4 times.
  7. Mind to be constructive and post such deck so I can try it out? thanks for the input!
  8. Just my opinion, don't take me too serious, I am a new player and I was caught by surprise by how bad the core set is (at least to me). Firstly I have to say I play solo, nobody seems to be interested in this game where I live, and the game apparently says it supports solo mode. I also don't want to cheat by using decks with less than 50 cards, and thus I am left with this very week pool of cards and a river to cry (Anduin in this case). My objective is clear: complete this quest with a decent win/loss ratio (0.5 and above would be good, 1 win every 2 losses) with just what I paid for, which seems legit if you think about it. Doing this will basically mean that out of all the encounter cards, I used about 2/3 so it's not totally a waste of money (can still use EfDG cards to learn juggling and magic tricks). What I found out is: I don't really like how the game plays, it's mostly about luck, you draw two bosses in a row and you're done, huge waste of time shuffling decks for 10 minutes of game. I have no real desire to squeeze out a cheap lucky victory out of 20 attempts because I draw that lucky encounter or whatever (it's not fun to me), I'd like consistency, or in other words a way to develop a strategy that could win sometimes. I also get the feel that this is a pay to win game, every expansion challenges you but doesn't give you the meaning of winning the game: to win, just buy the next product (it seems to be the case considering the launch product), which is of course a very smart marketing move, but leaves people like me with very little value to squeeze out of a product, and not willing to continue. Of course I might be wrong because I haven't bought anything else yet, but guess what, to find out I have to spend more money on expansions (or ask in forums, better option). Those are just impressions of course, just what a new player like me getting into the game thinks. Now for concrete stuff, I'd like to know if anybody has beaten this game with just what he paid for (one core set) with decent consistency, or if I should either pay more money to get good cards or give up all together. If it's possible to achieve what decks do you suggest? If game is too hard solo with 50 cards legit deck etc. and what I want can't be done, just be brutal and tell me. Thanks a lot for reading through this and take care. tl;dr 1 core set only, can I only win because of luck?
  9. Ok, just found it funny, thanks for the reply!
  10. Yes but what I mean is: can the same hero be titled twice with the same non-unique card? (In the case of protector of lorien it would be pointless given the effect of the card).
  11. Thanks for the answer, I guess I can be titled protector of lorien twice (lol)? while only once as for steward of gondor (bein g unique).
  12. What does it mean? It's mostly on attachments. Some are unique some aren't, but there's that keywoird in both.
  13. Thanks for the answer! I managed to win that match thanks to a lucky +2 willpower stone!
  14. I got a situation where I couldn't place any resource token because my staging area was overwhelmed by locations (with a threat level higher than all my heroes combined) which I couldn't travel to, in order to reduce the threat, because there already was an active location, which I couldn't place tokens on because of the above situation. Basically I had 5 willpower in total, threat level in staging area was 5+ so no progress token, there was an active location with 3 tokens required which I couldn't place, basically I was stuck, no way to clear the active location in order to move to the next one and try to clear threat from the staging area.
  15. First time playing this game, and it seems it is already over by turn 3 despite all my heroes and allies are in good shape, trying to play with the default leadership deck with a total of 5 willpower, 3 turns in and the staging area has locations for 5+ willpower, and there's an active location I was unable to explore, am I stuck? (allies have 0 willpower) If yes, I am surprised this major flaw hasn't been addressed yet and I'll come up with a quick rule to make the game progress such as add 1 progress token on the active location if I commit all my heroes to the quest each turn just to unstuck me or something like that. Thoughts? Shall I just wait for allies with willpower if there even are any?
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