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  1. This has messed everything right up as Autothrusters has always been messured by the line of attack not the closest points in every game ive seen and played in. Frank i think you need to clear this up as i know from facts and sources that it would be better ruled that autothrusters should be line of attack, because it would work a hole lot more logical and a hell of alot easy to enforce. I beleive this years worlds had some Autothruster situations that might have been played wrong.
  2. If your in the UK and on facebook their is a really good group. Ive put the link below. Well worth a look. https://www.facebook.com/groups/xwingukirl/
  3. Also our network spreads over the Armada, LCG, and Imperial Assault board game.
  4. Just to let all you fB users know there is a massive group devoted to this amazing game with over 1600+ members, Tournaments page and plenty of chat. Feel free to join us. https://www.facebook.com/groups/xwingukirl/
  5. But doesnt decloaking come before you reveal your dial? I could use adv sen to Barrel roll cant i?
  6. Ok we know that Decloaking isnt a action so... If i Decloak then use adv Sen to cloak again can i decloak again?
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