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  1. I will personally fly to FFG headquarters and beat Sam Stewart over the head with a FaD book if they ever bring this nonsense into the game. And then I will hack into their sales records of everyone who bought that sourcebook, fly to their house and rip that page out of their book. You have... entertained me. I needed that
  2. Thanks to Star Wars Commander, Chiss have indeed been canonized http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Chiss/Canon. Video games produced after the formation of the Lucasfilm Story Group are canon as well.
  3. I wonder why people never think of the fact that sometimes people reply to an original post before seeing that someone else replied also. Funny thing how bulletin boards work.
  4. Um... no. It's only two parts and the top simply screws off. Easily seen multiple times in the series and backed up by reference material.
  5. Stormtroopers are supposed to be the elite shock troops of the Imperial Military. If there isn't a seperate Imperial Army, what on Earth would their elite status be in comparison to? I think WEG made the right call and FFG is right to follow them. Even if someone says that they weren't on-screen, which I'm not convinced of that, logic and common sense would dictate that there is something other than bucketheads.
  6. Just picked up my copy of the Age of Rebellion core book today. In the Edge of the Empire CB, there was an insert that said "Read this first," I did not see anything similar in the AoR book. Is my copy missing this, or did FFG decide not to do one this time around? Thanks for your help.
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