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  1. When someone shares a list with me I can click to see the pilot cards and their card text but the upgrades are non responsive. If I don’t know what a card does I have to choose to edit the list and then go through an obtuse interface. which is a whole bunch of unnecessary taps compared to the pilot cards It would be so much simpler to just be able to click the upgrade name in the squad preview page or saved squad page and use the same type of code as the pilot card button to display the card on screen.
  2. I'm trying to assemble a complete list of all the players who managed to win an invite to coruscant. I've got all the info for the European events but the American ones are proving considerably harder. Can people who attended or know the top 8s and undefeated hyperspace players help me out by filling out the info on the live doc below. https://1drv.ms/x/s!AuDQS5CYwYXBnl3PI64OxSrXcR1U Thanks
  3. The QR code has been added to the mobile app. So that's a step in the right direction. a direct link for messaging is still a must in my opinion. right now the only way to get the permalink is to use the forum share option as follows: T-65 X-wing - Cavern Angels Zealot - 64 Cavern Angels Zealot - (41) Ion Torpedoes (6) R2-D2 (8) Inertial Dampeners (1) Afterburners (8) Servomotor S-foils (Open) (0) Total: 64/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder which is a bit awkward for sharing in messages as it's written in BB Code. all we need is access to the link at the bottom by itself.
  4. When sharing a list please include the following two options: Show a QR code on the mobile screen provide the direct link to be able to copy and paste into other apps. for now we can only share via facebook twitter and this forum. The easiest way to get the direct link is to copy it from the bottom of the forum share. Más a result my message groups are slowly being filled with PDFs when links would be a better option. the qr code would make it easier to send a list to someone who is with you and would also make tournament checkin easier as organisers could just scan in all lists.
  5. So check out this kickstarter for some cool Arkham Horror Themed deck boxes that come with some free dice https://elder-dice-unspeakable-tomes.kickoffpages.com So the truth is it-s a Cthulu themed dice kickstarter which come with a magnetic spell book case for each set. It just so happens that the spell book is the perfect size to fit somewhere around 40 sleeved cards.
  6. Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, less than one week until the most exclusive X-Wing event of all time the Coruscant invitational. More than a 1000 people competed for the chance to travel to Celebration Europe but only eight will be there. Each one of them with three lists, one for each faction, complete with the "handicapped" ship that you guys have chosen. Now we all know what list won what tournament, but what do you really know about the people who played those lists, little more than a name and in some cases even the name might have appeared to be classified. That's where I come in. One of the key focuses of my video content is to help the viewer get to know the player rather than just his list. Things like watching a player whilst deciding an important maneuver or even just seeing the small details in how he places his cards during setup can give us an insight into the way these masters think. So I hunted these guys down and proposed to them that a week before the event we organise a live chat show broadcast on YouTube with all the champions present, all have been very gracious in agreeing and making a little space in their schedule to share with you guys. Even so trying to get 8 guys across two continents to sit down at the same time was a difficult task and i managed to get them down to two separate programs. So without further ado I give you two live talk shows that will be transmitted on Sunday 10th of July and Monday 11th of July to give you the opportunity to get to know each of these champions a little more personally so that whilst your watching the developments of the Coruscant invitational you will have a few more reasons to root for them than just a flag or a list. Please feel free to come and join us in the chat as surely there will be an opportunity to take questions from the public. Prelude to Coruscant part 1: Sunday 10th of July 17:00 CEST//16:00BST//11:00EDT//08:00PDT​ Watch Here Prelude to Coruscant part 2: Monday 11th of July 20:00CEST//19:00BST//14:00EDT//11:00PDT Watch Here
  7. Link? www.twitch.tv/firstearth Due to start at 09:00 BST which is in just under 8 hours from this post
  8. And as I understand it has already taken down some very competent players.
  9. Assuming that Mark Stretch and whoever his opponent is we will be featuring their game on round one of the live stream tomorrow.
  10. Hi guys, You may or may not know that I've been streaming X-Wing events from Spain for about the last year. And now finally I have some volunteers to help me repost those videos now with English commentary. These are our first try at this and feature the semi final and final from a store championship held on January 31st. Please feel free to like/subscribe and let us know what you liked/didn't like in the comments and here's hoping I can produce quite a few more of these soon. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuM1BpKQtnVW8Ws2lH7obvgA7JHUbqn0d
  11. Can anyone please confirm to me the accepted way to calculate strength of schedule as a secondary TIE breaker. I've found varying ways of calculating it but not sure which one is most correct.
  12. We are live streaming the Spanish final for imperial assault on www.twitch-tv/firstearth commentary in spanish but we can answer english questions in chat
  13. Today we are live streaming the top 16 matches of the Spanish Nationals tournament. Commentary is in spanish but we can answer questions in english in chat www.twitch.tv/firstearth
  14. Hi guys We are about to start the top 4 at the valencia regional event in spain. www.twitch.tv/firstearth
  15. Yeh I get your meaning, my argument is more for the casual player who hasn't been following the marketing cycle. They go to their store one day and see new ships, and maybe pick one up, maybe another next month etc. Looking at the Wave as a whole the M3-A is the only normal price ship to these casual players, the StarViper comes at a premium and the IG-2000 and Most Wanted are big box items.
  16. Don't forget that there is 9 upgrade cards coming with the Starviper instead of the usual 5, so there is more content. I think that if it would have been beneficial to sell the Starviper the same price as the other small bases, FFG would have do it but put only one Autothrusters per pack instead of the current 2. They would have probably sell more since a lot of people are buying the Starviper just for that upgrade. FFG is in the buiness to make money (as they should), but there was a nice gesture here by including two of the most valued upgrade card of the Wave, they could have easily put just 1 in the pack. You're right way too many upgrade cards have been a one shot available in one pack only, mercenary co-pilot, autoblaster etc. Still though as I say the ship itself doesnt seem to be that much more plastic than the B-wing or Defender, (I dont have a scale to be able to weigh them right now) and really the only difference in content is 4 Small upgrade cards which hardly justifies the price difference. I get that their out to make money, just that this expansion seems to be a departure from the model they've employed up till now.
  17. I did the same as swedge, designed five custom trays, 1 for rebel small ships, 1 for rebel large ships, 1 for imperial small ships, 1 for imperial large ships and one epic tray. also had room for a 1 inch pluck foam tray. takes up half the space that my collection occupied before and its not even half full and its so much more comfortable to be able to just take it out and choose what I want to play with. As i worked it out ordering the 5 custom cut trays seperatley it only worked out for $15 more to get the 720 with the custom loadout, which basically meant i was getting the bag and an extra tray for only $15 more. Battlefoam also run sales on the 4th of july and black friday for a 25% discount. So see if you can keep that tantive on a shelf for 4 months and save up for the Bag I would highly recommend it.
  18. Just the imperial raider i think, youre also being very liberal by considering the playmat a wave 5.5 item. I think you're gonna see a reduction in releases for X-Wing because if they keep up the pace as they have done for the last 18 months most players won't have the time or money to get into Armada. We'll get wave seven in summer and wave 8 just before christmas, Full waves will be every six months and inbetween will be interim Aces style products, the other gaps will be occupied by Armada releases.
  19. If it were me, I would never have mentioned that I would win in a tie breaker by initiative. You're not obliged to say so, and some players may interpret it as goading, or giving appearances that it was your plan all along. Had you said nothing and the opponent did nothing he would be left with egg on his face for not having tried to force the play. Having said something you put pressure on your opponent and so they made a drastic move that they may not have done otherwise and as such they probably end up blaming you for that pressure/mistaken move exasperating his already negative opinion of your strategy. For the record I think you did everything correctly, just trying to give a third person view and point out how the situation may have been improved.
  20. I personally think that the difference in price is a factor here. The actual contents of the package is nothing more drastic than any other ship out there but it has a 30% markup. With regards to plastic I dont think theres that much more in terms of cost than say a B-wing and if the plastic was a factor then the M3-A and the A-Wing should be slightly cheaper than all the other ships. With those extra large token board's I expected a little more than a bunch of ion tokens spaced out. The other point to refer to are the TIE Fighters and TIE Interceptors, due to the lack of upgrade slots and extra space on the cardboard they come with six pilots instead of four to make the value of the expansion more comparable to the other expansions. So basically your talking about the same contents as a B-Wing expansion but you're paying more because they chose to make the packaging bigger. I say chose because I think they could have not put it at an angle and it would have fit into a package almost the same size as the rest of the ships.
  21. I have a quick question for those spraying/painting lambdas. Does the paint not cause the wings to stick in position once dry?
  22. No not important, just a curiosity. I do remember the rules for the firespray saying that the auxilliary arc is indicated in this manner on the pilot card and always thought it opened the posibility that in the future there could be a ship that didnt have a forward facing arc if not to sideways arcs, kind of like the rear section of the CR-90 but still a small base ship.
  23. Don't know if anybody has brought this up yet but has no one noticed that the scum cards for the firespray dont have the auxiliary arc indicator on the attack value stat.
  24. Hey I think I found another error, You seem to be counting four target lock tokens in the a-wing expansion. All the information i found suggests just one. not sure if anyone else can confirm this?
  25. That would be fine if it wasnt for the tournament rules stating that you must use the scum dial. I can imagine store championships letting it fly but if you get to a national event or worlds I reckon they'd enforce it. Also you're ignoring the cases where there are two unique pilots on reverse sides of the same ship token.
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